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So, those of you long time readers may have noticed that I almost *never* host giveaways. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it’s not my thing really.

But! Today, I’ve decided to make an exception for the lovely Kimi of Printable Press. I had the honor of being one of the two people that got to announce the launch of Printable Press, almost a year ago. It’s a long story, but it basically involves Kimi & Paul’s wedding changing my life, the invitations Kimi designed and printed at home blowing my mind, and me harassing Kimi to launch a line of invitations that you could buy as .jpg’s and print at home. Somehow, after all that, the incredible Printable Press was born, and even though it’s all Kimi & Paul not me, it’s still one things about APW that I’m most proud of. Kimi’s designs are mind blowing (I used one for my bridal shower, and am using another for my 30th Birthday party), and totally affordable. You give her your wording, color changes if you’ve got them, she sends you the .jpg, you print it at home (SO easy, can’t stress that enough) or have them printed by a affordable printer (which is officially not DIY at all). And ta-dah! You are done. And not broke.Now to the Giveaway. Printable Press also does luscious custom work (all of the pictures in this post were originally designed as custom… swoon) and this is what she’s cooked up for Team Practical:

I want to know what people want in an invitation that they haven’t found out there, and that we don’t currently offer. ***All concepts no matter how outlandish considered.*** Then I’ll choose one, and design an invited based on the concept. Then the person whose idea it was gets a free personalized pdf using that design.

Cool huh? Leave your ideas in the comments, and then when all is said and done, I’ll post the winner. And this is an order: dream big. Because look what Kimi and Paul did for themselves:Magic, right?

Staff Picks

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  • My fiance and I are getting married in Mexico and no invitation out there seems to fit. We don't want one that's super beachy, and most of the ones out there seem to be covered in starfish in bright blue and yellow. We like butter yellow, tan, brown, vintage, texture, and a surprise accent color would be nice! Somthing that fits Mexico in terms of culture, rather than just the fact we are getting married on the beach. Doesn't exist, i swear! We need your help! :) miannarino@gmail.com

  • I've been searching high and low for an invitation sketch based on the poem The Owl and the Pussycat – a little bit whimsical, a little bit rustic elegance, which tells the journey of two people (well, an owl and a pussycat…) in love! I would love to incorporate the end quote into the invitation, which is one of my favorites: "And they danced by the light of the moon, the moon, they danced by the light of the moon"
    I would love to see this come to life!

  • I'm getting married the end of May in a formal evening church wedding. Our colors are platinum, black and white. I'm somewhat of a designer myself and have been insistent on designing the invitations myself, but am currently stressed out and unable to create what I feel is out there. I love clean lines, shapes and patterns and what something that is modern yet warm. I have imagined incorporating a common element/icon into the invitation suite but can't settle on one amazing thing (like a tree motif or a bird – nothing seems to fit for us). I want a mixture of casual and unique and artistic while still maintaining a formal feeling to fit our wedding. Platinum gray is my favorite color but I'm having a hard time making it work for invitations. I REALLY need your help, these invitations are such a stress on me! Thanks! Heather heather@titanok.com

  • I am the poster child for not being able to find an invite that fits. I've actually obsessed over Printable Press's options, and I love too many to choose — plus not one feels totally right.

    Here's our concept: a simple ceremony and backyard reception with a touch of elegance and a personal touch. We're exchanging vows in a local park and having a casual yet elegant backyard bbq for the reception. (Where there will be food, dancing, fun, and maybe even a RockStar Battle.)

    We're trying to keep it elegant yet homespun. For instance, if I do my own invites (which is on my to-do list should this not pan out), they'll involve fabric and stitching on the seams. I also love the idea of the invite looking handwritten — as DIY and charming as you can get without actually having to handwrite each one! (I'm sure I'll be handwriting enough escort cards, table numbers, etc. to get my fill.)

    Our overall concept is floral, with an emphasis on yellow, green, white and khaki. (We met while teaching at a school whose colors are green and white. Plus, we love the outdoors and flowers — all of ours will be seasonal and local — thus, the emphasis on floral patterns.) And we hope to use all kinds of patterned fabrics in that color scheme throughout the reception: napkins, table numbers, escort cards.

    I could go on and on. But what I could really use help with is the invites. Thanks Kim and Thanks Meg!!! This is a great opportunity!

  • Oh wow, I love the existing Printable Press products, but have been nursing a couple of ideas in my head for a little while now–not sure if they should all be combined or not!

    I've thought about adding a watercolor accent to our invitations, but I don't watercolor! I've been thinking that it might be possible to approximate watercolor digitally with some artfully used gradients, along with some beautiful black pen strokes as outline.

    The other idea–which could be perfect for a company like Printable Press–is to incorporate the invitees name on the invitation. Very traditionally speaking, it is uber-correct for the invitee's name(s) to be in the upper left corner of the invitation. And with digital printing nowadays, this is totally do-able. Especially if PP could set up the document & the (empty) database for us!

    So my ultimate idea for an invitation from Printable Press is: Western Cosmo-style invite wording, with a watercolor-esque pine tree accent along one side–potentially with that guest's name incorporated near the top.

    @Maria This isn't my gig, but have you seen their papel picado-style "Amor" invites? They sound perfect for you!

  • SMK

    My fiance is Scottish and his entire family and friends still live there (we got engaged in Edinburgh Castle when we were back there for the holidays!).
    We live in Philadelphia and he's so excited to show the Scottish crew his new life here! Our wedding will be in the city in more historic-focused building (no hotels or ballrooms for us). My parents are no longer living and with his family so far, we're doing a lot of the planning (and paying) ourselves.
    We really want our wedding to reflect the joining of two cultures as well as two families. It would be fabulous to find an invite that reflected the Scottish + American joining – I've looked for stationary with thistles, or bag pipers, but nothing.
    My ethnic background contains Scottish ancestry and we've even thought of trying to create something with both of our crests into the stationary – to show the union of two families. We also want it to reflect that people will travel from afar to be there with us to celebrate our very special day.
    Your designs are so creative and I know you could come up with something fabulous!

