Turtle Love Co’s Artisan Vintage Inspired Jewlery

I’m always delighted to get to write about long time APW Sponsor Turtle Love Co., and their beautiful artisan jewelry. In fact, APW Editor Lauren just got her wedding ring from TLC. And while she’s not wearing the ring (yet!) she loves it, and she loved working with them. She told me:

We all know that Turtle Love represents amazing craftsmanship, eco friendly, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous jewelery. But what you don’t get to experience until you start doing business with them is how unbelievably friendly they are. And not just friendly, but thoughtful and caring. Maybe it’s because jewelers deal in hard stones and precious metals, but the majority of my experience with buying jewelery has been cold and rather faceless.With Turtle Love they treat your purchase like you’ve intrusted them to create something for you that they feel honored to make. They sent me the most adorable follow up emails after I purchased my wedding ring. They kept me posted on the process, they made sure that I was up to speed on when things would ship and how long it would take. They acted as if my ring was really, really, really important to me (because, um, it IS) and by extension really, really, really important to them. And aside from the amazing jewelery, the experience of having them as part of my wedding planning process (and then on my finger for, oh, the rest of my life) just made me feel good.

I know, RIGHT? New readers are also totally required to read Adrianne’s (TLC’s founderAPW post on wedding rings…because it will blow your mind and totally explain to you why she does what she does.
One of the things I love the most about TLC’s work is their focus on partnering with independent artisans and getting their lovely work into your hands. Today they’re proudly announcing two new artists, along with new wedding (and non-wedding!) earrings and necklaces, with more on the way. (Psst: If you want to hear about all of the beautiful jewelry coming out this summer you can like Turtle Love Co. on Facebook for updates.)
But lets start with my favorite new Turtle Love artist, Beth Sturm. She creates jewelry that recollects the elegance and decadence of the Roaring Twenties, which is one of my particular design obsessions. One of you has to wear one of  these handcrafted necklaces or nostalgic earrings on their wedding day. No seriously… Do. It.
But for those of you with slightly more modern (or slightly steampunk) tastes, Turtle Love Co. is delighted to introduce Talley and Roberta Starbird. They are a mother and daughter duo who create super intricate pieces with names like MoonscapeWildwood, and Tempest. I know some of you are planning to rock super simple wedding dresses with modern chunky jewelry, and these are made for you.

Of course, the lovely ladies at Turtle Love Co. are adding new pieces all the time – the ring above is the nested white topaz engagement ring, a take on the super-popular nested pearl engagement ring (and I love it!). And let’s be honest, you might as well check out all of TLC’s engagement rings while you’re at it.

In honor of Lauren, lets talk wedding bands. The ring with square and rectangular patterns is inspired by the I Ching, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Turtle Love Co. has tons of wedding bands for even those of you who are not so into jewelry. And perhaps most exciting for me? Coming soon… vintage engagement rings. And y’all know how I feel about vintage rings (in that I wear two of them). So, if you want to know when they come out, you can like Turtle Love Co. on Facebook or sign up for their email list (at the bottom of each page at TurtleLoveCo.com (and they send lovely emails).

So go, browse, and enjoy. Maybe you’ll find a wedding band, or an affordable engagement ring…or maybe you’ll find a stunning necklace to go with your stylish wedding dress (hint, hint, hint).

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  • My birthday present came from Turtle Love Co … their stuff is more beautiful in person. The only drawback is my earrings are so pretty I’m a little terrified to wear them lest I lose them….

  • After being married for almost two years without a wedding band, I found the perfect one on Turtle Love Co’s website the last time APW posted about them. It is sterling silver and tiny but not too tiny. I plan to wear it forever.

    And Lauren isn’t lying about their customer service- the emails I exchanged with them just made me happy. They are incredibly nice (and it’s worth buying their jewelry for the packaging alone!)

    I also have their pearl-drop earrings, which I LOVE and wear almost daily.

  • After Adrianne’s post on wedding rings, I browsed the TurtleLoveCo. site, and I finally found the perfect one, the white topaz ring set. It is just beautiful, and it is so me.

    I completely agree as well about customer service – amazing! They were so helpful about sizing and design options, and I very much felt that they wanted me to love what I was getting, not just to make a sale. I could not be happier with my decision.

  • keely

    my manfriend just ordered his wedding band from TLC. i sent him a link to the page of all the men’s rings and he picked one out immediately and was all, “it SPEAKS to me! is this what you mean when you say something speaks to you??” i was like, “hmm, yes, i guess it is!” anyway, great stuff, super nice customer service, A+!

    • beautiful. I love each pieces! thanks for sharing pictures!