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Today I’m thrilled to start the year right by wiring a post for two of my dear friends, and also two of the most talented wedding photographers around. They are Lillian and Leonard Wedding Photography, and they are the married couple Cara (of Peonies and Polaroids) and Nye. They are based in Scotland, but are more than willing to travel, as long as you don’t mind them bringing their little babies along for the ride.

Cara and Nye had a huge year in 2010. They welcomed two tiny baby girls, Ella and Amelia, and for most people that would be enough. But as I dug through their portfolio to write this post, I was awed at what an amazing creative year they had had.
I’ve always loved Cara and Nye’s work, but these days it is wordlessly good. They capture the gritty-ness and the dreamy magic of the wedding. They capture those moments that make you stop and gasp in wonder. They make art.

But maybe more important than that, Cara and Nye are two people you just plain want to have at your wedding. Cara has a quiet grace to her, and she’s kind, and she has your back. Period. Nye will make you laugh until you cry, and hang out with your groomsmen, and boost you up (physically or emotionally, he’s good like that).

We’ve had two APW wedding grads shot by Lillian and Leonard – the fantastic Dougie and Danae’s pink ball of happiness, and the soulful Clare & Sandy, and both of them adored Cara and Nye. And I do mean adored.

Clare wrote this about Lillian and Leonard:

This will sound very cheesy, but booking Lillian and Leonard was a big step in owning our wedding. I was convinced that their beautiful photography and wonderful lives were far too classy and creative for us, and that they would laugh at our small and insignificant wedding. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Cara and Nye constantly sounded excited for us, which gave me a bit more personal confidence.

So, yes, Cara and Nye are REAL! Meeting with them before the wedding really helped to orientate us towards having a good day. On the day itself, Cara fixed my dress as the bustle came undone, Nye gave the groomsmen a lift. Both of them fitted in so well to the day, they were unobtrusive, friendly and polite, and seem genuinely pleased to be there. Oh, and they take stunning photos – actually stunning. My friends and family have never looked so attractive!

So, all of you couples in the UK (or heck, anywhere in the EU), go browse Lillian and Leonard’s site. And then drop them a line. And then send me the pictures. Because frankly? I’m envious that you get to hang out with them, and have their breathtakingly artful photos to hang in your home forever.

Photos: Some of my very favorites of Lillian and Leonard’s work in 2010. Favorite work that wasn’t two tiny babies, that is.

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  • Ali

    Their babies are precious! :)

  • I WISH I had known about them when I got married. I adore all their photos. And also their babies :)
    Now I just need one of my girlfriends to get engaged so I can convince them to hire L&L and I get to join in the fun!

  • In a way, I desperately wish I was still in the UK – only to have Cara and Nye shoot my wedding. sigh. I should have at least had the foresight to do an engagement shoot or something before I left.

    And how cute are those babies? Omg.

  • I love them. Love these pics. And want to babysit for them so Cara can get some shut eye! :)

  • Dr H

    I was so sad that Cara & Nye were already booked for our wedding date – we have found another (hopefully good) photographer from Edinburgh, but I always look at their website and think of what we could have had…