  • we're working on picking out invites for our up-north-minnesota-casual-cabin-filled-with-love-and-fun wedding… unsurprisingly, invites to fit the mood have been difficult to find. a woodsy setting with lawn games and mini-golf is a bit of a crazy mismatch, i suppose.

    the theme i like is sea-glass green and grey coloring, incorporating beautiful agates, pines/pinecones, birch trees, etc, while keeping it light, casual, and fun at the same time.

  • I love the designs that have the intricate yet clean single color line drawings incorporated as both a strong design feature and an edging embelishment… with all the amazing single-color line drawings being incorporated into all the different pre-built invitation suites out there, no one has the ferris wheel and carousel horses I want on our invite. I think kept simple with traditional wording and just a hint of a fun font, we could pull off something that has the whimsical, casual, vintage, classy look I'm after.

  • conmigo

    I just used Printable Press for my wedding invitation, and LOVE the design! I would highly recommend them to anyone… Kimi was a joy to work with, and was very responsive to my questions.

    Along similar lines to Meg not using Printable Press just for wedding invites… I would love to have a design to use for my nephew's First Holy Communion. This would be an awesome gift for my sister, and she has been so helpful with the wedding.

    Right now, there aren't any "cool kids" type of invitations… something that fits with an 8 year old boy, but also modern and attactive looking. And you know that all kid-invites in stores are awful (and First Communion invites even worse).

    I imagine that any of these "kid" designs might also double as birth annoucements or birthday invites?

  • I love reading everyone's concepts – it's nice to see that people are so eager to put themselves into every aspect of their weddings, right down to the invitations! So I guess it can't hurt to post my own idea, eh?

    My fiance and I are both actors – we met in a production of The Beggar's Opera, an 18th century British musical comedy. We both majored in theatre. He proposed to me on the stage of the amphitheatre I spend my summers performing at. You'd think there'd be invitations out there at least remotely theatrical (in the stage sense, not in the flashy sense!), but no, they don't seem to exist. And the few ideas I've found of something we could create ourselves are just TOO theatrical – I'm not looking for big red "ADMIT ONE" ticket stubs and director's clapboards (which are more movie-themed anyway – we aren't film actors). I'd really love to find an invitation that incorporates elements of the stage and the theatre, while still being true to the simple, small-town people we grew up as. We're quirky and zany, but in a down-to-earth kind of way, so our wedding is going to be fairly simple, and we don't want our invitations to be totally away from that. Maybe a stage proscenium bordering the wording, maybe a set of masks somewhere. I guess the most outlandish idea I could have along those lines would be to recreate an image of The Beggar's Opera set we performed on in the invitation! We haven't picked a location yet, and are actually still considering using a stage as our ceremony site; it would be extra special if our invitations could reflect not only our history together, but the wedding itself!

  • Oh my gosh, I loooove their work! I don't need the giveaway but kudos on the unique giveaway idea!

  • Elaine

    I'm getting married in Seattle on a retired ferryboat. I would love to incorporate a nautical theme with an illustration of a ferry into our stationary. Maybe the illustration could be a line drawing of a ferry sailing in front of the Seattle skyline. Or a silhouette of a ferry with the rugged Northwest mountains in the background. We are definitely open to your design talent.

  • Just as you don't usually post giveaways, I don't usually enter them. However, this one seems like it was made out of my dreams, and I just can't stop myself! I'm sure that a number of others also feel that way, so no hard feelings if we don't win :) It’s also been a generally crappy week in wedding planning as our second venue just cancelled on us and, well, queer family drama abounds. But that’s not the point of this entry; the point is squirrels.

    I've been looking high and low for a wedding invitation that includes squirrels. I won't say exactly why online (lest I embarrass my beloved), so I'll just say that funny things happen to bodies when they embark on a female to male gender transition. And now I love and collect squirrels. There are plenty of squirrel valentines day cards and even a few birthday/anniversary/Christmas/holiday cards, but no wedding invites!

    We'd love to have a casual, kind of funky invite that features a squirrel and maybe some sort of reference to our breakfast for dinner reception. We're looking at dove grey and apple green as our unofficial colors.

    p.s. If we don't win and someone knows of where we can find reasonably priced squirrel wedding invites, please let me know!

  • Liz

    I have been having a hard time finding invites for our wedding that will happen in the winter ( but not around christmas) time in the rocky mountains (at a ski resort hopefully) We are looking for something that uses a a range of black, white and greys with evergreen trees, mountains and snow.

  • Meg


    So I've been trying to convince Kimi to do a "Shotgun Wedding" themed invite since my bachelorette – BECAUSE IT IS HILARIOUS. But she thinks its, you know, weird. So maybe one of you wants a shotgun wedding themed invite?

    Just sayn.'

  • My fiance (who is from Greece) and I are getting married in Greece at the end of this summer (in the Cyclades: think white-washed sidewalks and buildings, blue roofed churches, turquoise water) . We were able to pull off our save-the-dates in "vintage travel postcard" style thanks to a talented friend. I am having trouble finding something perfect for the invites though. I was planning on Gocco-ing them because we want to have them both in Greek and in English (so we don't have to make two). Given that we are both trying to finish up our PhD.'s before the wedding, any design advice anyone could give us would be much appreciated. We want something "Greek-y" for our American friends/relatives but nothing too cheesy for the Greeks!

  • Finding an invitation that fits our lakeside wedding has been next to impossible. We love boating but can't seem to find any nautical themed invites that aren't cheesy or too "beachy" themed.

    We'd love to have a set that incorporates boats, but not a sail boat or a cruise ship and doesn't have sea shells or palm trees. And having it in navy would be perfect!

