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Still Music Photography: Modern Classic Style for the Bay Area

APW weddings come in a huge variety of styles, so it’s wonderful that APW photographers work in a whole variety of styles. Today I’m thrilled to introduce the husband and wife duo behind Still Music Wedding photography, Jeremy and Erin. Still Music Photography is based in Santa Cruz, California, and serves the greater Bay Area (anything in a two hour driving radius of Santa Cruz, including the city, as well as the Sonora, Tuolumne, and Calaveras Counties areas).

As you might expect from a duo from Santa Cruz, Still Music‘s operating style is laid back and fun. Their shooting style is what I’d call modern classic. If you’re looking for a photographer that will knock your portraits out of the park, that will create beautiful posed shots of your wedding photography, that has great detail work and photojournalism, you’re looking for Still Music Photography. In short, this is a team that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They’re not focused on high art, they’re focused on beautiful kick-ass wedding portraits. They have a style that’s distinctly different from the rest of the APW Bay Area photographers, and I’m thrilled that APWers in the Bay Area can now get some seriously skilled hip and classic style.

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Timelines, Organization, and Not Getting Lost In Pretty Light

Still Music Photography also has some serious organizational skills. Instead of getting lost in the moment artistically, thinking about the nice light, and making you late for your wedding (it happens), Jeremy and Erin will work with you to create a timeline for your wedding photos. This leaves you with awesome photos (and time to get those great posed shots and portraits… we screwed this up at our wedding, please don’t replicate our mistake) while still being relaxed and happy. Seriously. I cannot oversell how awesome it is that they do this. Jeremy describes their timeline-ing this way: “Timeline is a rough outline of our day together. The reason it helps so much is 1. we can visually see what our day looks like and plan/adjust accordingly and 2. it means you, us, and family stick to a timeline so that we can efficiently capture the family and bridal party portraits quickly. More time for fun portraits/adventures! More hanging out with your guests at cocktail hour! We usually provide a lot of cushion when drafting your timeline, since family always runs a little late and we don’t want to be stressed. The more we plan beforehand, the smoother your day will go = less stressed = pictures turn out WAY BETTER and you enjoy your time with us a lot more! It’s worth the extra work on the front-end—that’s why we’re here to help!” BAM.

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Affordable Rates (And Albums! And Prints! And Film!)

Still Music Photography is currently booking for 2014 weddings (it’s happening 2014ers, get planning), and full wedding coverage starts at $2800. All of Still Music’s packages include at least eight hours of coverage by Jeremy and Erin, unlimited consultations, location scouting, an online storefront where all of your photos live, plus unlimited high fives and emergency hair clips. Which you really can’t put a price on. But what sets these guys apart is that they also make sure to include something printed in every one of their packages, either in the form of prints or albums. Which means your images are never going to live just on your hard drive. Because they won’t let it.

Still Music + APW = Lost Scarves & Hilarity

But more than being awesome and talented, Jeremy and Erin are also the kind of people you guys want to hang out with. Jeremy is a longtime photographer (from the days of film!) and has studied cooking. Erin has a degree in psych, is getting her Masters in social work, and makes the best depressing folk music you’ve ever heard. Plus, they just flat out like APWers. This is what they had to say on the subject:

We have had wonderful experiences working with APW readers and want more! In our experience, APW readers are laid back, spontaneous, and extremely kind. We love these couples who keep the insanity out of their wedding planning and wedding day. We shot an APW couple who impressed us with their patience when their wedding attire was arriving an hour late and in the meantime, were down for some “mock-wedding portraits” in their jeans and t-shirts! Several APW clients have invited us to meet up with them for dinner just for an opportunity to get to know us better. One bride was very gracious and unconcerned when we accidentally lost her scarf during her engagement session (which we replaced!). We love shooting these couples because they are a lot like us. We are an easygoing couple chilling in Santa Cruz, California. When we’re not taking photos we’re cuddling with our flabby cat Tony, spoon-sandwich style, playing music, and cooking vegan food. We love having prospective clients over to our home office in our small apartment for tea and cookies so we can find out more about them and their day.

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Lets Get Some FUN in Here (and Bobby Pins)

But finally, Still Music Photography is that perfect mix of fun and practical (which. Right. Of course they like APWers). They want things to be really enjoyable, but they’re also going to help you create a timeline, help you bobby-pin your hair, and be super body positive if you’re feeling insecure for a second. They put it this way:

Our philosophy is: HAVE FUN. We’re fun, you’re fun, so let’s get this party started. Your pictures will look better, the day goes smoother, and it just makes for a better experience when everyone is light-hearted and enjoying themselves. We keep in close contact with our couples to help them plan as much as we can to make sure their day goes as smoothly as possible. We pride ourselves in being kind and flexible vendors that make a couple’s wedding day (and wedding planning experience) easy and enjoyable—we have a lot of experience planning weddings and walking through the planning process with couples. We also pride ourselves in our albums. We want our couples to not only walk away with digital images, but something tangible to remember their day. We want our couples to hold their photos in their hands and be able to show their friends.

We feel like we’re able to empathize well, from both female and male perspectives; this is a unique aspect of our company, being a husband and wife creative team. We’re able to remind our couples that everything will be awesome and at the end of the day, they’re gonna be hella married and that matters the most. There are two sets of eyes and minds assigned to each of our weddings, so from birth to fruition our weddings are handled with care from multiple perspectives. Another thing is that we’re always prepared. We come stocked with all the emergency supplies needed—we’ve bobby-pinned hair, pinned countless boutonnieres, fixed dresses and cut loose threads—and we’ll replace your lost scarves.

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Make The Magic Happen

Still Music Photography travels, so if you want-them-need-them-have-to-have-them, give them a call. But in true Santa Cruz fashion, they really love keeping it local. They like to hang out in the Bay Area and get to know their couples a little better. So Bay Area, here it is: your local magic workers of hip classic. I can’t wait to see what you make together.

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  • Elizabeth @ Lowe House

    I got to work with Jeremy & Erin last month for the first time, and they are *lovely.* Their work clearly speaks for itself, and I can’t wait to see the whole gallery from the wedding we did together, but they also totally fit the criteria of “people I enjoy hanging out with, so think you probably will too” that I have for any vendor I recommend to my clients (and, it’s probably worth noting that I do not feel this way about every new vendor I work with!)

    • Thanks Elizabeth! BLUSH.

  • We’re in the process of booking Jeremy for our wedding in October and he’s been so fantastic so far and this post just solidifies why we’s our choice to shoot our wedding. And as a wedding photographer myself, that’s a pretty big deal! I am so excited to see what he does with our ‘Australians do Southern BBQ and a chuppah at a Barn’ event ♥

  • Oh my, such gorgeous work!!!