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As many of you know, APW has what we affectionately call a Super Partnership with Turtle Love Co., sellers of awesome and affordable artisan wedding and engagement rings. This means that Turtle Love Co. founder Adrianne contributes a whole variety of content to APW. She recently wrote a compelling post about how you don’t need all of the things (but some of the things help), about our relationship with objects, and how they can in fact change our lives for better (or worse). This has everything to do with what she thinks about all day: the social significance of engagement rings, and personal authenticity and engagement and wedding rings. Because with Turtle Love Co., Adrianne isn’t just trying to create work for independent artists and awesome affordable rings for you, she’s also trying to address the social issues around wedding and engagement rings through, well, objects. So today she’s here to talk a little bit about TLC’s wedding rings, the lesser-discussed (but possibly more important) member of the ring family.


First, if you’re already a Turtle Love Co. customer (and we know MANY of you are!), please post a picture of your TLC jewelry in action to our Facebook page—we’ll be picking one photo every week to be our cover photo. You’ll be (kinda sorta like) a celebrity! For example: Here’s Aubin with her nested white topaz engagement ring—she’s getting married TOMORROW! Cheers!

Unique engagement ring

I’ve written before about how engagement rings can have an important role as social signifiers. Obviously, a wedding band is also an important social signifier within our culture, and it can be an important symbol to both partners in a marriage. (I know that it was tremendously exciting for me to see my husband wearing a wedding ring after we’d gotten married.)

But it can be tough for people who don’t typically wear rings (including many men) to get comfortable with the idea of wearing a ring.

So here’s a view of some of our wedding rings (including some more masculine rings) with a less blingy feel to them. Each one of these Turtle Love Co. wedding bands is crafted by an independent artisan or made with recycled metals, or both. Bonus: most are surprisingly affordable.

Hammered Silver Ring ($100) and Wide Hammered Band ($110).

Rustic Men’s Wedding Band ($225).

Honesty Silver Wedding Band Wide ($310) and Honesty Gold Wedding Band Narrow ($715).

Sterling Silver Wide Vine Ring ($235) and Sterling Silver Vine Ring with Diamonds ($290).

Caveat 1:  Obviously, all of these rings could be worn by a person of any gender.

Caveat 2:  As I’ve said before here and here, you DO NOT need a wedding ring to be married.

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  • MMS

    Oh someone please get the vine ring – it’s sooooooo pretty! I’ve been lusting after it since I was pre-engaged. Now I’m engaged with a cute spur-of-the-moment ring and my fiancé is super committed to making our wedding rings with his own hands (and is very sneaky about the whole thing, though I get to see the final design). Which is terribly sweet, but I’ll be darned if I don’t sigh every time I see that gorgeous vine ring! And she uses estate diamonds too!!! ;( /unwarranted pout

    • Well, that would be me and my guy! We have Shakudo vine rings with emeralds instead of diamonds, and they are so beautiful. I’m not such a big fan of diamonds myself (they don’t have a color? sad!), but the emeralds really glow in the sunshine and it feels like I’m wearing a living vine. Yay Turtle Love Co! We love you!

  • I liked silver wide vine ring most. I will like to add more that you can choose alternative metal rings also like titanium, tungsten and cobalt wedding bands. So if you don’t feel comfortable wearing ring you can choose titanium wedding band as it is less in weight .

  • Everybody wants a different and beautiful wedding ring for them, but this is also important that this unique wedding ring must not be very costly.
    Wedding rings must be attractive as well as affordable.

  • Meaghan

    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Will be in contact soon.