The Box: San Francisco Industrial Loft Wedding Venue

I’m not much of a revisionist when it comes to my wedding (which is probably super healthy for someone who works in the wedding space). And you’ll almost never hear me say, “Oh, I wish I’d done this for our wedding.” But when we walked into The Box SF for our DIY hair & makeup shoot, I did say, “DAMN IT, this is what I was looking for in a wedding venue three years ago.” Namely, a beautiful urban venue in San Francisco that didn’t cost a total fortune, and could fit a ton of guests. Turns out The Box SF is that space, plus prettier than anything I saw before I gave up the urban part of my Bay Area venue search. But all is well! I had an awesome wedding, and now I can tell all you future Bay Area brides about The Box, and you will send me pictures of your wedding, and then we will all be happy.

First, the scoop. The Box SF is located in San Francisco’s hip and central SOMA district, and it was originally a William Randolph Hearst newspaper printing plant. (I know, right?) It still has the original 1920s windows and an industrial loft feel. The space is broken up into one very large main room, and one smaller room, with the space divided by a wall of windows. (Smaller room for the ceremony or the cocktail hour? Do you feel me?)

It’s also fits a good amount of people (which was important in my three-years-ago wedding search, argh, lucky you), with both rooms fitting 110 for a seated dinner, or 170 for a cocktail reception. The space includes a catering kitchen, bar capabilities, in-venue bathrooms, and a freight elevator, so your practical bases are all covered.

But, details! Let’s get to their current prices. The Box SF has flat-out excellent prices in overheated San Francisco. Weekend day rentals (8-4pm) are just $1,800, and weekend evening rentals (4pm-Midnight) are $2,800. Of course you can also go the all day route, and they offer additional hours for $300/hour.

In the end, the thing that impressed me the most was how well run The Box SF was. Apparently they recently got a brand new manager for the space, and she is lovely, focused, and on the ball. Also? She’s nice. And after finding a pretty venue that you can afford, the competence and pleasantness of the people in charge should be the next thing you seriously consider. The Box SF has that bit nailed.

So I didn’t end up finding a hip industrial space for my wedding. Oh well. But… for those of you still looking, cue the confetti, call The Box SF! And send me your wedding pictures, for SERIOUS.

Photos: Hart & Sol West (APW Sponsor), and The Box SF
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  • Oh, man. It would not make sense to have our big vow renewal party in SF when we live in Seattle, but this is exactly the venue of my daydreams. (Also, the living space of my daydreams. All that natural light is AMAZING. Ahem.)

  • Damnit, this would have been perfect and those prices….gahhh! I am sending this to my brother with a “you would be a moron not to get married here, it’s perfect”. Thanks for posting this!

  • Genevieve

    Wait a minute. Is that the Chronicle’s former press room??? Nice. A little surreal, but nice.

    • meg

      Is it? Crazy. It’s not in the Chronicle building, obviously. But if so, that’s super cool. Some writers need to get married there, stat.

  • Sheila

    My fiance and I visited this venue as a possible site for our wedding, but it turned out to be just a little too small for our needs. That said, this place is GORGEOUS. The pictures (while lovely) can hardly do justice to how beautiful it is in person. It’s all polished wood, twinkling lights, and a touch of brushed steel. The staff were helpful, charming, and informative. One downside (besides possible size issues) was parking and the neighborhood. The neighborhood is a wee bit salty, and there is no free lot for your guests in proximity (picture grandpa and grandma paying $20 for parking, then walking a few blocks through SOMA after dark, it may be an issue). But seriously, this place is unique and amazing and what is a deal breaker for some is incidental for others.

  • Steffanyf

    I’m SO glad to hear they got a venue manager who is on the ball. I emailed them almost 2years ago for my spring 2012 wedding and they never emailed me back. My friend also (unbeknownst to me at the time) emailed them in the summer of 2011 for my winter 2012 bridal shower and also never heard back. It’s just a beautiful space and I love the history! It’s amazing that some awesome ladies will have this as an option but it just didn’t work out for me.

  • Man, this is exactly the type of place I would like to get married in. What a pity I am in Melbourne, Australia! Would love to see real wedding photos in the space.

  • Wow, that’s exactly the kind of venue I was looking for too! As far as I can tell, it doesn’t exist in Boston, which considering all the old lofts in the city, I don’t understand.

    • Abby

      Argh yes why doesn’t this or any loft space exist in Boston?!

  • V

    Just wanted to chime in to say that I recently hosted an event here based on this posting and that the place is even more gorgeous than it looks in these photos.

    Everyone there was sweet and on the ball (the only glitch was that I had to remind them a couple times to charge my credit card when an installment date came up), the price is very reasonable, the furniture is amazing (seriously, even the folding table is made from redwood), and the neighborhood isn’t nearly as sketchy as some of the reviews I saw online would lead you to believe (BUT, there’s no sign, so make sure people have good directions).

    I’m not from SF, but almost all of the guests were. Pretty much everyone who walked through the door said two things: 1. I had no idea this was here, 2. this is the best venue I’ve ever been to in town.