Emily Alt Photography In Chicago Introduces: Airstream Elopements

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Oh guys. Today is awesome. You know how the running joke is that there isn’t anything ever new in the wedding industry? It’s mostly just the same stuff rehashed and repackaged so that we think it’s new? Well our newest sponsor, Emily Alt Photography in Chicago, has something so awesome and possibly a little revolutionary cooked up for y’all today, that Meg and I spent the better part of yesterday furiously emailing her going OMG THIS IS SO COOL WANT WANT WANT.

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So here’s the rundown. Emily and her husband, Ian, have a vintage airstream (a 1987 31′ Excella, pictured below). They have a photography business. And they have an idea. These days there are about a zillion destination wedding photographers out there. But what if you could hire traveling wedding photographers? Traveling wedding photographers who have a crazy vintage airstream that is pretty much the coolest thing on wheels? Traveling wedding photographers who are also ordained to perform weddings? Traveling wedding photographers who come to you for free?

Well then you’d have Emily Alt Photography, airstream wedding photographer and purveyor of rolling elopements.

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Here’s how it works:

  • In the off-season (November–February), Emily and Ian are going to be traveling around the country in their vintage airstream.
  • They want to shoot your wedding while they are on the road. So for $1900, they will show up in their airstream and shoot the heck out of your wedding, wherever you are, no travel fees. Or for $2500, all you have to do is show up with your paperwork, some witnesses and maybe a bottle of bubbly and they will do the rest for you.
  • If you’re not getting married between November and February, Emily Alt Photography will be offering airstream weddings throughout the Midwest during the rest of the year as well.
  • Tada! It’s like the Little White Chapel, in reverse. Because who needs to run off to Vegas to get married, when getting married will run (roll) to you?
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But it doesn’t just stop there. Emily and Ian want to shoot everything and anything during their trip. Which means that if you’re planning something that the wedding industry normally turns its nose up at, Emily and Ian will be there, ready to make it lovely. Here’s a little of what Emily had to say about their master plan:

My assistant/husband and I are traveling throughout the US in our vintage Airstream from late November to February this winter shooting anything and everything. This is sort like a documentary adventure thing we want to try after we quit our full time jobs. We hope to shoot all sorts of great stuff—family reunions, birthday parties, the sunrise in Marfa, Texas, grammar school daily lessons, etc. It will sort of be like a check-in on what’s going on in the United States in 2013–14. We’re looking for an adventure and want a huge variety of rad things to photograph, but weddings remain our heart and soul of this business and so we are offering weddings for APW couples during this time for only $1900, which also covers all travel fees! And full-service elopements for $2500!  We’d also totally be up for shooting another event you might have during that time frame.  Pricing there is simple—you just tell us what you can pay and we’ll do our darndest to make it work. Just send an email to emily (at) emilyaltphotography (dot) com with the subject line “Airstream Wedding.”

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I’m not even going to bother telling you to go make this happen, because I can practically hear the frantic typing from here. (But seriously, go make that happen. Emily and Ian are going to be sorting out their travel schedule soon, so get on the calendar now to make sure you can take advantage of this amazing offer while it’s still available.)

Now, of course, we wouldn’t be half as excited about this idea if Emily Alt Photography wasn’t a business that’s already a great fit for APW. She told us, “Basically, I feel like APW couples are my friends, even before we’ve met face to face. One thing I absolutely love about this business is getting to meet rad couples whom I actually like. I find that whenever my assistant (my husband) and I have meetings with potential APW couples, we are both looking at each other with these sneaky eyes and we know exactly what the other one is thinking, ‘Do you think they would want to stay for dinner and be our new friends??’ Basically APW couples are a lot like us and approach life in a really similar way—it’s about the adventure and making sure your wedding (and marriage) are as fun as possible and as real as possible. I find that APW couples are much more focused on being fun and unique and laid back and adventurous than most other wedding blog readers out there. I think my style of photography reflects my devotion to joy and spontaneity!”

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So even if an airstream wedding isn’t in your future, you know Emily Alt Photography will have your back for whatever else kind of wedding you’ve got planned in the Chicago area. And to prove it, Emily is offering a 15% discount to any (non-airstream) APW couples that book her one of her remaining 2013 dates, and 10% off to any couples who book her for 2014. Emily’s non-airstream rates range from $1500–$4500 for the Chicago area, but she also mentioned, “If your wedding is super fantastic and totally my style, I tend to throw in some discounts, so be descriptive—it might get you a special deal!” You didn’t hear that from us though.

See, I told you today would be awesome. Now I’m leaving it up to you to take it from awesome to phenomenal. I just have one request. Can someone from the Bay Area please hire Emily Alt Photography so that she can come here and Meg and I can hang out in her sweet ride? Please and thank you.

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  • Note to APW Staff. I think there needs to be a “Notes from the Airstream” series next November through February featuring these two. And if they don’t wish to write about their experiences, maybe just a photo-essay series? PLEASE?

    • Cleo

      omg yes!!! pleeeeeeaaaaase!

    • Emmy


      • A Single Sarah for certain values of single

        At the very least a reminder to check out Emily’s blog? Because this adventure is going to blogged? Yes?

        • Thanks for the LOVE guys!! We are definitely going to be blogging and sharing lots and lots–never fear! So excited to see what comes of this project and already enamored with your support of it!

          Emily and Ian

    • meg

      Oh, it’s already done.

      (Well, I mean, on the list, at least. How many weddings are we going to get in that series, is what I want to know.)

  • Wow, how incredibly cool!

  • Class of 1980

    Chicago! I just got the news that my sister and niece are moving to Chicago in June!

    So excited. Hey, if my niece meets the love of her life and gets married there, I can point her this way.

  • Class of 1980

    Also, Airstreams are cool.

  • I want to get married again just to experience this (and holy worlds colliding Emily went to my high school!)

    • Sara–really?! What year did you graduate? Do you live in Chicago?

  • Rachel

    This is SO awesome.

  • Sabee

    This is the coolest thing EVER. Wish I was getting married. I hope this becomes a thing. Can this be a thing? Because I hope something this cool exists when/if I get married.

  • Heidy

    My teacher is pretty damn awesome <3

  • Molly

    Just wanted to say that thanks to this post, we hired Emily as our wedding photographer and could not have been more pleased.

    After meeting with Emily in person, I knew she would be a great fit. She generously worked within our budget, was super responsive to questions leading up to the wedding, and went above and beyond in so many ways.

    She really, really cared about us and our wedding photographs- she did everything she could to make sure it was a great experience for us- even going so far as to go over her contracted hours to make sure we captured everything important. On the day of, she brought us out of our shell, gave us great direction when we needed it, blended in during the reception, and all in all was just awesome to have around. Our families loved working with her as well.

    Not to mention the amazing results- the photos themselves! Emily turned around the photos in a crazy short amount of time, and we were blown away by how many great pictures and fabulous details she and Ian were able to capture. Despite not giving here a ton of direction, she managed to get exactly what we wanted. So glad that A Practical Wedding featured her- if your looking for a cool lady and beautiful pictures, look her up.