  • I would love to see some invites based off of Malaysian/Indonesian batik designs.
    Alternatively, I have found myself enamored with the poster-type invitations that fold into their own envelope (so romantically Victorian!) and would love to see how that translates to a Printable Press design.

  • Just had to comment and say I LOVE this giveaway! Meg, your readers are so crazy creative, I love it!!! Plus it's a fun giveaway, not just a "Leave a comment and tell me something boring and typical and I'll have a random generator pick a comment."

    @Mandy As a theater kid, I'm officially jealous at your stage proposal.

  • We are at a loss of ideas for a creative, "us" save the date concept that would be widely understood among our guests. I want to be able to let our geeky, silly nature out with these, as the invites will be more formal. But so far our ideas are cheesy or practically inside jokes.

    We love games (board games, video games, anything). We are both geeks in science fields (computer and engineering), but have a wild creative side and love spending time in nature (spinning fire, travel, camping, geocaching, burning man, etc.)

    We chose our wedding date because it's binary and represents the "&" ampersand – and had a custom logo designed based on that – a mobius ampersand! (see http://www.nateandkatie.com)

    It's a fall wedding with warm fall colors and teal as an accent. There will be a tree themed guestbook, and pumpkins on the tables. http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=11867

    We just have way too many tastes to settle on one thing that would be appropriate, and would love to see what you could come up with!

  • Eee! I love printable press and wish they offered the option to have them print the invitations (just an fyi – some people would totally go for that so that they didn't have to obsess over where/which kind of paper to get!).

    For my dream invitations – I could go two routes, describe the invitation I've been looking for (with green, formal feel but asymetrical pretty/interesting design) or describe the invitation I secretly want but know I'll never find and which might not be actually possible to make.

    I, well, I love dragons. Always have. Kind of obsessed really. So the idea of a little tiny formal looking dragon on the invitation just kills me. I don't know how it would possibly be possible to keep a formal feel and not totally scandalize my family/relatives but that would be the coolest thing ever. Totally flexible and open on all the details.

  • Oh lord, I love printable press. I drool over their stuff about once a week but nothing seems to fit quite right for us.
    My fiance and I are getting married next June in an outdoor ceremony with a semi-casual reception in a big 'ol tent in my Aunt's backyard. Food will be vegan and possibly made by me, cupcakes of all kinds, badminton and croquet will be played, an ipod dance mix will be danced to, and the night will culminate in a pool party (still looking for a bride-y bikini!). I'm a crafty girl through and through and am already planning sweet bunting hanging everywhere, vintage and thrifted vases filled with flowers (doing myself of course), ribbons, pinwheels, etc.! Our colors are blue, green, yellow, and maybe a little purple. All shades! I want an invitation that screams FUN and SUMMER and maybe has some bunting or ribbons on it, sort of like a county-fair/wildflowers/picnic thing. I'd also like animals to be incorporated somehow as we have three awesome cats, I'm going to school to be a Vet, and my daddy used to call me squirrel growing up. My ideas are all over the place but I think if anyone can make it happen its printable press!!

  • My fiance and I have been searching for the perfect wedding invites to no avail. We have actually come close with Printable Press and were considering requesting a customized design….

    We are getting married at a summer camp in California. This place is very close to both of our hearts as we have both had the pleasure of working there at some point or another. Although we didn't meet there, we both new right away that this was where we would get married.

    The camp is located on 1700 acres of Jeffery Pine forest and is beautiful! We will be married in the outdoor amphitheater overlooking a huge meadow.

    Our theme–if you could call it that–is homegrown/rustic/americana. But really it is going to have sort of a hipster cowboy vibe. I'll be wearing red cowboy boots with my dress and all the guys are going to wear vests and slim pants, suspenders, shirts (of course) and my grandfathers bolo ties.

    We are having BBQ, serving our homemade beer, and drinking from Mason Jars…

    Color-wise we are going with Chocolate brown, a green that is sort of avocado and sort of chartreuse, and cream with a splash of persimmon. The wedding will be held in early fall.

    Overall we are looking for invites that reflect the camp location–mountains and trees, rustic cabins, but that reflect the fun and hip couple that we are through a unique font or detail.

    We are pretty open to interpretation of our theme…we just want our invitations to really tie in to the kind of event we are having–fun, semi-casual, hip, and rustic with a touch of americana. Please help! Thanks for your consideration!

  • The boy and I are both big music nerds, so we'd love to find a retro-looking invitation that incorporates records or a mix tape into the design.

  • OUU so lovely!!

    we've been searching for an ocean-spiral theme that doesn't look like all the other ocean themes… not really a fan of waves or starfish. But we are getting married on the atlantic ocean, as eco of a venue as possible. natural colours, greens-blues and a teeny bit of eggplant :)

    I would LOVE to have a cute sketch of us (cartoon form or abstract) holding hands, back-to, near the ocean amidst a hugely colourful backdrop of blue-green swirls covering the entire invite…. kinda like we're the island amidst the ocean that we both love so dearly.

    Having something we can print would also be fantastic as we could print them on recycled cardstock.
    no extra maps or pieces, only a few people are getting rsvp to lessen our burden on the planet and we would try our best to find soy based inks. :)
    All the ideas here sound wonderful!


  • What an incredible idea for a giveaway. Thank you, Printable Press!
    I've noticed a theme in the comments, and mine is similar – invitations to represent cross-cultural events. My Indian-American fiance and I are having a Hindu wedding reinterpreted by California Unitarians. This means a California mission-style setting and persimmon and kumquats trees, but also a horseback parade (bharaat), a service in Sanskrit, and some serious bhangra dancing. We're looking for something that's represents multiple generations of Californians welcoming multiple generations of Indian tradition.

  • My fiance and I are getting married in the Florida Keys and a restaurant that looks very Moroccan on the inside. I have been looking for something that is Old-Timey Keys with a Moroccan flare, but can't seem to find anything that isn't ornate or a little *too* beachy. I would love to somehow incorporate our love of cooking, writing, and technology into the invite, too, but am not sure how I would even begin executing that.

