Sponsored Post: Silver Charm Events Recession Brides Workshop

I’m popping in really quickly today to share something useful to all of you Southern California brides. Really useful. Liz Coopersmith*, the event planner behind Silver Charm Events is hosting a Recession Brides Workshop this Sunday July 19th in Los Angeles. Now if you are like me, it may be that part of your brain just turned off, and you started thinking blah, blah, blah event planning, blah. So, let me tell you why I think this is very helpful.

David and I happened to be really lucky: I used to plan big events, and we used to produced theatre and events as a team (pre-dating). So, going into this we had a really good idea of what things cost, where we could save money by doing it ourselves, what we actually *enjoyed* doing ourselves, and where it was going to be less expensive/ more sane to just hire someone. That’s a HUGE edge to have. Most couples throwing weddings haven’t planned big events before, and they definitely haven’t planned big events together. Cue: stress (unless you are more saintly than me). So, I think it is really-really-super-duper-smart-smart-smart to take the opportunity to sit down with an event planner and have her talk you through good ways to save money, how to negotiate contracts, and where to focus limited resources.

Oh and did I mention it costs just $20 per person and $30 per couple? Riiiigggghhhtttt.

*Liz worked for and planned events for NPR. No joke. How cool is that?

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  • MEG: stop by A.Mountain.Bride to enter to win an artist sketch of your wedding dress (since your big day is right around the corner! Yay!!)


  • Just saw your comment on Accordians and Lace….I think we need an update on the dress situation…I've been reading faithfully and had no idea there was trouble in paradise!

  • Meg

    One day, Laura, one day… and it was never paradise. It's just easy to idealise when it's not your wedding (alwwwaaayyyyssss).

  • thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing that event. Although, I might have a difficult time to actually go there.