Sponsored Post: Turtle Love Co.’s Wedding Rings

Turtle Love Co. has been and APW sponsor for a long time. And why not?  They are a perfect match for you guys. They sell artisan made, ethical, environmentally friendly, affordable engagement rings and wedding rings. Plus, they are a women owned small business run by a business owner I’m particularly fond of, Adrianne. But until Adrianne’s post earlier this week about her really simple wedding band, and how it made her think a lot about the choices we make with the rings on our fingers, I’d never really known the whole Turtle Love story. I knew that Adrianne had been a big firm lawyer, and I knew she’d given it all up to sell affordable wedding rings, but I didn’t know why. And this week I got it. For Adrianne, it’s about pushing the envelope. It’s about giving all of us options. It’s about helping all of us find out who we want to be – not just in our jewelery choices, but in our relationships. And how can you not love that?

So apropos of this weeks post, it seemed fitting to write about Turtle Love’s unique wedding bands. I guess it’s not a huge surprise that my favorite of their handmade designer wedding bands are the simple ones. Take this tiny hammered silver ring (for just $70),  or this Burnham wedding band ($70 again!). Or for men, can we TALK about this Cliff Island Wedding Band that looks just like bark? Or this unbelievably simple, graceful, and simple sterling silver wedding band? Or this simple Diamond Wedding Band (that could be a wedding band or an engagement ring, if you ask me), that just nails it.

But Turtle Love doesn’t just do wedding bands APW-style, they do engagement rings. The most fascinating part of Wednesdays post for me, was reading through the comments, and seeing how all of you related to your engagement rings. Some of you had rings that you never expected (big heirloom diamonds), some of you had really unusual rings that you’d fallen in love with. And some of you, like me, had more simple and traditional diamond rings. Well, Turtle Love Co. gets all of that. Their engagement rings are unique stunning. They have the Petite Nest Diamond Engagement Ring, which is teeny and lovely. Then for those of you looking for something a little quirky-er, there is the stunning Nested White Pearl Ring. And personally? As a confessed fan of the cocktail style ring, the opt out of the diamond olympics option? I love the Oval Amethyst Engagement Ring.

And finally, if you’re not getting married or are already married, but are a big fan of Turtle Love Co.? NecklacesEarrings! Jewelry gifts for Christmas for everyone. Personally, I’m waiting on a lovebirds necklace. So go, enjoy. And this time, while you’re shopping, you’ll know why Adrianne created Turtle Love Co., and you’ll know that you love the reason.

PS And because you’re friends with Turtle Love Co. after this week, you can be friends with them on Facebook, and hear all about their woman filled office shenanigans!

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  • I heart these guys….when we were shopping I had about nine of their rings bookmarked. Just love the simple beauty!

  • ddayporter

    my friends and I pooled our money to buy a Turtle Love Co. necklace for another friend for a big milestone gift. the necklace is gorgeous, came in the most adorable packaging, and you get emails from them about your order, from a real person. and you can email that person back and get a real person answer. also I’m from Maine and just knowing they’re based in Portland warms my little heart. <3

  • What beautiful jewelry! I’m in love with the laurel rings.

    • Mallory

      Me too! I think it’s going on my xmas list!

  • I didn’t buy a wedding band when we got married because I couldn’t find the perfect one in our price range… I think I just now did, though. Love these!

  • Tina

    I have to give props to them as well. I got a ring from them last Christmas after some major hints (an email link) and the bonus half off sale for mentioning APW. (That was a great promo). I wear it just about every day. Comfortable, light weight, and a bunch of little gem stones in various colors. I’ve since gotten a necklace for myself (the girl on the swing) that gets tons of comments. I also got the mama and 3 baby chicks necklace for my mother for her birthday. She loved it! The packaging is cute, eco-friendly, and you don’t even have to wrap it if you don’t want to. I save the chocolate covered boxes for other jewelry gifts. So, if your hesitant about ordering any of their stuff, don’t be. I know they are on my wishlist again this year. :)

  • That sapphire ring (the one in the middle of the three engagement-y rings) is STUNNING. I can’t stop staring at it! LOVE IT.

  • What stunning pieces-that little olive branch ring is absolutely perfect!

  • Kaitlyn

    It sounds silly, but the Turtle Love Co rings are what led me to APW. I was googling engagement rings and came across the Nested White Pearl engagement ring (which I LOVE). In all seriousness, I told my fiance I had finally found engagement rings for people like me. It was my wake up call that I didn’t have to have a gigantic diamond solitaire, or any thing else the WIC says I “need.”

  • I love Turtle Love Co. It’s my favorite online store to splurge on something special for myself. And the sales are unbelievable. I’m going to go look now.

  • Kate

    I’m curious about the sterling silver rings–do they need to be polished? I have some silver earrings that get tarnished every now and then. Anyone have one of those?

    • Mame

      Nope! I have a silver engagement band from TLC. If you wear it often, it stays shiny and beautiful. Silver only tarnishes if you let it sit unworn for a while. I just scrub mine with a toothbrush every now and then to make the garnet sparkle.