    My original idea had been to put together a mini newsletter of sorts with some cool graphics, a small crossword and some fun "articles," but am at a loss about starting to design something like that myself. A few examples of this I've found have been super cheesy so I would be excited to see this blossom!

  • Wow, printable press is awesome. If nothing else I could just use general invitation advice. My fiance and I are getting married at the local science museum. We're both geeks (I recently got my PhD in Computer Science and work in a robotics lab and he has a masters in robotics and is a huge photography fanatic).

    When they hear about our venue many people immediately said, "Oh, a science themed wedding?" I didn't realize weddings sometimes have themes and that wasn't our intention. My fiance is doing a lot of the planning and we're just picking things we like. He comes up with fun and interesting ideas (plasma balls as center pieces, toy robots as place cards, or robotic wedding cake topper).

    The trick we're running into is keeping things from getting too "little kid birthday party" for our families. I'd love to find an invitation that subtly reflects some of our silly geekiness without being too out there and horrifying my more traditionally minded mother.

  • I would love to see an invite that embodies the beautiful rock poster art popularized by Bill Graham shows in San Francisco during the 60s and 70s. Something inspired by the work of Wes Wilson and/or Bonnie MacLean would make me especially happy.

  • We're getting married in the beautiful Red Rock country of Sedona, AZ. Even though this is a DW capital in the U.S. there doesn't seem to be any wonderful invitations that really fit the natural beauty of the area. We want to have something with Cathedral Rock in the background and with our some of our red-rock inspired colors (blush, garnet, and brown to name a few). **Fingers Crossed**

  • KT

    My fiance and I have a pretty unique wedding concept. We're having an intimate ceremony at the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, followed by a brunch for our immediate family and friends. Then we're all hopping on a trolley and heading to Miller Park where we booked an entire section of bleacher seats to watch the Cubs take on the Brewers with 100 of our closest friends and family. So, yeah, needless to say I haven't found any garden brunch-baseball themed invites out there :).

    We would like casual invites for all our guests with a special inset for those also included in the brunch. Our colors are red and yellow, which incorporate the Fall season along with 1 color from each of our beloved baseball teams. We are SO, SO, SO excited about our wedding and want to convey that with our invites, but haven't found anything yet.

    I am so impressed with the designs featured on a Printable Press – I really hope we win! Katie – katielgillespie@gmail.com

  • My kiddo and I live 700 miles apart (for now), and the marriagey thing I'm most excited about is living in the same zip code as him. It would be wonderful to have an invitation (or save the date?) that shows that our wedding will be the end of weekly plane trips and sad Sunday night bus rides. I thought about something with maps, tracing all the times we had made the journey between our cities, or maybe something more travel themed (we've done planes, cars, buses, and trains to see each other). Really though it would be nice to have something that said (through a picture, design, graphic, whatevs), that marriage for us will mean finally–finally!–being in the same place.

  • While I was studying in the UK as an undergrad, my fiance mailed me Shel Silverstein's book "The Giving Tree," for Valentine's Day. I've also got a bit of a think for Van Gogh's painting "The Starry Night" so we've been trying to combine these 2 ideas for our reception and ceremony. We recently purchased a a lovely ring bearer bowl from Etsy seller Paloma's Nest that says "The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, for You," a sentiment that really sums up our relationship. SO… it would be fantastic to have some kind of invite that looks like The Giving Tree meets Starry Night. What do you think? :)

  • Invitations are currently a bit tricky for me and my fiance. We're having a non-traditional wedding structure (tiny intimate morning wedding + a brunch) followed by a welcome bbq hosted by my parents, followed by a reception at a local art gallery. We're definitely having trouble in terms of wording and in terms of insert flexibility. I'd love some help figuring that stuff out.
    Stylistically, I'd love something that reflects our asthetic- southern and relaxed, but still special and pretty. I like floral invitations and ones that look kind of retro but I think a lot of invitations with those elements look too feminine.

  • Wow, how I wish this had been offered before I started my DIY invites! That's not to say I couldn't be convinced to scrap what I've done and change to something else.

    My fiance and I really love Halloween, and skeletons/zombies are kind of a thing between us. Not in a bad way. But after sould searching for quite a while, we just couldn't find anything that wouldn't be so over-the-top Halloween that would still represent us and not offend our somewhat conservative families.

    My idea is an invite that shows 2 skeletons holding hands, but not wearing the bridal veil/top hat. But I also don't want to see skeletons in yo face! but more subtle and understated.. just simple and sorta cute but still with a "gothic" edge. We both really love the artwork by Edward Gorey, so an invitation that incorporated that style would be incredible..

  • Ellie

    I want an invitation that is a tree (easy enough) but has a silhouette couple sitting on a park bench underneath the tree. I think this would make a great background at the bottom of the invite with the words written over the top in navy.
    Oh, and I want it to have enough space for my obnoxious 32 character name so I don't have to skimp on who I am just to fit into the wedding industry's box. I feel like my options are pretty graphics and shorten my name, or no graphics and a boring border and get my name.

  • Yea Printable Press! They helped design our custom invites (see Marissa and Eric on the custom page) and we got sooo many compliments! Kimi and Paul were a dream to work with. Great giveaway Meg! The winners will be one lucky couple!

  • @sarahdipity: That whole "weddings are themed" concept is kind of foreign to me, too. I think you and I are in the same boat, just with very different things! I'm having a hard time incorporating theatre things into the wedding without seeming tacky…and while I AM a little tacky and don't mind that much, I'd still prefer some subtlety.

    @Lyssachelle: Yay theatre kids! I should actually post my proposal story on my blog…don't think I've done that yet.

  • We love (and know this is horribly trendy/internet meme-ish) but the two otters holding hands. We use the pic (with permission) on our save the dates and it would be very cool to carry it over to our invites ala the foxes invitation. They certainly don't have to be holding hands, but we both see the otter sa a totem animal.

