Sponsored Post: up up creative Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

Well. Oops. I was supposed to write a short and snappy little post about our newest sponsor up up creative, and I think I failed in that department. As I looked at designer Julie’s designs and read her website and blog, I got  more and more excited about HOW great her work is and HOW great a match up up creative is for Team Practical (both married and still bridal), and HOW over the moon I would have been to find this when I was engaged. And then the post got long. So, more goodness for you.

First off, Julie’s designs are amazing, and that’s the bottom line. Can we TALK about the design above? Seriously? Can we? Because next time one of my friends-who-is-also-a-mom gets married, they will be getting this in their inbox. Iloveitsomuch. So Julie’s wedding designs are amazing and her pricing is great with lots of different options for lots of different budgets.

You can do the awesome postcard style invitations above for $2.50 each (and save on postage and envelopes too, achem). You can do a flat wedding invitation for $2.75. You can do a full wedding suite for $4.50. These are good prices, people. These are talented-designer-wanting-you-to-have-good-work-no-matter-what prices.

Plus, her work is all eco-friendly. Julie describes herself as a, “wanna-be-better environmentalist,” which is exactly me. But she puts some serious brains behind it with recycled paper, no wasted scraps, the ability to order exactly the number of invitations you need. Which is exactly, exactly the kind of business I want to support, always.

And as a shout out to us married ladies – you need to go look at her extensive non-wedding line. Like this feel good list (For the anxious among us like me. I need this.) You need to go shopping. I need to go shopping. Seriously, lets all go shopping together and then meet back here for drinks.

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  • Chelsea

    Um, those crazy love cards? It’s like they were written from inside my marriage. Especially the one about the farting.

  • Oh WOW. I absolutely am in love with this! I was all bummed while reading because I’m already married & can’t use these for wedding things – and then you went and mentioned the non-wedding line… and yahoo! And then I looked at the prices & I’m very excited…. to say the least!

  • Sarah


  • I think I’m in love with the Feel Good list. What an awesome amazing life changing idea!

    • meg

      Did you see the feel good CARDS? I might love those even more.

  • Amy

    I’m loving the non-wedding options! I just added the entire site to my birthday list.

  • Joselle

    I’m thinking of preemptively ordering the card that says, “I love you so much that if I were pregnant and I asked you to pick up ice cream on your way home and you forgot, I would probably not divorce you. Probably.” I’d totally give that to my fiance as a way to announce being knocked up. And I’d totally say that if there weren’t already a card for it!

  • Ohhhhhhh I love them. I’ll definitely have to check her out for other celebrations!

  • Alyssa

    AHH! I’m so glad up up creative is getting APW love, she’s AWESOME and who I would have had done my invites if I’d would have known about her a while back. (By the way, I’ve don’t know her, I just have major internets love for her work.)

    As it is, I’m glad this post is up because it’s reminded me to get the address labels I’ve been wanting!

  • caitlin

    ahhhh— I’m drooling. how awesome. My faves are the crazy love cards, with the absolute #1 going to “I love you so much that I will even try to get used to your beard (it’s pretty scratchy, though…)” I nearly died with laughter when I read that one.

  • Jessie

    LOVE them. Can’t wait to order some.

  • Kibbins

    OK, so I have a tangent to go off on & it’s almost 3 a.m. where I am, so I’m going to go ahead with it… but I do enjoy this new sponsor – yay :) I’m a greeting card addict, and I don’t know if that’s a real thing, but man, this site is going to present some serious temptation.

    Anyway… Postcard wedding invitations. I just don’t think it’s all that “practical” of the post office to offer wedding-y $0.61 and $0.44 stamps, but not $0.28. If you want to send a postcard, your one and only option (at the moment) is a frickin polar bear. Not that I don’t love me some polar bears, but really. I just couldn’t get over myself and ended up going completely and utterly over budget (okay, so like $25 extra, but I’m usually a total cheapskate) with those personalized photo stamps. At least there were only 60 invitations. Anyway, if anyone else has encountered that issue and feels so inclined, please do what I did and click the Contact Us link on the USPS site and for the sake of future postcard-sending brides, submit a respectful request for some variety!

    *Stepping down from soapbox, promising to always post relevant comments in the future, and going to bed*

    • meg


    • LOL … when I was stuffing the invitations and putting stamps on the return cards, I just got a bunch of forever stamps from the vending machine when I had time (you know, the boring ones with the Liberty Bell?). I was all ready to “lick and stick” the envelopes, when FH stopped me and INSISTED on going to Michael’s to get some sealing wax. I lamented that I had no time to eff around with sealing wax (translation: I Hate All Things Crafty … that is, actually doing crafts, it makes my blood pressure go up; I had visions of throwing my printer out of my second story window when I considered printing my own invites, so I just ordered them!), and he insisted HE wanted to do it. Uhhh … okay?

      So. He got sealing wax. Then he took them to the post office … and got the wedding ring stamps. :)

      Who said that brides like bride-y things more than grooms do? :)

  • Molly

    I went and ordered return address stickers literally the day you first posted about the new sponsors. They’re really cool, and they solve the post-wedding, no-I-haven’t-changed-my-name-all-you-people-who-addressed-checks-to-Mr.-&-Mrs.-GAG-ME issue. Now, when our guests get thank you notes, they will also get a subtle notification that we are two different people with two different full names. And that subtle notification will be stylin’, and recycled. Thanks, Meg!