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You guys! Today I get to write about Hannah, which makes me feel approximately like the bride in the above photo. More formally, I get to write about Hannah, she that is the power behind Stonehouse Photo. So many things to tell you about her, where shall I start? Well, first of all Hannah and Stonehouse Photo have been with APW since just about ever. Not only has she been an APW sponsor since the dawn of time, she’s a HUGE HUGE APW cheerleader. She loves what’s going on here, she loves you guys, she loves shooting your weddings (and she’s so so nice to me, and she’s going to be so so nice to you.)

BUT! It actually gets better than that. Hannah is, drumroll please, in the upper Midwest. Which makes her, literally, the only APW photographer located in the Midwest. Stonehouse Photo is headquartered in the Duluth, Minnesota and Bayfield, Wisconsin area, and she travels from Chicago to Fargo to the Twin Cities (to all you APW couples starved for wedding elves).

Things that you should know about Hannah other than she’s really freaking kind and funny, imminently sane, and she takes great pictures: she mostly shoots candidly, and she shot what is seriously to this day one of my all time favorite weddings on APW: Carrie & Ian’s wedding on a frozen lake. Have you seen it? Because if you have not seen it, hold the phone. Go. We’ll be here when you get back. When I posted this wedding my parents CALLED ME ABOUT IT. No joke.

On top of that, Stonehouse Photo has recently decided that they want to help brides figure out photography, regardless of whether or not they are clients are not (I know, in the wedding industry that sounds like it’s going to be a trick, but it’s not). Hannah has started recording videos where she sort of downloads her tremendous knowledge of the industry into your head.

I’m particularly fond of the video about making sure wedding photography doesn’t take over your wedding. Because seriously? Yes. But you should check out (and bookmark) her continuing series, if you’re in the process of figuring out what the eff wedding photography is anyway, and what you need to know about it.

So. Now I’m going to stop talking, so all of you in the Midwest can start cheering. Go look, go look.

And PS – Stonehouse Wedding Grads? You haven’t sent me your Wedding Grad posts (oopsie!) I’m sure you’re all over it right about now…..

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  • Oh Meg – you da bomb :) he he he he – YOU keep all of us sane…

  • Kathleen

    oh, that makes me wish i still lived in minnesota. actually, a lot of things make me wish i still lived in minnesota, but this is a pretty great one.

  • Jen M

    oooh….someone to come to Chicago!!! Yippeee!!!

    • meg

      Yay!!!! You’re gonna love her.

  • I love the photos you chose to share with us for this article. Thank you for sharing the links as well.

  • Leigh

    Ok. So THE question. What solution is there to a bride who hates, and we do mean, hate, having her picture taken? We’re talking a life-long issue here. I’d say I’m open to suggestions for the bride, but the bride hasn’t managed to change her emotions or facial responses (there is a flinch and a grimace even with cameras off to the side, at a distance etc. it’s like she can FEEL it and responds almost subconsciously) in 30+ years.

    The groom and parents on all sides want a wedding photographer and the bride has resisted and the wedding is in.. oh say a month and a half. :D

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    • Hey Leigh! I hope you don’t mind if I respond (and I actually I think I am going to do a video about this question!!). My suggestions: find a photographer that does purely photojournalism, meet with them so they understand you really really hate having your picture taken, and hire them only for a few hours, probably only for the ceremony… that way your family will be appeased and YOU won’t feel totally violated… The absolute WORST thing you could do is hire someone for the whole day. You will glare at the camera – I’ve seen that happen :)

      Do you have a friend who could shoot just the ceremony? That might help too… good luck!!

      • meg

        Indeed. Other than the posed shots (and we didn’t have too many of those) I really didn’t notice all the pictures taken of me. Sometimes I’d be talking to someone and I’d look down to find Heather scrunching down by my feet taking a picture, but that was mostly just hilarious, and by the time I noticed, the pictures was already taken. So I think Hannah is totally right on.

  • Michelle

    My husband dislikes getting his picture taken and he got tired of all the posed family shots before the wedding. The photogs ended up doing a lot of me alone, but maybe they always do a ton of bride-only shots. So, the groom could get more of him and his guys getting ready, and his family, without the bride.

    I didn’t even notice the photographers during the ceremony (standard church ceremony), so Hannah’s idea is a good one. Also we had an area at the reception where guests could pose for photos. The photographers set up the backdrop and we had a chalkboard for messages. This way, you can get photos of guests and the bride doesn’t need to be anywhere near the photographers.

    • Michelle

      And, um, this is in response to Leigh’s question, obviously.

  • Leigh

    Thanks for the suggestions. It’s definitely something to think over as it’s going to be an issue if I don’t do something soonish :)

  • I can’t stop looking at these pictures. The joy is tangible in every single one of them!

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