Sponsored Post: Twin Hearts Photography, Free Travel In (parts of) The South

You guys remember the brilliantly talented, up and coming photography duo that is Twin Hearts, yes? By up and coming I mean, they are still affordable, but lordy do these two ladies have some serious photography cred. They are located in Athens, Georgia, and their prices start at the deliciously low $1,500 for FULL wedding day coverage. Bam. And did I mention, they’ve also started doing those beautiful super 8 style wedding videos? You’re going to want to go look at this one. Yeah, you didn’t think you could afford that, did you?

But. It actually gets much better. Twin Hearts is offering APW couples free travel for up to a five hour drive from Athens, Georgia for all weddings taking place in 2010. Ladies of The South, come and get ’em! Also, as if that wasn’t enough, they are offering travel AT COST for pretty much anywhere. That’s right. None of these crazy travel fees, nope-er-roni! For the cost of two plane tickets and a night or to in a hotel, they are yours (and they want to point out that it’s REALLY cheap to travel from Atlanta to Florida, so you many many Florida ladies, get on it already).

And then send me your pictures, yes? I can’t wait to see what magic you make together.

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  • Does anyone have any good connections to sane wedding coordinators (either day of or the full deal)? We’ve been wondering if that would be a good option for us because nothing we’ve chosen is all-inclusive. We just keep wondering how many tables we REALLY need and how many plates you should have for a buffet and if our florist is overcharging us, and someone who does weddings all the time would be such a blessing.

    The trouble is that I can’t seem to find a wedding coordinator who is, well, a feminist. All of the wedding planning websites say things about “the bride’s perfect day” and all that, which we just can’t stomach. My partner and I are both equally invested in this process and just want to find someone who understands that and who isn’t going to try to make me toss a bouquet or something.

    We’re in North Carolina. Any ideas?

    • Hi Rachel,

      I’m out in Colorado, so I cant’ recommend anyone local to you. BUT I know a lovely lady name Julie McKenney here in Denver. She offers REALLY affordable Day Of Coordination packages with unlimited email and phone consultation. Perhaps she could be of some sort of assistance that’s in your price range… Check her out here: http://www.blisselevated.com/Welcome.html

      Sorry I don’t know of anyone in your area, but best of luck!

    • Katelyn

      I can’t help, sorry- but your post made me smile because that is *exactly* what I want to do. You know, once I’ve saved up enough at my 9 to 5 to support myself for awhile.

  • Hey, these photos are lovely! I’ve actually been a fan of Twin Hearts ever since I fist clicked on their link from APW! As a fellow wedding photographer I’m actually quite snobby about this, and the ladies from Twin Hearts make me feel week kneed. I look at A LOT of wedding photography so this is pretty rare. Also I was born in Atlanta, GA and spent the first half of my life there and the second half mostly in North Carolina. Their photography just captures something so essential about the south, the bride with the parasol, the couple with the dandelion, the way that they harness the light, and the Waffle House!!! Give me some kudzu and I’ll die of nostalgia. I feel like I can’t describe it properly, but I love it!

    Sorry to geek out all over your sponsored post Twin Hearts, but I just can’t help it. I love your work!

    Lauren Mc

  • Anna P

    that wedding video. is. amazing. practically brought tears to my eyes.

    seriously seriously amazing.

  • Hello. This is Kelli of Twin Hearts. We are having some issues with our contact form on our website, so please if you have tried to message us and have not yet received a response, just email us directly at twinheartsphotography@gmail.com.


  • Wow, great, great work.