Studio Mathewes Photography now in Tennessee & The Whole US (13)

Fun fact: you probably did not know that Jocelyn of Studio Mathewes Photography has been advertising with APW longer than any other advertiser, ever-ever. Like, advertising nonstop since more or less the dawn of this project. Crazy, right? And cool? Jocelyn has been hanging out around these parts since the blog was just six months old, and she found me, fell in love with APW and everything it stood for, and demanded that I let her advertise and work with you guys right away. Which is to say, she understands APWers better than anyone, and she gets you. That, and her photos are so amazing there is no possible way you can’t get her right back. But here is the best part: Studio Mathewes Photography is including travel fees for the US in all pricing for 2013, so most of you can have her as your wedding photographer! Wheeee! (9)

But, there is bigger news than that. Even though Studio Mathewes Photography is shooting weddings all over the US, Jocelyn is thrilled to announce that she’s moving to the South, and she is ready to dive in with you Southern APWers to build something brand new together. She told me, “My big business news is that I’m MOVING to Johnson City, Tennessee! This is an exciting time for me and my family, as I’ve always been a bit of a mountain girl. I grew up camping every summer in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for all our vacations, and this will put us right next to the Appalachians. I’ll miss the Northeast (where I grew up) of course, but I look forward to getting to know a new set of locals, with their own traditions and tastes. This past weekend (when I found out where we were moving), I snuck online to the vendor director and searched for photographers in the South, and found myself in great company. Here I am, folks, ready to travel and see new places and meet new faces! And if there are any APW readers getting married within 100 miles of Johnson City, I’d love to extend to them a big warm hello by offering them half off my add-on film coverage (from $495 down to $249) until the end of 2012.” Yay, you guys, get on that! (3)

But more important than all that is Jocelyn’s work. She has the eye of a classic photographer (in all the best possible ways) and will nail deeply elegant, really sophisticated shots. She’s got the photojournalist’s touch, capturing the truthful moments that go by in a flash. And like the best photographers in this community, she has a sense of humor, a sense of play, an ability to capture you as you really are, and a phenomenal ability to capture pure emotion. You know: the things that really matter. (14)

And since Jocelyn and Studio Mathewes Photography has been around APW from the very beginning, she gets you and loves you in a way that is deeply reflected in her business and her art. She says, “I think my absolute favorite thing about working with APW couples is that they’re thoughtful and grounded people. I really, truly enjoy listening to their stories and learning about their own journeys in life. And I’m a storyteller, really. I had two majors in college—English Literature and Studio Art; both of those things have to do with people, characters, and ideas. I want to convey the essence of the people that are in front of me, no matter where I am.” Plus, she just flat-out likes you guys a whole lot. She told me, “APW couples generally don’t stress—they’re focused on the things in life that Really Matter, and that makes them an absolute pleasure to get to know, observe, and document. They’re just really interesting people, which means great subject matter. I also just like to hang with geeks and quirky/goofy people too.” (6)

And beyond all that, you’re just going to love Jocelyn. For goodness sake, her professional bio starts, “At age 12, (when the Internet was still young and only for nerds), I designed my first website. It was a primer on a fictional planet, called B!, where combustible sheep and magic cheerios grew on shrubs. The best number in the entire universe is three. The best color: all of them, or none. One of my favorite words: jipijapa. It just sounds right.” I mean right? (8)

So Tennessee, please welcome your first APW sponsor photographer ever. And all of the US? Studio Mathewes Photography is yours for the taking. No travel fees. (Send pictures.)

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  • Whoa, awesome!! Congrats on the move, Jocelyn!

  • Katie

    That is great! It’s true, there were no APW sponsor photographers in Tennessee when I planned my wedding there two years ago. Go Jocelyn! Your photos are great.

  • Congratulations, Jocelyn! Can’t wait to see more of what you and APWers come up with!

  • Thanks everyone! It’s going to be rockin’. HARD.

  • fermi

    woop, that’s awesome, I just moved from Knoxville back home this year…I’ll keep my friends posted about this great deal, in case any decide they need a photog!!

  • Holly

    umm I’m almost freaking out because I live in JC and will be planning our wedding in this area! I was so disappointed a month ago when I realized there were no APW vendors in this area! Very excited about the possibilities!!!

    • Mattingly

      you should totally snag her. she shot our wedding and we loved *every singe one* of our photos! plus, she’s amazingly chill and fun to be around. and good luck planning your wedding!

  • I love her wedding dress, all photos are very, very nice. We can see that thay are one very happy couple. You did really nice work with this post.