Studio Mathewes Photography: Now All Over The US!

I’m always beyond thrilled to get to write about Jocelyn of Studio Mathewes Photography, now serving the whole USA because she’s super talented. But beyond that, Jocelyn has been with APW for forever-ever, so you know she’s good people. Back in 2008, when I was first getting this blog off the ground, and I felt like I was fighting the Crazy Enormous Wedding Industry at every turn, I got an email from Jocelyn. I had been featured on Get Rich Slowly (it was one of the first times the then little-tiny-APW had been featured anywhere big) and she basically said, “I get you. I get what you’re doing. I think it’s super important, and I want to see the wedding industry change, and I want to support you.” And that’s how Studio Mathewes Photography became one of APW’s first ever advertisers.

So, beyond knowing that Jocelyn gets you and loves you, let’s talk about her work. I was browsing through Studio Mathewes’ portfolio, really looking at her photos, and was struck by what a clear photojournalistic eye Jocelyn has. She’s not about filters or tricks, because her photos are so strong that she doesn’t need to DO anything to them to make them convey emotion and magic. Her background is studio art and graphic design, so she knows her way about composition and art and will bring all that to your wedding photos, which is the best thing possible.

Given her fine art background, it makes total sense that Jocelyn says, “On a wedding day, my job is to hunt for the moments—to be an intent observer so that I can create a great storytelling image in a single frame, and over the course of an album. It’s almost like collage (hunting for what to piece together) and drawing (seeing light and form). That’s what makes wedding photography an inspiring medium to work in.” Plus, like all old-school super-trained photographers (god, I love them with a fiery passion) she knows her way around film, too. She told me, “I’m returning to my film heritage and have taken to shooting medium format for personal projects, and upon request for clients. Mixing things up to stay on my toes!” And can I just say: request medium format from Jocelyn. You will not regret it!

But the truly exciting news is this year Studio Mathewes Photography is everywhere in the lower 48! Seriously! For 2012 and 2013, “Travel fees (excluding affordable overnight accomodations) are included in all pricing for the contiguous 48 states of the US of A!” And, she’s offering 15% off for all 2013 couples (“book by Cinco de Mayo, for no reason other than I like saying Cinco de Mayo”). Just tell her you are APW people.

Which brings me back to you, Team Practical. All those years ago, Jocelyn emailed me to say she got me, and she got what I was doing here (when almost no one else did). And over the intervening years, as she’s gotten to know y’all, she’s really gotten you, as well. She told me, “APW couples really have their hearts and minds in the best place. They’re focused on enjoying each other, enjoying their families, and creating a warm environment that’s an absolute blast to photograph. They’re trusting. They’re relaxed. They’re interesting people with amazing stories, every minute of which is a lovely thing to see and document.”

So go. Have fun. Make beautiful music together… NOW ALL OVER THE US. I seriously can’t wait.

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  • That staircase photo is amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing. I can’t wait to see what beautiful photos Studio Mathewes and APWers can create!

  • Mattingly

    She totally did our wedding, and was *amazing.* Seriously folks, we could not possibly be happier with our photos, and she’s a lovely lady to boot. You should book her!!

    • Megan

      Jocelyn shot our wedding (and rehearsal night bonfire) too! She is incredibly talented and a joy to work with — before, during, and after the wedding. I agree with Mattingly — you should book her!

      • KHN

        I was in the wedding party for a Jocelyn wedding and she was a pleasure to work with. She even tied the bride’s sash after none of us could figure out how to make it look right. I’m hoping to book her for my own wedding next year.