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As you guys know I’m always trying to expand the reach of our wonderful talented sponsors, because I know how freaking tough it was for me to find people who’s work I loved, and who I fundamentally wanted to be at our wedding. Because a wedding photographer in particular is not someone you can hire on portfolio alone. You have to want see *them* crying into their lense while shooting up at your final blessing under the huppah (true story).

So today, I’m really delighted to get a chance to talk about Jocelyn Mathewes, the talent behind Studio Mathewes Photography in (drumroll please) Baltimore!!! So if you live within say, driving distance of Baltimore (dream big!), Jocelyn needs to be on your radar, now. Jocelyn has been with this blog since it’s toddler years. She saw what I was doing really early, decided she loved it, and got behind it wholeheartedly even though it was just beginning. And that tells you something about her, I think. You also need to know she is kind-kind-kind, and generious, and supportive, and just generally interesting. And finally? The photos are amazing, rich deep, and yup, stylish.

So go, East Coasters, go, and make music together! I want to hear all about it.

Photo: I know it’s not fancy, but it just slays me.

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  • April

    Photo slays me too… when the blog page came up, photo was the first thing I saw and my heart leapt, and melted. Beautiful picture.

  • Wow, they've got some awesome shots on their website…of course I'm nowhere near Baltimore, but I love looking at pretty wedding pictures. And by "pretty" I mean "real".

    …also, I have to point out something…call me immature, but this sentence made me giggle a little:

    "You have to want see *them* crying into their lense while shooting up at your final blessing under the huppah (true story)."

    It's just…my mind went to the wrong place with the "shooting up" part. And the mental image I got was really inappropriately funny. In fact, I still find it funny. I just can't help it.

  • I'm blushing; thank you, Meg! It's so great to be a part of your wonderful blog.