    Another wedding invitation symbol I wanted to find was the koru from New Zealand, the unfolding spiral of the fern fiddlehead symbolizing new life and new beginnings. It makes so much sense on an invite I was surprised not to find it.

    Another BIG invitation wishlist item would be something that would include the kids in the symbols for blended or non-traditional families. I have a son and I'm doing whatever I can to include him in the proceedings since it is his family too. We managed to get a third "person" into our cake toppers and he's an active part of the ceremony. Would be nice to work him into everything in some small way.

  • How about an invitation that has a girly science theme? My web developer husband and I (project engineer) could not find fun, quirky, science loving invitations. Now my lady geek friends are having children and there's no invites for their baby showers. You could have the whole market if you could make a fun design!

  • My fiance and I are ironing out wedding details and having it as close to local as possible and as budget-friendly and reflective of us as possible. Besides wedding invites, I was thinking of making a "Mad Libs" type for guests to fill out and hand to us as our memento from them :) Our colors will be royal blue and ivory. I've bought shawls and ties for the entourage from eBay, and besides that, the bridesmaids just have to find a dress in royal blue and we're pretty much set :) My fledgling blog's at mousebee dot blogspot :)

  • We would like a Colorado-themed wedding invite. I'm a native, and my fiance mostly is. We have a lot of out-of-towners coming in and we want to show off a little while preserving the woodsy-city park atmosphere of our ceremony location. I would like the style to be that of vintage botanical etchings (which you seem to be proficient at) with our state flower, the Rocky Mountain Columbine, and our state bird (x2) the adorable Lark Bunting featured prominently. In the background, the state tree, the Blue Spruce. Oh, and I want it to be whimsical! I just love the whimsy.

  • My colors are Tiffany blue and chocolate and everything I am seeing is a loud garish aqua and brown.

    I would like an invite with clean, fresh lines that's kind of funky and not overly formal. I want it to be clean and elegant but not too fussy as that is not my style at all.

    I'd also like to do postcard RSVPS instead of the traditional response cards.

  • My fiance and I are getting married at an art gallery in NYC. I love the idea of your site and have been looking at your non-custom invitations for days, but can't find one that feels perfectly suited for our wedding. Our wedding is going to very clean and modern – our colors will be purple, blue, silver and white. We wanted our wedding to be very New York also – the art gallery, favors from a local NY bakery, etc. The ceremony will be on the gorgeous wooden rooftop, with panoramic views of the city and the Hudson. While being modern, it's somewhat traditional, in that it will be a Christian wedding ceremony, and we will be doing a Korean wedding ceremony as well. We know for a fact that the floor our reception will be held on is featuring paintings by Miotte, an abstract painter with bold colors and brushstrokes. I thought we could incorporate something with the paintings, New York, and our colors for the invitations – I would love a chance to work with you on this!

  • I would Love love love a papel picado theme done right. All I've seen are just a banner across the top with 4 or 5 flags. I know Printable Press carries a papel picado theme (under sheer whimsy) but it's just too plain. I would want a rich red or purple solid background color. Then the border around the whole card would be papel picado plags in ivory (the white is too stark). Then a western font like Chipperfield and Bailey or something along those lines. Anyways I'd use that font as the header, "Se Casan!" (They're Getting Married)across the top.

    OR an ivory background, with three banner strands across the top intersecting each other, and where I am able to choose the color scheme for it. Some Dia Del Los Muertos skeletons dancing in the corner. Western font a Must. Its so hard to find ready made Papel Picado invites especially when on a budget

  • Yes, magic. My fiance and I were *just* poring over the Printable Press options — which we adore — last night. But, unfortunately, we discovered that we each love different designs, so a free custom design would be amazing!

    We keep coming back to Printable Press because we love Kimi's unusual(ly awesome) combination of quirky, monochromatic line-drawings and spot-on typography. We would love to see that aesthetic brought to the invites for our wedding in San Juan. Our ceremony will be on the lawn of an old (1600s old) fort overlooking the ocean and our reception will be a half mile away in a similarly old spanish convent. But oh! the walk in between! We look forward to parading, in our own ode to a New Orleans second line, over blue cobblestone streets and between the bright old-world-meets-new buildings of the old city. So maybe a drawing of a hodge-podgy looking "parade" of revelers combined with some elegant-but-with-character font? The aesthetic we have in mind is actually sort of similar to a New Orleans wedding, so hopefully the design would work for New Orleans invites as well (and for lots of Caribbean weddings too).

    Great great giveaway — thanks Kimi and Meg!

  • Where are all the husbands-to-be in this competittion? Come on fellas — we all know that you're out there, sitting next to your fiancees and checking out the site. No shame in embracing it and saying it out loud: "Those invitations are kinda awesome; I really want one for our wedding."

    Ok, so maybe we menfolk are a little clueless in the wedding department. Exhibit A? Me: After grad school, my now fiance and I wanted some adventure, so we packed up all of our stuff and moved across the country. And I thought to myself, "We've been together for five years and are trekking off to start a new life together. Seems like a perfect time to propose." So I started dropping some hints, trying to get an idea of what type of engagement ring my then-girlfriend would like. Way ahead of me, she tried dropping a few hints of her own: "You know," she said, "I've never really been into rings that much; they make my fingers feel weird, and they're so expensive." Not into rings … got it, babe, loud and clear: Diamond Solitaire Necklace!

    The proposal went off (almost) without a hitch, but I could kind of tell during the night that my fiancee was … shall we say "surprised" that I'd gone out and bought her this shiny neck-bling. "She's speechless," I thought — success!

    Not so much. A couple of days later, she let me down easy, explaining that, actually, she didn't want any fancy engagement jewelery, not just no ring. She suggested instead that we return the diamond and together buy … goats.


