Sponsored Post: Shop Joielle Bridesmaid Dresses

Today we get to talk about beautiful bridesmaid dresses, and how I’m so envious of all of you ladies currently planning your wedding, because you get the opportunity to use the tasteful, easily sortable, generally awesome shop Joielle website… and I didn’t have that chance.

Because let’s put our cards on the table. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is often a huge pain. 90% of them are atrocious, dealing with wedding salons is a total pain, and you want to get dresses that look good on all your ladies, not just matching nonsense in cheap fabric. Well, enter shop Joielle, which was founded by two friends since childhood, who are now solving your problems like magic.

When I first looked at shop Joielle I was stunned and delighted. Bridesmaids dresses so pretty that I would wear every single one? A site where you could sort bridesmaid dresses by color, fabric, and style? Price points between $100 – $250 for high quality dresses that I wanted to make out with? WHAT? Bridesmaid’s dresses that I would be happy to wear again, at the same prices I’d pay for the-bridesmaid-dresses-that-shall-not-be-named? What was this wonderland?

But it actually gets a little better than that. My number one recommendation for finding affordable wedding dresses is to get bridesmaid dresses in white, and that little  number above? Ladies, that’s $180 dollars. Not to mention this beautiful number – which someone better send me a picture of them wearing for an afternoon wedding or an elopement ($230), or this sassy flamenco madness ($145). Which means I think you should be shopping at Joielle for your wedding dresses, right this second.

Now add in the fact that they offer plus sizes? And they offer 10% off for parties of four or more? And they’ll make sure all of your bridesmaids dresses are from the same dye-lot, even if your ladies are all over the country? Well, it’s your lucky day.

So send your ladies this link, and get shopping. Maybe you’re having bridesmaids, or maybe you’re having a more informal bridal brigade. Maybe all your ladies are matching, or maybe you want them stylishly mismatched. No matter what the plan is, having one online store with a welter of lovely, high quality dresses? That makes your life better.

My dress picks in order (each comes in tons of colors):Blue with the folded collarteal with rufflesthe beautiful grey, the long white wedding-y onePINK hooray, pink and white together

Staff Picks

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  • Um. Shut up. I want every one of these dresses. Can someone please give me somewhere to go so I can go buy one?

    • meg

      APW meetup? I know, me too. ME TOO.

      • Dear NYC/Fairfield County APW Readers,

        I am initiating a dress code for our next APW meetup. For myself. You are free to wear whatever you like, but it is mandatory that I arrive in something fabulous and probably floor length.

        The end.


  • Colleen

    Gah! Perfect timing! I was *just* losing my mind last night trying to find a lovely grey bridesmaid dress in a plus-size. These (and maybe especially the grey one you featured) are gorgeous!! Thank you, Meg!

  • I had heard about Joielle some months back on this site and so I totally suggested them to my friend who is getting married and she decided to use one of their dresses as the bridesmaids dresses. I just ordered the dress maybe two weeks ago, and these women are super-super nice and fabulous to work with! They even helped me figure out which size to get when I was confused because I had different measurements that corresponded to different sizes in the size chart. They helped me figure it all out and were very quick in responding to all my questions via email. I won’t see the dress until May, but I am sure it is going to be awesome. I totally recommend working with Joielle!

  • Wow! I found 2 that come in white that have the fit of a certain David’s Bridal dress I’ve been eyeing…but under half the price AND with no train! Bridesmaid dresses may be the way to go to avoid a train. Love this, thank you!

    • meg

      I’m kind of dreaming of their white bridesmaid dresses as wedding dresses. For serious (and better quality)…. send us pictures if you do it!!!

      • But of course! Though my wedding is not for another two years, I definitely plan to submit a graduate post.

      • Shannon

        I mean, it wouldn’t NEED to be white to be a wedding dress.

        • meg

          Well of course not. Who said it did?

  • Lauren

    I LOVE Joielle. My bridesmaids all ordered their dresses from there. My bridesmaids and I realized we were late ordered dresses, but the ladies over at Joielle were so pleasant and helpful! They responded to all of our concerns (sizing, etc) within the hour, and helped us figure out shipping to Canada.

    I highly recommend Joielle! Great variety, great price ranges, and great customer service!

    • I was also wondering about shipping to Canada (where I am), but decided to ship to the US (where the wedding is) because I didn’t know how much customs/duty fees might be. So now, the dress will be waiting for me in the city of the wedding.

      I was also late in ordering the dress too, but inquired the night before the last day to order without doing rush and they were extremely quick with responding to my questions and starting the payment process once I had decided the size, and we got the order in just in time to avoid the rush fee! :)

  • schmemily

    Wow! I’m so relieved to learn of this site. I am teetering between white and blue (or red or green or purple … I can’t decide) for my wedding dress, and it’s nice to see so many different options available at affordable prices. I had my heart set on buying a dress that was made in the US, but my budget is also less than $200 AND I’m plus size. So, yeah. I will be sharing this with my fiance later this evening.

  • Carrie

    I already got married…but I want ALL of them. Ruffly halter top dress, YES. That grey chiffon dress with the flower, YES. 50s bateau neck dress, SO VERY YES. And jewel neck dresses, and the sheath dress with removable chiffon overskirt…

    These are all so going into my fantasy wardrobe. And if I’m asked to stand up in someone’s wedding and they want all the women to wear matching dresses, I am so suggesting Joielle. So that I can have an excuse to buy one of these dresses.

  • Hmmm even though I don’t have bridesmaids yet, maybe I can just get this one… http://www.shopjoielle.com/product/landa-designs-bridesmaid-dress-style-mb428/

    Because you know. I might need a dress for a bachelorette party, right? Or a rehearsal dinner? Or like… just to wear every day all the time because yaayy?

    As an aside, thank you guys for all the great sponsored posts. I’m sure they take a lot of effort to find and make happen, and I personally love discovering things like this that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  • That last dress? I want a reason to wear it. Now. Thanks… :)

  • Elissa

    That little number above (the white dress with the black sash) well, it is my gown! Love that it’s on this page and I only paid $138!

  • Kim

    Wow, I seriously need that pink and white chiffon number. I think my chances of getting back to work quickly after lunch are going to be blown “window” shopping.

  • Stephanie

    I just ordered two swatches from Joielle! First time using an APW sponsor! I’m so excited!