Stonehouse Photo in the Upper Midwest!

Today I’m delighted to re-introduce all of you to Stonehouse Photo, serving Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois (and beyond! APW Midwest, this is your lucky day!). Hannah Stonehouse Hudson has been an APW sponsor for more than two years. She’s believed in APW and Team Practical since the very beginning, and gets the APW message on every single level. She is an excellent lady.

Hannah told me, “I love working with APW couples because they are inventive—both with the actual ceremony and with physical details. Also, their love is more important than the party.” Not only does Hannah really get it, she’s a total doll. She’s kind, funny, enthusiastic, always helpful, and out to help people create the wedding that’s right for them (not the wedding that she thinks you should have). And she’s super supportive (I should know! She’s been a supportive cheerleader of me for years…).

That, and she takes great pictures. I asked Hannah what the Stonehouse Photo philosophy was in a nutshell, and she told me, “Moments trump details always. I would rather take the time to capture fleeting moments than spend my time arranging detail shots.” And that, to me, is exactly it. That’s what wedding photography trends are missing these days, and that’s exactly what you should be paying for: a photographer who can capture the real emotions of the moments you experience on your wedding day…not just fashionable pictures of the stuff.

And speaking of ‘what you should be paying for,’ Stonehouse Photo’s prices are excellent. Her wedding pricing starts at just $1950, and Hannah is offering a $500 print product credit (yum, prints) for any APW reader that books by Aug 1.

Oh, and just in case you guys didn’t love Hannah enough, when I asked her what other projects she was working on, she told me that she was taking lots of doggie rescue photos. Why? Well, “Better photos equal more adoptions.” How’s that for a wedding photographer side project?

So, go midwesterners, go! And have a blast with Stonehouse Photo.

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  • Whooohooo! Thanks Meg :)

  • Jen

    gah!! This makes me so happy!

    she had me at “doggie rescue photos”

    Also. That 3rd photo from the bottom gave me insta-tears.

  • Yay for Midwestern vendors! I love that more elves are coming to APW from all over (though, as noted, Hannah’s obviously not new around here).

    Taking dog rescue photos is a wonderful side project, Hannah. Way to make the world a little better place!

  • Elissa

    Meg, you described Hannah perfectly. I cannot SHUT UP about her! When I doubted my wedding, her photos reminded me that it was wonderful. Also, I’m totally that brunette up there! If nothing else, Hannah’s appreciation of me licking my husband’s face endears her to me. Also, that picture of the moment between my mom and me, it’s one of my favorites. My mom had a lot of negative feelings about the wedding, but picture makes me feel the love she has for me. Hannah captured that and changed my feelings about my wedding.

    In summary, Hannah will totally rock your wedding. You will not regret your decision to hire her. She was the absolutely best decision about our wedding (besides my cute husband).

    • Jessica

      Elissa, you looked gorgeous on your wedding day (I was a bridesmaid in her wedding), and she did a wonderful job of capturing that! If I didn’t already have a wedding photographer, I would book her for mine. And I LOVE that photo of you and your mom. It’s one of my favorites from all of the ones I’ve seen.

      • Elissa

        Thank you, Jess! You’re so sweet.

    • JEM

      That is one of my favorite wedding pics ever because my fiance and I do that to eachother all.the.time. :)

      • Elissa

        hahaha! Love it. I love this picture because it’s totally us. Try to sneak one into your photos :)

    • Ok…you must be my long-lost twin. I kind of do that exact same thing (and other weird quirks). I had to send my fiance a link to this, just for that photo.

  • Elissa – you seriously just made me cry. I had no idea that the photo of you & your mom did that for you. Its EXACTLY why I say “moment trump details”, and why I shoot the way I do. Thank you :).

  • Suzanna

    Those doggie pics are RAD! The weddings pics are awesome too. ;)

  • Cammie

    I have to agree with Elissa on this one… Hannah is absolutely amazing. With so much excitement the wedding day was a bit of a blur, but Stonehouse Photo captured everything that I want to remember (and even some moments that I completely missed!) She’s an easygoing perfectionist with enormous talent, a fun spirit, and a huge heart. I highly, highly recommend her!