Sponsored Post: Turtle Love Committee’s Three Promises Ring

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about wedding rings (as you do), and I keep thinking that we’ve lost the plot with wedding rings a little bit. Wedding rings have become more and more about the object, the glitter, the glitz, when really what they are is a symbol. Now, I’m deeply aesthetically particular, and I like me some pretty, but I want to remember what my wedding ring means to me and it is not what it *is.* Well, amazingly, it turns out that APW sponsor Turtle Love Committee has been reading my mind (and they do pretty). We’ve talked in the past about how Turtle Love makes affordable unique wedding rings and cool engagement rings. But! They just launched the new project, the Three Promises Ring, which I am a little bit in love with.These rings are made up of three simple bands, each of which is meant to represent a promise that you make to each other in your wedding day, which I adore. It’s a way to incorporate your vows into something physical that you will carry with you, or to remember private pledges that you make to each other on that day. For me, the simplicity of these rings is a way to help us remember what our rings mean, to help us remember that love is an action that we have to continue to live.Also, I just want to point out, that three has long been considered to be a mystical number, and has great religious and non-religious significance (Three circles in many modern Jewish weddings, the trinity, a Fibonacci number… you know, however you roll). Three is, in my book, a good number. The Three Promises rings come in a variety of different styles for different tastes, and you should go browse!
And finally, just so you don’t forget Turtle Love Committee’s great non-diamond engagement rings, let me point out that the new wedding website for LGBTQ couples and allies, So You’re EnGAYged, which is hosting a Turtle Love Committee ring giveaway that I think you should check out.

Now seriously, go look at the Three Promises Bands (when you click through, they have a cool banner right at the bottom of the page that you must look at.)

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  • For another option in lovely (not overcommercialized bling) wedding rings, you can also search for “poesy” rings, which are replicas of rings from the 1500-1600s which have small poetry inscriptions on them. They’re really pretty; we chose gold wedding rings inscribed with “You and no other” in old French, which are museum replicas of a ring from the 15 century.

  • These are beautiful! I especially love the non-diamond engagement rings. Seeing all the engagement rings of my coworkers, I sometimes feel like there’s something wrong with me because I don’t want a huge glittery diamond. It’s just not me. I would LOVE a pretty green stone (my favorite color), and I would love it even more knowing that my boyfriend didn’t shell out two paychecks worth of cash for it! I very rarely wear jewelry, so it would have to be something that would really fit me. I’m in love with Turtle Love’s green Walden ring. Now to get the hint to my beloved :) Thanks for this, Meg!

  • Love these rings, and the idea of making three promises or commitments in your vows. As for the number three, my wedding ring is set with three garnets, which I like to think of as our past, present, and future together. Thanks to Turtle Love for great ring alternatives!

  • There is also a company that has a professional jewelry maker help you make your own rings, from melting the metal to casting it and forming it! http://weddingringworkshop.com/
    Its kind of pricey, so maybe not all that practical, but what an amazing sentiment behind it. A handmade wedding ring that you made for each other? It sounds so nice.

    My fiance and I are considering doing this, it all depends on how our budget works out.

  • I love the 3 promises ring idea!

    My engagement ring is actually my Grandma’s ring. So much more meaningful to me than some flashy new bauble.

    We made our wedding rings with the Wedding Ring Workshop that Centa mentioned. Highly highly recommend it!! It was so much fun and just so completely awesome!

    Depending on the rings you want, it can actually be much cheaper than just buying a ring (the whole thing ended up being cheaper than just my ring would have been had we bought similar styles).

    Plus you get the whole experience of making a ring and the pricelessness of having a wedding ring made for you by your fiance!

    Centa (or anyone else for that matter), feel free to email me if you want to hear more about our experience or see any of our pics!

  • it will be awhile before I get engaged, I think, but I’ve already mentioned Turtle Love Committee to my boyfriend. I love their rings, and I love the idea of spending only $100 on a ring (actually, even that sounds a little expensive to me). So not a fan of shiny and fancy that every other gal has.

  • I immediately forwarded this link to the fiance – he has been very annoyed with the lack of stylish man-rings.

  • nice.

  • Cate Subrosa

    Like a modern take on a Russian wedding ring. Love it.

  • they are beautiful

  • charming :)

  • Meg’s Mom

    When the girls were little, I wore 3 thin silver bands on my right hand that I had bought from a street artist in Berkeley. We had very little money in those days, and it was always a struggle to decide how we would allocate our resources. The 3 bands reminded me both of the trinity, and of my commitment to value people and relationships over things. As I have gotten older, my knuckles have gotten bigger, so the rings no longer fit, but I like to think that my priorities have stayed the same.

  • I love this idea… i have a quick question though if anyone can answer! :)

    Although I love the idea of three rings, sterling silver doesn't seem as sturdy as gold in my mind. Any suggestions for how to do this but with gold?