Trumpetvine Events: Amazing Wedding Catering In The Bay Area!

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Today I’m thrilled to get to write a almost-three-years-overdue post about Trumpetvine Events, in Berkeley. Deborah at Trumpetvine and her team catered our wedding, and they were one of the highlights of the day. You know how people tell you that people still talk about some random part of their wedding? Well for us, it’s the food. We worked with Deborah to create a complete Middle Eastern spread, and she created a menu beyond our wildest imaginings. Was there hummus? Sure. But there was also cinnamon chicken wrapped in filo (pictured third down, yum) that ranks among the best things I’ve ever eaten, and people still bring it up dreamily. In fact, when our wedding comes up, conversation immediately turns to the ceremony and the food. Still. Almost three years later. So, for my big book launch party in San Francisco, I asked Trumpetvine Events to cater a gluten free cocktail hour. And I can say without a doubt, the menu was totally different, but it was just as good.

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For those of you looking for full service catering in the Bay Area, let me give you my love song to Trumpetvine. When we started looking at caterers, we realized, if we were paying for full service catering (and we were) we expected the food to be delicious. Weirdly, this was harder to find than you’d think. There are tons of caterers that do variations on the slightly-too-dry chicken and sides, and some that actually charge your first born child to do slightly-too-dry-steak and ice sculptures. But that’s not what we wanted. We wanted interesting, creative, fresh, seasonal food. We wanted the food displayed in a beautiful but simple way, and we wanted to work with really nice people. When we stumbled on Trumpetvine Events, we knew we’d hit gold. (My dad is a serious cook, and after our tasting said, “I really like them. That’s the kind of food you’re looking for. Hire them.” Which figures, since my parents and Deborah had just spent half an hour telling stories of going to Chez Panisse in it’s very first year.)

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Trumpetvine Events specializes in creating really interesting menus, around a huge variety of cuisines, working with what’s what’s in season now. (And by what’s in season right now, I mean Deborah literally grabs lettuces from her garden for your wedding. I know.) To really get what Trumpetvine is about, you need to browse their menus. Because the joy of working with Deborah is that you go in and meet with her with a few ideas (or no ideas… she’ll suggest tons of good stuff), and she’ll dream up a magnificent plan. Maybe she takes your idea for Middle Eastern brunch and expands upon it, so it’s marvelous. Maybe she takes your idea for a Japanese inspired vegan feast, and comes up with dishes you’d never have dreamed up on your own. Or maybe she just creates a stunning menu featuring Bay Area winter produce and artisan foods. But it will be remarkable, and she’ll figure out how to make the menu accessible for even your cranky Aunt Mildred.

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And the joy of working with Trumpetvine Events is that with them, everything is included. You don’t have to deal with rentals, linens or dishes, staff, or set up and clean up. Plus, they’ll let you provide your own alcohol (we bought ours at Bevmo, thankyouverymuch), and buy your own wedding cake (they gave us a super affordable recommendation). With all this included, their rates run about $70 to $125 per person, which we found to be a truly excellent value on the Bay Area market. Plus, I’m pretty much convinced you can’t get better catered food anywhere.

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But more than that, Deborah, and the team at Trumpetvine Events are just flat-out nice and lovely to work with. Add that to innovative menus (that are fun to come up with), and food people are still talking about three years later? Well, I remain glad that food was our big financial investment for our wedding. And I can’t wait till I have something else that they can cater. (Is a catered baby naming overkill? Or do I really need to wait for a B’nai Mitzvah or an anniversary party?) So those of you in the Bay Area looking for catering, you’re welcome. Take pictures of your food for your wordless weddings and wedding graduate posts, will you? Or don’t. Because it will torture the rest of us that we can’t eat it. And have fun with Trumpetvine Events. (You won’t be able to help yourselves.)

All photos of the food at our wedding by One Love Photo

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  • Megan (from Nova Scotia)

    I am now very hungry!

    • meg

      I ate a LOT while writing this post.

  • Leigh Ann

    The food at your wedding was really, really good. Salmon, mmmm. Cous cous, mmmmmmm.

    • meg

      SEE? I told you guys people remembered it ;) Proof right here!

  • melissa

    I’m sitting here eating my afternoon snack: yogurt. It’s a good greek yogurt with bananas and strawberries, but still. I want some filo-wrapped chicken, damn it!

  • Meagan

    1) That food looks so good. I am sitting at my desk salivating. Luckily no coworkers are around.
    2) That price per person kind of shocked me–but I’m a wedding undergrad in the Midwest, therefore lacking experience and dealing with a slightly different pricing situation (hopefully). Any Midwestern ladies have a handle on what a price for full service, as described above, usually runs?
    3) Mmmm filo wrapped chicken.

    • meg

      In the bay area, that’s very mid-range for full service catering (and Trumpetvine offers SUCH GOOD SERVICE for that price). But in the Bay Area a wedding that would cost $10K in the mid-west runs about $25K. Also, just a caveat, full service catering is obviously priced differently everywhere, because it includes rentals and staff, not just food. Which is is what we needed! But not the only option. If we use Trumpetvine for a party some day (and we will) it will be a different deal, because we won’t need rentals or staff… just send us the food :)

  • Now I want to throw a party. (And stuff my face.)

  • Jen

    OF COURSE you can have a catered baby naming!!! why not?! my fiancé’s brother self-catered (read: threw a bunch of frozen stuff into the oven and set it out buffet-style) their 2nd son’s bris, but had the first one catered…just little smoked meat sandwiches and that type of thing, but why couldn’t you go all out?!! and if you know someone who can whip you up something amazing for a great price, then I say jump all over it!!

  • We considered going self catering and it actually sounds really good – but now we’re going for a sit down meal then a buffet in the evening.

    There are some great ideas here – so much food. I’ll just want everything!

  • April

    I could eat the pictures. Seriously.

  • Jess

    Um, can they move to the New York area, please? Or do you know who does this kind of catering in New York or New Jersey? When I get married, I have decided I will care about just a few things: good, creative, non-pasta vegetarian food (I’m a vegetarian and have a lot of friends who are and while I like pasta as much as the next girl, having it as the only vegetarian option at catered events sucks; needing to use a knife at a wedding would be nice), ethically sourced meat (preferably most of: local, organic, pastured/grass fed) and good beer (there will be absolutely no Bud or Coors et al at any wedding of mine). These requirements are generally incredibly hard to find in a caterer, especially an affordable one.