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Have your cake and eat it too

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer

You: Want artistic, not-quite-traditional wedding photos that fall somewhere between art and documentary.

Your Family: Wants wedding photos they can frame, that aren’t too “out there.”

You: Want to have your cake and eat it too.

Tulle & Grace: Will make everyone happy.

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I can practically hear you now: you’re having a cool, modern wedding in Atlanta (or elsewhere in the South). You’re super excited to be marrying your partner. You want wedding photos that are fun, and colorful, and maybe even a little stylish. But your family has kinda sorta traditional expectations about what wedding photography looks like, and frankly, you want to make them happy too. So what do you do? Do you:

A. Research until you’ve convinced yourself that you have no options, and proceed to have an ongoing panic attack.

B. Hire Whitney Huynh of Tulle & Grace Photography, because she’s your people.

(Hint: the answer is B.)

It’s really rare to find someone who can do both traditional and modern at the same time. But Tulle & Grace plays to both sides without even breaking a sweat. Which means you won’t have to explain to your family that you’re hiring someone who makes photos like this:

Because you’ll just send them the shot from five seconds later that looks like this:

None of this should surprise you, though, because Whitney is an APWer from way, way back who started her business right here. And her philosophy? It’s yours too:

At times I get a little frustrated with the wedding industry. It seems to me that we have become obsessed with the details of the day and forget entirely about the reason why all of those pretty little details are there. Not that I don’t love a pretty detail, because I do! So much! But, what does it mean, really, without the marriage part? You and your partner fell in love, and you are sharing a life together. You’ve had a thousand happy times and other times that were really difficult, but you’ve made it through. I’ve been married for five years now and marriage is hard, but it’s so, so worth it. I am not there to just photograph the pretty details in hopes of getting you published in a magazine. I want to capture the tears running down your faces when you see each other for the first time. I want the images of the flower girl forgetting to throw the petals and then dumping them all at the end of the aisle while everyone laughs. I want the proud look on your parents faces as you dance for the first time as a married couple. These are the moments I want to share, and my promise to you is that I will photograph these moments beautifully for you. I will make these moments in time art pieces that you can hang on your wall. The day that becomes unimportant to me will be the day I find a new job.

All of which you can plainly see in the photo below:

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And because Whitney’s been around these parts since forever and LOVES you guys, she’s paying it forward with an APW-only package for Southern APW readers. We’re talking $2,500 for two photographers, all-day coverage, an engagement session, and a gallery of high-resolution images that you can download, share on social media, and order prints from. (Not planning a weekend wedding? Friday weddings are $1,500 and courthouse elopements are just $800.)

View More: http://tulleandgrace.pass.us/apw

Whitney’s got the travel bug, which means national and international weddings are a whole other ball game:

Travel is the greatest gift that I ever discovered, besides photography and God’s grace. It has taught me how to be a loving and kind person to all people. For our Nationwide APW readers we would be honored to offer you free travel, one photographer, all-day coverage, and a PASS Gallery of high-resolution images for $3200. I will personally fly myself out to wherever your wedding is a few days before, be there all day the day of, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

For our International APW weddings, come on, let’s do this! Buy me a Delta ticket (I’m collecting the miles folks!) and book me a room! The rest is free of charge. We will make some magic together from a place far, far away. You will get all-day coverage the day of your wedding, a separate shoot at a location of your choice (because I mean really, we flew all the way here, let’s make this epic), and a PASS Gallery of all your images in high resolution! It’s a win-win!

That’s a whole lot of information to absorb, so to help you out, Tulle & Grace have put together this killer guide that covers everything from pricing to what to wear to your engagement session, to sample timelines for the wedding day.

When it comes to wedding photography, lots of our readers, particularly in the South, want to work with a photographer who equal parts gets you and your values, respects your grandma, and produces work that feels authentic. Whitney Huynh of Tulle & Grace Photography is your person. Your mom and your grandma will be so thrilled to have classic pictures to hang on the wall, and you’ll just quietly frame all those beautiful art photos. And maybe send some of them to us while you’re at it?

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • Sarah E

    That second photo! Love it.

    • Whitney Huynh

      Thanks! Making people look like they are in Downton Abbey is our favorite!

  • Grace

    OMG international bookings welcome? *dies happy*

    • Whitney Huynh

      International travel is our jam! We absolutely love it!

  • Jimmy

    Making Whitney part of our day was the best choice we made! Before she was very prompt with replies and answering our questions. Day of she was very professional but very laid back and go with the flow which was very nice as wedding days do get crazy. She is such a very kind and approachable person. She covered it all from getting ready all the way through the reception and everything in-between. The turn around on our pictures was amazing as well, our friends have waited weeks and some months. We had our pictures in days. We are definitely suggesting Tulle and Grace too all of our friends .

    • Whitney Huynh

      Aww, well we loved working with you too! I hope you had fun in Jamaica! I must say I’m a little jealous as it is thunderstorms and high winds here today!

  • Cher Hains

    I agree with everything Jimmy said below. My husband and I got married Oct 2012 at a 4-H camp in Alabama. Before the big day, she asked about the “feel” I was wanting. Not only did she blow it out of the water in beauty that I never dreamed of… But she found a cotton field on her drive in, so we did additional photos there! Amazing. I have no idea how she got the close up ceremony shots without us noticing! I thought she’d be great, but she was 10 times that. Four folks called her immediately asking about her availability bc they were so impressed. Like her bio says, her photos and mission have a deeper meaning. When I look through wedding day photos, I remember my relationship story and its beauty… Not just the wedding day. Thank you so much Tulle & Grace! Feel free to stalk me and my wedding pics on Facebook :)

    • Whitney Huynh

      Cher! I adore you! Your wedding pictures still make me smile because of how exuberantly happy you looked throughout the whole thing! I’ve never seen a happier bride! Love ya lady and I hope you are doing well!

  • Kelly C

    Whitney shot my wedding two years ago when I found her on the pages of APW. My husband still talks about the location she found for us to do our shots (a railroad trestle!) after the wedding. He’d lived in the town his whole life and had no idea it was so gorgeous! She’s fun like an old friend and professional like you need your photographer to be. I still have people commenting on how amazing our photos turned out. Hire her; you won’t regret it.

  • Melissa of craftgasm

    Whitney was our wedding photographer two years ago. I found her here when we were clueless about what to do for photos and just trusted that an APW sponsor would be a good fit for us. She blended in with our guests so we didn’t feel self conscious about getting photos taken all day, and then BAM! we had these gorgeous shots. Also, she turned around a TON of preview pics before half our guests were even home from the weekend.

    Hire Whitney. It’ll be awesome, I promise.

  • otterbox520
  • otterbox520
  • otterbox520
  • otterbox520
  • Jeri Ann Glodowski

    After a recent Saturday afternoon rendezvous with Whitney in NYC, I consider her to be a friend as well as our wedding photographer. The whole process with Whitney was the most relaxed and easiest of all of my wedding vendors. As Melissa says below, Whitney and her lovely second shooter (and husband) Tri, blended right in and everyone involved with the wedding day felt very comfortable having their pics taken all day. I laugh and cry every time I look through my pictures as the whole day and event was captured perfectly. Whitney gave me more than I ever expected from a wedding photographer, and you will not be disappointed when you hire her!