    For families in developing nations — http://www.heifer.org — she explained. And that's when I thought to myself — holy crap, I found the most amazing woman on the planet. Hells yeah, let's buy some goats!

    So long story short, we love your invitations (they really are awesome — all the guys totally think so), and we kind of have a thing now for goats. We're having a destination wedding, and dig the vintage aesthetic, so for the invitations we'd like to combine the vintage travel theme with a goat motif. Maybe a little goat standing on a vintage suitcase? Or, since goats supposedly eat anything, and from what I remember of cartoons, are often portrayed chomping down on people's clothes and personal effects, maybe have a goat with its head in a suitcase, chomping down on a wedding dress or tie?

    Anyways, that's the general idea. Hopefully it's not too weird. Like I said, I'm kinda clueless.

  • polkadotcupcake

    Aah! So many brilliant ideas!! On the off-chance that mine gets chosen, here's my idea.

    I live in South Africa, and my fiance is Afrikaans (i.e. of Dutch descent, local to SA). I am of Danish descent, although I was brought up in England. So we're quite an unusual couple, although not the most unusual, I know.

    We're planning a small wedding, in a little town about 2 hours away from Cape Town, where we live, called Greyton. The venue is a restaurant with a small abbey in the back garden, called the Abbey Rose. The abbey has a beautiful stained glass window, with trailing roses in it, and the venue has this quaint, rustic, small town thing going for it.

    The town is famous for its lemons and roses – they have a flower show every year in October (our Spring), and sell lemon products galore! Think homemade lemon cordial, lemon curd, etc.

    We are both in love with this place, and would love to use it as the basis for a design motif. Also, we have recently bought a Scottish terrier, who is now the centre of our lives. This little dog, Duffy, would love be used in some way in our invitations, and I had thought to try and take the lemon-rose-Scottie motif through an invitation suite, but have struggled to get it right.

    I have no wedding colours yet. I plan to use whatever flowers are available in the dead of winter. We had our engagement party last year, also in winter, and there were roses, gerbera daisies, yellow lily-type things, and yellow tulips, which I loved. I don't like acid green. I do love green though, so don't cut that out.

    I know none of this is very structured. I'm just submitting this on the off-chance that it somehow inspires Printable Press to create something wonderful for my wedding to my best friend! Thanks so much, Meg, for hosting this giveaway!!

  • Hannah

    I'd love to see a fun and modern Jewish wedding invitation, with a chuppah and a happy couple and trees and birds and outdoor loveliness. There are so many beautiful nature inspired invitations out there, but something that could incorporate Hebrew and chuppah would seriously rock my world!!

  • So…I feel kind of guilty that my first post on your blog is for a giveaway! But, I have been reading your blog for over a year, and it has been a breath of fresh air to read about a feminist's views on wedding and life planning, while in the midst of wedding planning(and life) in not-so-feminist mid-west America! I have also been thinking about ordering our invitations from printablepress, so why not try for a chance at it for free?

    This is going to sound kind of odd, but my fiance is going to school for his PhD in biology, and I am studying to become a dietitian, so maybe an invitation with food and science? (obviously I need some creative help here) Also, my favorite food happens to be breakfast cereal, so much so that he proposed to me by placing the ring inside a box of cereal!
    I would love to see what you could come up with for that mixture!
    Thanks for your consideration!
    Megan mmccarty8@indstate.edu

  • I don't have an idea to offer up, but I did want to add support for Printable Press. We used them for our wedding invitations, and we were so happy with them and saved a ton of money!

  • I'd really like to see an invitation designed for foodies, or people who really like to cook and/or bake.Perhaps with whisks, mixers, or wooden spoons and bowls? :)

    My man and I like to plan our future kitchen (red, black, and white, with stainless steel) more than our wedding, so that's where this idea comes from.

  • OOOH! What an awesome opportunity. I love these original invites. Who needs cursive anyway? ;) Anyway, I'd love to win this contest. Because frankly, the fiance and I have a lot of love, but not a a lot of money for the wedding. We are simple people, and love these designs. We're trying not to have a wedding "theme", but if had one, it'd probably be something along the lines of an autumn wedding at a library. Yes, you heard right. You see, we're getting married at a private estate on the central coast of California because it is purely California. We were both born and raised here and this house offers so much of what California has to offer with it's awesome pine trees and gorgeous beach below. So autumn colors come in because we're getting married in October, so what would truly be lovely are colors like, dark green, dark red, yellow and orange. The library part of the "theme" comes from the fact that we're both bookworms. We already have Penguin book cover postcards that we're probably going to use instead of a guestbook and the thought of also having bookish autumn-colored invitations makes me melt. And frankly, good design is so hard to come by and the chance to be able to get to just print these out (on our budget!) would be STELLAR!

  • Jen

    We are getting married this summer in St. Paul, Minnesota and haven't yet found an invitation to fit the feel we are going for. Invitations are the first impression of a wedding and I want to make sure ours give the right vibe. I want the love, excitement and energy that I feel to just jump off the page!

    Since we are getting married under a big oak tree and are both graduates of a natural resource program, we had an easy time choosing a nature theme. Its completely us. The invitation I keep dreaming of is something simple and elegant (with a layout like the custom work Printable Press did for Kimi and Paul) with an illustration of two joined trees. Themes of growing together with a network of support (roots = family/friends) have been rolling around in my head.

    I would love to have the chance to collaborate with you on a project like this!

  • My FH and I are a mid/late-30s, interracial (BW/WM) couple in grad school separate from both families. We're planning a San Francisco DW, and want to combine 40s Old Hollywood and Japanese Anime. As my sweetie describes himself, he's a 39-year-old who dresses like a 13-year-old Japanese girl trapped in the body of a 14-year old American boy. I, on the other hand, yearn for clean lines, sensuously silky fabrics, and jazz playing in the background, but with me in a tux (we both play with gender a lot).
    We love color, and I am drawn to sunshine yellow for our December City Hall wedding, with some sort of brown. Thanks!

