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When I introduced APW’s brand new sponsor Little Borrowed Dress last week, you guys went crazy. Little Borrowed Dress is the world’s most overdue wedding business, and I am beyond thrilled to be one of the people that announces this whirlwind of awesome to the world. The owner Corie (who went to school with and knows Taryn of Glö, so already you know she’s good people) decided that the options for bridesmaid dresses didn’t make a lot of sense. First, if you want your girls in all matching outfits (and to be totally honest? Most of us have spent years wanting this.) chances are really good that you’re dooming ladies you want to honor with dresses they’ll never wear again. Bummer. And then there is the cost issue. If you want to be kind to them and keep prices reasonable, you’re stuck swathing them in yards of polyester sateen. Or, if you want to be kind to them and put them in a lovely fabric, you’re stuck with a bill they can’t afford. Well, no more!

Little Borrowed Dress was created with the idea that, hello, yes, you should be able to rent beautiful high quality bridesmaid dresses for your lades, that they will love and enjoy wearing, and be able to return at the end of the night. And what dresses they are. All of the dresses were designed just for LBD, and are made of high quality silk charmeuse. They come in a range of colors and styles, and rent for $75. Here is the conversation I had with David about the price:

Me: So you can rent these dresses for $75, and they are super cute.

David: How much do you normally pay all in for those ugly bridesmaids dresses you always have to buy, after alterations?

Me: Um. $200ish?

David: DEAL! Fantastic, great for APW. Do it.

Me: The dresses are silk.

David: Right, it’s a great deal, discussion over.

(And the man has a point, no?)

But, of course, Corie, the owner of Little Borrowed Dress, is amazing, so it gets better. Basically, she already adores and trusts APW-ers, and she’s 110% open to your feedback as she builds her business. Want a trunk show in your area? Let her know. Want a color that she hasn’t introduced yet in the dresses? Let her know. (Five more colors are being introduced in January). And if you’re really interested in Little Borrowed Dress, but are still planning (or pre-planning) your wedding? Sign up for her email newsletter. She swears on her life that she will not spam you, but she will let you know as new goodness rolls out.

But more than all that, go browse. And if I know wedding planning, send this post to your mama and your best girlfriend (and maybe your partner if this is their bag). And a huge cheer for Little Borrowed Dress. Could there be better timing for this green and awesome wedding business? I’m pretty sure no. Best timing in the world, this (lucky wedding planning ladies).

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  • I kind of want to do this for other fancy occasions too.

    • Exactly! How great would this be for all those fancy parties and other weddings that everyone sees you in the exact same outfit at.

  • I’m so excited for this. The second I saw it I forwarded it to my best friend who is doing matching dresses in August. Can’t wait to see what LBD will have available for the late summer!

  • I was excited about this when I first saw the teaser post before, but seeing it again, and reading through the FAQs and really seeing all the details… Oh, WOW. How much do I wish this had been available for my wedding this past September? This is a phenomenal idea, a great business plan, and is something I will talk up to anyone involved in weddings (vendors, brides-to-be, bridesmaids-to-be, etc). Simply BRILLIANT!!

  • Thanks Meg for the fabulous post and thank you guys for your very encouraging comments!

    p.s. Jolynn the dresses are totally available for fancy occasions too :) Email me at corie at LittleBorrowedDress.com to for details and availability.

  • Thanks Meg for the fabulous post and thank you guys for your very encouraging comments!

    p.s. Jolynn the dresses are totally available for fancy occasions too :) Email me at corie at LittleBorrowedDress.com for details and availability.


    Long overdue is an understatement! My fiance was even excited! We always wondered why there was such discrimination against women trying to be smart spenders – it usually seemed either you had to pick price or quality!

    ‘If you want to be kind to them and keep prices reasonable, you’re stuck swathing them in yards of polyester sateen. Or, if you want to be kind to them and put them in a lovely fabric, you’re stuck with a bill they can’t afford. Well, no more!’

