APW is a bit unique, because it’s a wedding blog that is both advertiser and reader supported. Why? Well, first, because we have a totally bad ass community around this blog, and second, because it’s great to be financially supported by every day brides and not just the wedding industry (however independent and bad-*ss it may be).

We do an annual pledge drive in November, but readers told me in no uncertain terms that they wanted to be able to give money Whenever They Wanted, thankyouVERYmuch. Some people wanted to give after their weddings, some people wanted to give after they read a good post, some people wanted to give when the wedding industry pissed them off.

The buttons at the top of the page are linked to PayPal, and allow you to do just that. You can give through your PayPal account, or through any major credit card. You can give $5, because $5 is about what you’d pay for a wedding magazine. You can give $18, because 18 is about what you’d pay for a magazine subscription (and the Jewish mystical number for life). Or, you can  “give another amount (I have my reasons).” You might want to give a dollar, or $25, who knows.

Whatever you give, know that we’re grateful. All reader money goes into paying APW editor salaries (not Meg’s salary, she makes that on her own). It pays the APW community members that help run this site every day. And they’re raising their glass to you, cheering.