Stephanie Court Photography in San Francisco and Beyond

Possibly one of the hardest parts of choosing a wedding photographer is finding someone who makes beautiful photos, but that you can also see yourself spending your whole wedding day with. (Not always an easy find, y’all!) Which is why today I’m thrilled to bring you the hilarious and talented Stephanie Court Photography, shooting all over the San Francisco Bay Area starting at just $1,950 (with a special APW discount, so stay tuned!), who is just that person. After having just one conversation with her, it was clear to me that Stephanie is not only the kind of person that you want at your wedding, but she’s the kind of person you’ll want to hang out with once it’s all over. And that right there folks? Is magic.

But before I dig too deep into what makes Stephanie awesome (is it her work? Maybe. Is it that she quotes The Princess Bride on her website? Let’s be honest. Probably), I want to share a little about Stephanie’s trajectory with APW. Because what she has to say about you guys is so spot on, I think it deserves to go first. Stephanie told me, “I was a reader of APW long before becoming a sponsor. (And I’m not even engaged, so that tells you how much I love what’s going on here.) So when I decided to leave the corporate world behind and focus full time on photography, I knew I wanted to work with APW couples.

“APW couples just get it. Like me, they believe a wedding is a celebration of love, not a competition for the best dress, the best shoes, the best rings, the best food (though they totally appreciate all those things, too!). They don’t do things just for the sake of doing them. They have a plan, a purpose, a reason behind the choices they make and they are brilliant at planning weddings that celebrate their unique story as a couple.” I mean, if it’s not clear that this lady just has the utmost respect for you guys and the work that you do here, I don’t know what is.

And in no place does that respect shine clearer than in the work itself. Having spent a fair amount of time pouring over your weddings, I’ve developed a sense for what APWers value in their photography. Clear emotion. Posed portraits that still look natural. Powerful candids. And Stephanie’s photos nail that balance. Plus, this girl has a sense of humor about her her photos, and I love that. (It means you probably won’t see a lot of angry face in her pictures. Just a lot of grinning and levity, and you know, other things that make weddings fun.)

And Stephanie’s artistic philosophy perfectly echoes exactly what you see in the pictures themselves. “When I photograph a wedding,” she says, “I seek out pure emotions and aim to capture those little ‘in between’ moments that provide a glimpse into your relationship—the stolen glances, shy smiles, and subtle winks that show your love in a quiet yet significant way. I am respectful and observant when shooting and am fully present the entire day. But I also like to have a little fun in the process to help you feel comfortable. You can probably expect a few random jokes, which might not be as funny as I’d like to think.” (Editor’s Note: I have a feeling she’s underselling that humor here.)

And then finally there is Stephanie herself. Do yourself a favor, and go check out her website and see what I mean, because I can’t do her justice here. But what I can say is that after about ten minutes of browsing, I wanted to call Stephanie up and invite her out for coffee (which I might still do). Or maybe invite her over for a Harry Potter marathon. Whatever she’s up for.

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part, which is that Stephanie’s business is still growing. That means that you can get all this crazy talent with rates that start at just $1,950. And not just for her to show up, but for everything. Stephanie says, “All of my packages include the final, high resolutions files. I think you should be able to relive that day whenever you want, wherever you want so all the final photos are yours to keep forever and ever. And because I love APW couples, I’m offering a 10% discount off any of my wedding packages to APW couples who book by December 31, 2012. Just mention you found me through APW and bam! Money saved.” Did you hear that guys? Stephanie’s rates start at just $1,755 if you book her by December 1st. Plus, Stephanie is itching to travel more and experience weddings all over the world, so she even has special rates for destination weddings outside of the US. So if you’re planning a wedding out of the country, contact her and Make. It. Happen.

So San Francisco (and beyond!) today is a really good day for you. Not only do you get a super talented, affordable photographer who totally gets what you’re about, but I’m pretty sure you might have a new friend too. And I can’t wait to see what you guys cook up together next year.

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  • I’m down for coffee and a Harry Potter marathon any time!! :)

    • Georgia

      Yassssss to HP omg.

  • I’m so excited to see this sponser post today! I contacted Stephanie last week expressing our interest in her work and though I’ve yet to reply to her lovely response (so sorry, Stephanie!! Have you met Sandy? She’s been a bit of a menace these past few days…) I can’t wait to get to know her better.


  • NB

    Can I just say, as a long-time APW reader and a long-time fan of Stephanie: this lady’s photography gives me chills, and you are seriously going to love having her around on your wedding day.

    Guys, you *have* to hear how she talks about her work, and you brides in particular. She’s practically glowing with excitement about you all, and she’s just so. damn. happy. when she can give you a picture that captures a little bit of what you love, to take home for forever.

    I have little else to offer, except this: Stephanie makes me glad, every day, that there are people like her, taking care of good people like the APW family, in this world. As a current resident of the corporate world that she left to come spend more time with you all, I would like to give a resounding “yay for Stephanie!” (And also, yay for the awesome deal on her awesome work)