  • I heart Printable Press. I have been checking out the website for months now! My fiance and I just love the Aerial Steam design. We are having our ceremony in a church and the reception will be at a historical park in Dayton, OH. One of the original Wright Brothers Planes is on display there, and the Aerial Steam design is a very close fit.

    We love to travel and would like to incorporate this into our invitations, but we are having a difficult time since our wedding is not a destination wedding. My fiance is Italian and proposed on an amazing trip to Italy. We were in Cinque Terre and had just finished our trek through the Via Del'Amore. I would love to incorporate this idea into our invitations, too.
    Above all, I would like to thank Meg and Kim for this opportunity — you are helping keep brides sane everywhere!

  • We are getting married outside at an art museum in Baltimore at dusk in front of a wooden sculpture, called the meditation chapel. I would love an invite that combines a city scene with a tree motif. And, I love quirky, handlettering and type that emulates that.

    I also really like Chrissy's idea of The Giving Tree meets Starry, Starry Night. What a cool idea! I think an invite that combined the feeling of dusk with a drawing of a spring tree and a sprinkling of stars could also really work for us.

  • I don't need the invite, but may I just say I *just* finished working with Printable Press on my invites and they are GORGEOUS! Thank you, Kimi for making the whole process so much fun. Every time I got an e-mail from you it was like Christmas… only… wedding-y. :-) And the invites are just perfect. Can't say enough good about her.

  • i'm having trouble finding something that fits our personality too. i am looking for something simple and elegant, but at the same time full of bold color. we've been to so many weddings recently that i can't bear to send out the same white frou-frou invitation that we've gotten time and time again. i'm loving deep jewel tones – my maids will be in an eggplant color, and i'd like to incorporate magentas and teals and greens too.

  • Oooh, fabulous giveaway! We're having a shindig o'love (being homos, we can't get legally married at the location we've chosen – just across the state line – so we'll have to courthouse it upon our return) at a closed-amusement-park-turned-national-park. So, we're looking for something to suit the whole vintage amusement park venue, but sans the cheese. Think rickety, elaborate 19th century ferris wheels, women in corsets riding on streetcars, and vintage botanical illustrations and you're kind of there.
    We're currently debating between two color schemes: a more early-20th-century vintage thing with aubergine and gray,(my choice!) or a more pumped-up 50's style red and aqua.(her choice!)

    Conversely, you could just scrap sll that and make a gorgeous invitation for two brides in dresses.

    Thanks, and yay!

  • My fiance is an editor for a newspaper and his family is really involved in the business (his sister is an editor as well) and I love to read. I have been looking for an invite that merges the two together — I have been thinking a sketched newspaper boy (vintage feel complete with hat) and either an old style font or typewriter. I have found nothing that somewhat fits this. I am open to interpretations of the newspaper theme.

  • I have a vision…and perhaps this posting will help bring it to life.

    My fiance and I live a simple and very happy life. Our biggest enjoyments are simple ones by most people's standards. And the ways we express our love tend to be soft…much like the breath of a child or a feather fallen from a passing bird above.

    My vision shows two Adirondack chairs…and the point of view would be from someone standing behind them. The chairs are sitting on top of a rolling hill. Beyond the chairs are more hills covered in trees whose leaves are cresting with the beauty of autumn.

    An 'older' couple sit in the the chairs. They are about a foot apart and slightly angled toward each other.

    Again, the point of view is from behind looking toward the backs of the chairs and the beauty beyond. The couple are holding hands. You cannot see their faces, but you can sense the soft smiles. Their hands are wrinkled, worn, worked. Yet, you can still sense the lightness in their hearts.

    And this is us…enjoying a sunset in our backyard…today and tomorrow.

    Wow! Thank you for letting me express that!

  • Wow! How exciting. We're having a Mexican wedding, not in Mexico per se but I am Mexican American and why not have that as a theme? I'm in the middle of deciding one of two ways to do it. I'm leaning more towards bright, bold, fiesta colors. So for an invite I'd love to have paper picado- the fiesta style streamers made from paper. Alternatively I'd love to theme my weddings after the missions, old school Spanish style. I'm a historian so how cute would that be? Well more elegant and less cute. I'd love to have the missions incorporated into my invites. Swoon! It's great to know there is someone out there who is able to give you exactly what you want!

  • Printable Press! I've been looking at your invites and they are beautifully unique and so lovely. My fiance and I met in Portland, Oregon where we were neighbors, living across the hall from one another in an old, brick apartment building. We live in S.F. now but are returning to Portland to get married in a restaurant in Portland's Old Town – beautiful old brick building, great wood beams and wood floor. It feels so very "Portland" and that's just what were hoping for. I loved some of your invites with the pine trees but none of them felt just right for us. I would ask for a "Portland Invite," design, maybe including a silhouette of Mount Hood or an imagine of our old apartment building. Our colors are beautiful blue (think cornflowers) and bright green. I hear a lot of people are heading to Portland to get married… might be one that could be used again! :)


  • I would love to see an invitation for all the southern brides getting married in places like Savannah Georgia. I'd like to see an invitation inspired by an old live oak tree with spanish moss hanging from the branches.

    I'd also like to voice support for more invitations with the deep purple/ eggplant colors.

    Yay! I'd never run into Printable Press before, and I think your invitations are lovely. So many wonderful options.

  • Meg

    What a wonderful contest! We are getting married in his parent's bakcyard in August. I would love an invite that would provide a snapshot (the one in my mind!) of the party. Trees arching overhead, lights strung between them, our dogs running around and people dancing at dusk around a fountain. Visible love and magic.

  • Our dream invitation would include 4 things:

    1) An aesthetic that manages to meld mid-century jazz album design with late 19th century poster design– a tough combo, admittedly. See http://thecbs.tumblr.com/post/393311568 and http://thecbs.tumblr.com/post/107375851 for examples.

