Stylish Wedding Websites and Paperless Invitations by Glö

A few days ago, I was having dinner with friends when the conversation turned to wedding websites (and other things too! I swear I have interests). You see, I have a love/hate relationship with my wedding website. I felt like a pioneer when we decided to collect digital RSVPs for our wedding (a million years ago in 2009 when it was still a faux pas).  But otherwise? Well, it was kind of ugly. Unfortunately at the time there were no other options available to us (unless you had mad design and programming skills, which we didn’t). But lucky for you guys, that’s all different now. Because you have Glö, longtime APW sponsor and full-service provider of wedding websites, paperless invitations, online RSVPs, and guest management tools. And get this. They are stylish too (like, really, really stylish). Plus, as part of Glö’s recent partnership with APW designers, you can now get coordinating paper goods to go along with your digital tools from Glö. And all of this costs way less than even just the postage for your traditional wedding invitations. I know. Where were these guys four years ago?

Glö has been a part of the APW fold for nearly three years, but for those of you who are new here, let me give you a brief rundown of exactly what it is they do (because it’s kind of magic, in a way that isn’t always self-evident). The reality is, there pretty much isn’t a wedding invitation need that you can’t fulfill through Glö, because with Glö you can:

  • Send Glövites—beautiful email wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and even a group thank you. Upload a design, or choose from one of their gorgeous preexisting designs (now featuring even more designs from APW designers!).
  • Create a Glösite, your multi-page wedding website. You can personalize like crazy by adding photos, a countdown, fancy slideshows, videos, interactive maps, or any other widget. You can even specify which guests can view each page.
  • Add unlimited events to your website (e.g., rehearsal dinner and reception) and select which guests are able to view each event. The website only shows the correct events to each guest, thus preventing hurt feelings. Ta-dah!
  • Add unlimited RSVP questions for each event, seamlessly collect responses, and view them online or download them to a .csv file. Guests can edit RSVP responses for their entire household, preventing duplicate RSVPs. You can also update your guests’ RSVP responses online.
  • Easily communicate with all or some of your guests before and after the wedding celebration using the easy messaging tool. It’s super easy to ping and remind guests to RSVP or send last minute updates.

I mean, if you’re type A, Glö is basically the wedding DayMinder to end all others (or if you’re a slovenly person like myself, Glö is more or less the butler that you wish you had). But the thing I think I appreciate most about Glö is the fact that founder Taryn has gone out of her way to make their online experience as close as possible to the experience of receiving physical wedding invitations, just with added functionality. (Invitations even arrive in an envelope that has to be opened. How cool is that?! You can see it in action over here.)

Plus, in case I haven’t made this clear enough already, the designs available from Glö are so stylish that you’ll never want to look at another paperless invitation or wedding website again (at least, I cringe a little bit when I compare mine to what Glö offers). But pretty and functional aren’t the only reasons Glöbies (the affectionate term coined for folks who use Glö) love working with Glö (even though pretty and functional is usually enough of a sell for me). They also love that:

Glö makes you stand out:

Glövites are fabulous! We can design our own invitation and upload it—the envelope animation is super cool. This is why we used Glö—our invites were different, special, and très cool. (Plus, the RSVP functionality is great. It’s very helpful to have open-ended and multiple-choice questions, along with the typical yes/no.) Fenella & Stuart

Your guests will love Glö too:

At first I was a bit apprehensive about sending online invites, but we decided to bite the bullet and just send the online invites to everyone. A testament to its success was the quote from my over-eighty-year-old Irish grandmother (who literally just has an email address and little more) who rang my parents after receiving the invite to say how much she loved it. —Louise & Kannan

I love it that people with iPhones, etc. can check the website at any point if they forget details of the wedding day, and they have all the info at their fingertips! —Lindsay & Graham

Glö saves you money (no, seriously):

After playing with the free trial, my fiancé and I decided to use Glö. It is so worth the money! It is way quicker than creating paper invites. It is way cheaper than sending paper invites. Plus, there’s no waste! I think it saved me a couple hundred dollars, hours and hours of work (the initial writing up and entering of everything took at most four or five hours and I can keep tweaking), and lots of stress. It was actually fun! —Bride K

This option to use Glö has helped us save SO MUCH MONEY—money we can use for things like dresses… Beautiful, beautiful dresses. And wine! AND everyone we have shown the site to LOVES it. —Emma & Nick

Glö does it all:

Glö is the only site that has such full functionality. It is as if the founders have planned for every contingency. —Ilene & Victor

In short, you kind of get to have your cake and eat it too. Which reminds me, with Glö you can also afford your cake. Yearly pricing ranges from $75 to $139 (which, I just can’t even comprehend. That $139 figure is for everything Glö offers for a celebration of one hundred or more guests. Postage alone for that many invitations would eclipse that number in the blink of an eye). Also, for shorter time periods, Glö offers monthly services starting at just $19.99 per month.

So if you’re looking to get your wedding organized, or just want an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional wedding invitations, Glö is your new best friend. And in addition to what I’ve already mentioned above, there’s so much more to what they offer than I can fit in these measly few hundred words (guest databases, unlimited correspondence, a unique URL!) so I encourage you to go check out their site, and then sign up for a free trial to see what all the fuss is about. If I had a time machine, I’d be all over that.

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  • GLO was amazing! We used it to invite people to our wedding and to 2 separate “we got married” parties, and Taryn made it really, really easy! When my parents had questions, and our site was looking funny on their internet explorer, Taryn responded immediately and fixed it for them.

    I LOVE paper, but we went totally digital with our invites, and I didn’t feel like we missed anything, and we saved a boat load of money! Our site looked really cute, and we were able to add all the extra pages we wanted, including an NYC guidebook of our favorite attractions, and the text and video of our ceremony for those who weren’t able to attend. It was definitely worth the cost, several times over!

  • Rachel

    Glo IS amazing. Taryn responds to comments so fast and politely (event when it’s your 37th question about how to get invitations into a different language, written right to left), you’ll hardly believe it. She’s delightful, and Glo is fabulous. HIGHLY recommended!

  • Ladies! Oh my gosh, thank you for the lovely comments. I had so much fun working with both of you on your ‘vites and sites!

  • Lindsey

    I really really like this idea. Did any of you have older people on your invite list who don’t use email? Out of all of our guests, 5 of our dear older relatives do not use email. How do people using this site generally deal with that obstacle? Trying to convince my fiance to use Glo, so any advice to convince would be great!

    • My grandparents do not use email, but GLO lets you rsvp for your guests, or lets other people in their household rsvp for them. For my grandparents, my parents pulled up the glosite and brought their laptop to them to show the site off, and then my parents called me to let me know who could and couldn’t come. But, glo also has matching paper invites for those who aren’t electronically inclined, who might get their feelings hurt by not getting a traditional invitation.

  • Erin

    I am SMITTEN with this idea, and I really appreciate the additional feedback from those of you who have actually tried this. It really helps to hear what your experience was! Has anyone tried the coordinating paper invites? Just for, say, my 90-something who doesn’t even own a computer? We mere mortal brides-to-be greatly appreciate your comments (that’s why we’re here, right?)

    • Hi Erin! If you want to email me at taryn (at) glosite (dot) com – I can walk you through how other Glöbies combine paper invites with Glö. There are several options depending on exactly what you need!