Turtle Love Co.: The APW Reader Survey!

Long time readers know about our beloved independent jeweler, Turtle Love Co. Adrianne and Co. are some of my favorite small business owners. They provide all of you with unique and affordable wedding rings, engagement rings, and stylish jewelry, which I love. But they also do it with a laser like focus on ethical consumption and really innovative small business flair. So today, I’m thrilled to get to tell you about some developments in Turtle Love Co.-land… but before we even get into it, Turtle Love Co. wants to know a little about you! They’ve created a super short survey. (Which I’ve already taken! I love when people ask my opinions! And you should totally take too.) Here is some more information: Turtle Love Loves APW Survey! Adrianne told me, “We love our APW friends, and want to know more about how we can meet your needs and make the jewelry-buying experience more fun and less stressful. The survey will just take a minute, and you’ll have a chance to sign up for TLC’s Birthday Club at the end of the survey. TLC’s Birthday Club concept rocks—we’ll send you a treat on your birthday! Plus, each month, one lucky birthday kid will even get a birthday necklace! Now who doesn’t want a necklace? Or a treat?  Take the survey here!”

How to Get Engaged Video Series.  And just in case you thought Turtle Love Co. wasn’t going to listen to all of your feedback, think again! In January they asked for you to share your proposal and engagement stories on Turtle Love Co.’s Facebook page, and they loved them so much they are working on a new video series featuring those stories!! I know, right? Eeep! Given how rad and low-key APW engagement stories are, I can’t wait to see the video series. If you haven’t shared your story yet, share it with TLC on their Facebook page.  If you’ve already shared your story, don’t be surprised to hear from them asking to feature your words in a video. Adrianne told me, “We want to share real people’s stories about the decision to get married—those not-so-glamorous stories, and those breathtaking stories, and all the ones in between.”

Vintage Earrings and Necklaces. There’s lots of energy behind TLC’s vintage engagement rings and antique wedding bands, so they’ve added earrings and necklaces, too. As someone whose taste in rings runs to vintage (both my engagement and wedding rings were estate, after all), I can’t say enough good things about these rings. You can shop vintage, AND support Turtle Love Co.? It might not get better than that. Plus, TLC has just launched a new Vintage Style Council, which is an opportunity for fashion, wedding, and vintage bloggers to get to know each other, collaborate on fun vintage themes (and make money)!  If you’re a blogger interested in participating, email ivory at turtleloveco dot com.

Jewelry Design Contest.  But that’s not all they are up to. Adrianne told me “We’re having a blast watching entries come in for our first annual Jewelry Design Contest. The entries are engagement rings, and the prizes total $2500: $1000 and $500 for each of two judged winners, and a popular vote award of $1000. When the voting goes live later this month, we’ll need YOU to give you opinions about which engagement ring designs you like best!” Fun!

Photo Shoots. I think one of the most interesting things that Turtle Love Co. is up to is their photo shoots. Adrianne and I have talked a lot about how you can promote products in an ethical way. Not Buy All The Things, but instead by things that are meaningful to you in an ethical way. So I was blown away when I saw her first round of model shoots (featured in this post). I thought they nailed the idea of the person being important, and the jewelry being an accent. Somehow their soul is right. Adrianne told me, “We’ve been doing photo shoots like crazy, including model shoots. This is weird. Model shoots are weird because there is no getting around the fact that you’re objectifying a person to promote a product. But everybody has a lot of fun doing them (especially the models), and the photos (from our friends at Mat & Ash Photography) are beautiful. We’ll be doing these on a regular basis, which will be a lot of fun.”

And the best part, even though all of this crazy amazing stuff is going on at Turtle Love Co., founder Adrianne Zahner (who is rad) wants you to drop her an email at adrianne at turtleloveco dot com if there’s anything else you want to communicate or talk about. No joke. She cares that much. So go browse Turtle Love Co.‘s unique and affordable engagement rings and wedding rings, and their regular jewelry. Like the dinosaur necklaces (I know, I want one too.)

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  • PA

    “I think one of the most interesting things that Turtle Love Co. is up to is their photo shoots.”

    Agreed! These photos show a completely different take on jewelry. Every day I walk past a store with all of the big ads from jewelry companies, and the pictures are almost always JUST the jewelry. When there’s a model, she’s airbrushed to within an inch of her life, and highly stylized. These shoots, on the other hand, show the jewelry as an accent to an existing life, person, and relationship – it’s wonderful!

    (P.S. Filled out the survey!)

  • Jen

    Woohoo birthday club! I am also excited to see these real engagement videos!

  • Sarah

    I think they may be one of my fave APW vendors. They are amazing!

  • Lucie

    I wish I didn’t know that dinosaur necklace existed. Now I want to buy it. (plus or minus everything else in the shop!)
    Also are you not allowed to be in the birthday club if you don’t live in the USA? Sad Panda :(

    • Emily Rae

      There was the option for Canadian addresses, too.

      • Lucie

        Sadly I’m in Australia.

  • I love, love, love, love, love TLC!!!! They work hard to make their products sustainable and eco-friendly, all the way down to the shipping and the product packaging, they give you clear information about and everything they sell is stunning!

    When we were searching for our engagement ring and wedding rings, we asked Xander in their customer service department a ton of questions, and he was incredibly nice about every single one! They sent us a free ring sizer to figure out our finger sizes while we made our decision, and I wore that plastic sizer as an engagement ring while we continued to shop.

    It took us over a month after finding what we wanted (nested white topaz set, which I hear is very popular with APWers) before we were ready to finally order. By that point, the cost of materials, shipping, etc. had gone up, which meant TLC and the designer had to raise their prices. It felt like a big increase to us, but we totally understood they can’t make a profit and sustain the company if they never change their prices. Because we’d been looking at the set before the price raise, Xander gave us a discount and sold all 3 rings to us at their original price!!! We were both totally sold on the set and on TLC before that, but they went above and beyond to help us out. They really care about their customers. I can not recommend them enough!

    I can’t wait to get my soon-to-be mother and sister in law, and my own mother and sister, TLC’s Water For One necklace. They are elegant and would go with many, many different outfits, and TLC donates $25 to Water Aid America for every necklace purchase. That’s enough to provide a person with clean water and sanitation for life!

  • Nice photos, especially the four women enjoying theirselves laughing.