    2) Mind bendingly awesome use of typography

    3) Reasonably earth friendly paper and ink, beautiful enough to make our mouths water

    4) A heron in silhouette

  • This summer I'm getting married in Tuscany to my Italian lover. We're having a little church wedding followed by an outdoor reception at his uncle's restaurant down the road. In all my searches I've never found a bi-lingual wedding invitation. I was resigned to ordering two different sets – until I saw this post! I imagine it would be a designer's challenge to design a functional and beautiful bi-lingual invitation set. In an inviation I look for something whimsical and graceful, suitable for an elegant wedding in the tuscan hills. And I love blue :)

  • My fiance is a diplomat for the state department, so we'll spend the rest of our lives traveling around the world and living in many different exotic places. For our wedding, we're doing sort of a vintage-travel thing… taking color and decor inspiration from old maps, and also from vintage American Tourister luggage pieces, faded globes, and old books.

    I can't for the life of me find a travel-related wedding invite that isn't cheesy, like with airplanes on it. I'd love something with faded map inspiration!

  • Okay, well, here goes. We're both fans of video games. Not in the uber-dorky we have figurines of creepy video game characters on shelves, but that we each grew up with Atari and so on, making us part of a very unique generation of people who are constantly amazed by how far technology has taken us in the name of entertainment. I also have quite an affinity for tin robots. I have an idea that sort of brings the two together in a sort of cute Astroboy sort of way. That is, fun and retro. Not "giant fake boobs, guns, and unrealistic muscles". I think we could invite people into our lives and to be part of the wedding in a way that expresses us.


  • I am so glad that I found your site, these invites are AMAZING. It took me days and days of searching around the web to find anything interesting. Our Wedding is going to have a picture theme to it, as I LOVE photography. So there will be a photobooth, cameras for the guests, a photographer and gold antique frames hung everywhere with pictures. We are getting married in the summer time, and we have many colors. All of the accents and decorations will be gold with LOTS of colorful flowers and tablecloths and my girls are wearing different bright colors such as purple, teal, pink, and coral. I would love an invitation that went along with the gold and summery colors, and had something to do with pictures. Perhaps it could be an invitation that opens (1fold) and has a vintage camera on the outside, and the inserts for maps and response cards could look like the film or battery packs, or a polaroid? The thank yous could be like a vintage frame…. these are all just thoughts of how it could be, but your own take on it would be great. This would be a dream come true as I can see that you are AMAZING artists. Thanks for the chance….*fingers crossed***

  • We don't want our invitations to reflect our wedding site as much as we want it to reflect us.

    For a little background I grew in Texas and was a comic book kid. I loved reading about all the heroes in the Marvel and DC universe. I own thousands of comic books from my youth.

    My fiance grew up in Korea. Korea was a very closed country until recently and my fiance had never met a person of another race until he left Korea and flew to Australia in his twenties. He loved it and spent the next several years of his life flying all over Canada, America, and back to Korea.

    He decided to get his PhD in America which is how we met and fell in love.

    Through many long nights of talking I found out that his name actually means "Hero" in English! I told him that was funny because my name means "airplane" in English.

    It seams so unbelievable that he flew all over the world to wind up meet me and I'm marrying my very own hero. My friends think it's pretty neat that I'm his wings and he's my hero.

    So I have been trying to think of a way to incorporate these things into our invitation. Needless to say no invitation out there addresses this.

    Wonderful wonderful giveaway.

  • I've always drawn star patterns while listening in class, or now, meetings.

    About the time we were engaged, I came across a web site about Penrose Tiling – something I'd never heard of before but the patterns look like what I've been doodling for years! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penrose_tiling

    I love how these patterns can be graphic, starry and quilt-like all at once.

    We are planning an outdoor reception, and have decided to incorporate a subtle star motif throughout. I'd like to use a Robert Bly poem, The Indigo Bunting in our programs.

    We are looking for vintage quilt-like fabric to use as part of the decor, and so I'm trying to design an invitation that incorporates a kind of Penrose Tiling in some form — with a few random scattered stars possibly joining together with a larger pattern or "constellation." Because that's what we feel like we're doing : )

  • Sorry…pressed send too quickly! I forgot to mention that we really like the "sun and stars" aspect of the penrose tiling — kind of an eternal metaphor. So the colors of the invitation might be pale yellow, a kind of twilight/periwinkle blue and a deep royal/navy blue, with possibly a dash of fuschia thrown in for fun.

    Or to be simpler — it could be just one color on a white background! I would love to see what you come up with!

  • Dear Printable Press,

    My name is Adrian and my fiance Darcy and I are getting hitched in New Mexico in July, likely with donkeys in attendance to carry us away after the ceremony. So here's my idea: a sort of old-timey spaghetti western still with two lone riders on possibly donkey-like creatures riding in silhouette into the distance. In the background would be a mesa of some sort, and possibly above said mesa, a starry night sky not unlike the "starry night" design from the website, as our colors are light blue and white. The figures on horseback would be a bride (Darcy) and groom (Adrian), the former wearing a wedding gown (the more saloon-style the better) and the latter wearing a coat-and-tails, Deadwood-style get up. At any rate, that's just our idea, and obviously we're open to embellishments/changes from yourself, creative individual that you most certainly are. Anyway, thanks so much and we hope you pick us!

    love, Adrian (advanyoung@gmail.com) & Darcy (darcy.roake@gmail.com)

  • I haven't had a "vision" for many aspects of our wedding but the invitations are one exception. I am Jewish and my Fiance is Swedish… and we really want the invitations acknowledge our different backgrounds. I would LOVE to have invitations that incorporate the Biblical/Hebrew Phrase "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li"– "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" into the design– translated into both English and Swedish. We're able to to the translations but its the design savvy we lack!

  • Meg

    Hi Guys!
    Kimi has picked a winner and is as we speak designing a new theme based on the idea. We'll post who won and the new invite in about a week (squee!)