Sponsored Post: Loren Weltsch Photography

So I know. It’s close to Christmas. And some of you are like, “blah-blah-blah Meg with the wedding planning, I HAVEN’T SHOPPED FOR MY MOTHER YET.” And, says the girl with multiple shopping windows open in her browser, I hear you.

But. Somehow it seemed the right time of year to bring the fabulous bay area photographer Loren Weltsch to your attention. Loren has been a supporter of this blog since the very beginning. When I was just a teeny tiny blog, Loren would send me emails saying “I love what you’re doing, you are doing such a great job, keep going,” and sometimes she’d even send me emails to check on me (cue the awwwwwww’s). Well, she also happens to a stunning photographer (talent and heart), and she loves-loves-loves working with down to earth team practical couples. So. Every photographer has a different vibe (as do we all) but I love the idea of having a wise-seen-it-all-super-supportive photographer with you the day of your wedding – a literal wedding elf whispering “you can do its, and you’re amazing, and you are glowing” in your ear. So, I know it’s Christmas, but go look. And you bay area couples who know you’re going to need a little calm on your wedding day, along with a lot of talent? Well, Loren is your lady.

Check out a wedding she shot, and this amazing shower. And she’s doing Giving is Awesome again this year. Yay Loren!

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