Studio Mathewes Photography in Boston, MA

Today I’m delighted (delighted!) to write a post for Jocelyn of Studio Mathewes Photography, who runs her studio in Boston (and still shoots a heck of a lot of weddings in the Baltimore area, where she used to live). Jocelyn has been advertising with APW almost since the beginning (I just did a little count, and there are only one or two advertisers that have been with us longer). She’s been with APW since the beginning because she fundamentally believes in what we’re doing here, and gets you guys, and loves you. That, and she takes phenomenal pictures, which makes you extra lucky.

And, the other thing that makes you extra lucky is that she’s offering a totally crazy-in-love-with-you-all discount. She told me that, “Any APW couple (with any wedding date) who books before April Fool’s Day gets 25% off the entire package. I like APW folks.” And, um, you guys? That’s a HUGE discount, and you should get on it.

When I asked Jocelyn why she liked APW couples so much, she said, “I love working with, talking to, hanging out with all the folks on APW because they’ve got their brains and hearts in the right place: melded together in a perfect blend of unity. It’s easy to get wrapped up in wedding madness, and the people on APW know that, acknowledge that, and are amazingly intentional about crafting their weddings–and their lives–into meaningful and beautiful events (and I’m not just talking photo-pretty).”

Studio Mathewes’ photos are the real deal. They have this in-the-moment photojournalism mixed with a real sense of joy and whimsy. She captures the real moment’s you don’t want to forget: the grins, the hugs, the smooches, all with this precise and lovely artistic eye. Everything is framed beautifully, and there is such a delightful interplay of color and light.

I asked Jocelyn what her artistic philosophy was for Studio Mathewes Photography, and what she said was so wise that I think it sums up the whole philosophy of APW. She said, “Use what you have around you to your best advantage. Quit it with thinking about buying the next new amazing thing that will totally change your life or art (editors note: or wedding). Often, it’s simply a matter of rethinking–seeing anew the familiar things around you, using an old tool in a new way, or discovering materials that can be re-used for an amazing alternative purpose.”

So New England APW-ers, today is your lucky day! Go, browse Studio Mathewes, chat with Jocelyn, and then take advantage of the 25% off deal. And then send me pictures (I can’t wait!).

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