    Exactly! My only suggestions are to include long dresses in future collections (my girls want to wear a long dress since they usually wouldn’t in any other occasion) and include fabrics other than silk charmeuse (I LOVE silk charmeuse, but most of my ladies weren’t comfortable in it since it was not a very forgiving fabric. I thought they looked fantastic, but their comfort was #1 priority to me so we went with chiffon instead!)

  • tegan

    I hadn’t planned on bridesmaids dresses (or a bridal party), but those dresses almost make me want to!

  • This is so so so so so smart. I can’t believe it wasn’t thought of before. Guys can rent tuxes but ladies always had to buy their clothes… I hope that this business is really successful!

  • Erin

    Natural fiber fabrics for our dresses were one of my number-one priorities for my wedding (9 months ago!!!). How can polyester compete with the hand-feel of silk???? HUGE win for LBD. Great business model, I wish you the best of luck!

  • This is brilliant. After the intro post, I went through every single page of the website, looking for more and more good news, and boy did I find it! I don’t think it’s been mentioned on here that what they do is give you the dress and a prepaid shipping envelope, so the day after the wedding, you drop the dress in the envelope and stick it in a blue mailbox. Couldn’t be easier, don’t even have to take it to the post office!

    I’m going to let me ladies wear whatever they want, but I’ll certainly point them in this direction if they want to wear something fancy that they don’t already own! Can’t beat the prices…!

  • YAYYYY!! I’m telling all my brides about this NOW!

  • K

    This is a fantastic idea!!! I’m so excited to see this business grow and will definitely recommend to friends!

  • Benny

    I’m exactlying all over this.

  • Carreg

    This is a fantastic idea. Two suggestions: 1) open a branch in the UK please, 2) fabrics other than silk would be good for vegetarians and vegans. (I don’t know if a moth ready to come out of its cocoon is conscious, how on earth can we tell? but sometimes I feel like I should avoid silk for the sake of consistency, and there are obviously people who are more hardcore vegetarians than I am.)

    So glad this kind of thing exists. I wonder if there is anything similar I could use. It’s nervous-making to think of telling other people what to wear, but it would take the pressure off so much to hire rather than buy.

    • Hi Carreg – The UK is the first stop on LBD’s global expansion plan – I just moved back to the US from living in London and I miss it like crazy! In the meantime (as let’s face it global expansion is unfortunately not likely in the cards before your wedding), a classmate of mine from business school is just starting a company called Wish Want Wear – it is a similar business model but for designer dresses. I’ve seen a beta version of their site and I remember there being dresses as low as 35 quid. You might be able to find something there which would work for a bridesmaid hire? (depending on how fashion forward you want your bridesmaids!)

      And thank you everyone for your very kind comments! I think the APW community is so amazing and I’m glad that LBD resonates with you guys :)

  • I really wish this had been around 6 months ago! What a great business model!

  • Kaitlyn

    I just messaged this to my MOH sister. It’s brilliant.

  • Mandy

    I just have to say that this is AWESOME. Granted, two of our three bridesmaid dresses were free, but STILL…I secretly wanted all my girls in the same dress and didn’t actually go with that because of the cost/difficulty of finding sizes.

  • Other Katelyn

    Loving the plus size availability.

    • meg

      Oh nice. I didn’t even notice that, being slightly oblivious. Hurrah!

  • I can vouch – she’s pretty awesome to deal with!

    • JEM

      love to hear personal recommendations like this. I’ll be forwarding this site to my bridesmaids when the time is right! LBD, start thinking about the DC market! ;)

  • Beth

    I’m the maid-of-honor for an upcoming wedding (Nov. 2011) and the bride-to-be saw this article and forwarded it to me to look over. I just have to say that I love it!! Such a great idea. And for those girls that want to alter their dress? they still have the option to buy. Win-win situation. I have a feeling this company will take off like a rocket.

  • WOW- this is incredible! I wish it had been around for my wedding as the bridesmaid dress was the biggest drama during the wedding planning. I will share this with Brides-to-be & bridesmaids to save them from the drama!