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Longtime readers of APW will know that indie jewelry company TurtleLove.com holds a special place in APW’s heart. TurtleLove.com has been working with APW readers since the dawn of time (er, 2009), bringing you guys smart content and jewelry you can feel good about, and they are always finding new and creative ways to work with and support APW. (Case in point: our venue directory giveaway from late last year, where they sponsored the giveaway of five free state outline necklaces in order to boost submissions to our Venue Director. RAD.) In fact, TurtleLove.com has become so much a part of this community that last year we formed what is now known as the APW & TurtleLove.com superpartnership, which allows TurtleLove.com‘s founder Adrianne to bring APW her signature wisdom about jewelry and other things on the regular.

But here’s the rub. We would’t be able to maintain such a consistent partnership with TurtleLove.com if these guys weren’t innovating and updating their inventory all the time. Which is why today I’m delighted to update you guys on some new goods from TurtleLove.com, as well as introducing those of you who are newer here to what makes TurtleLove.com so different.

Now, before I dive into some of their gorgeous new rings and other baubles, I just want to reiterate why it is I love TurtleLove.com. Because when I went to check out some of their new stuff to write this post, I clicked over to their website and this was what I was immediately greeted with:

We believe: Jewelry is more than bling—it’s about creating physical reminders of the people we cherish and the stories that make up our lives.

And then when I dug a little deeper, this:

TurtleLove.com is not like other jewelers.

We know that you don’t need a diamond to prove that you’re planning to get married.

And we know that you don’t even need a wedding band to be married.

You’ll never hear us suggesting an “appropriate price range.”

To be frank, you just don’t need what we sell. We know that.

For us, jewelry isn’t about the sparkle and the luxury.

We know that jewelry is actually about personal connections, about physical reminders of the people we cherish and the stories that make up our lives.

Being a tiny part of your personal story is our greatest honor.

Because this month, as we’re talking about beginnings, and imperfect proposals, and not bending to the cultural narrative that you need to have the perfect engagement to have the perfect marriage, it feels particularly important to be working with a jewelry company who believes the same. (And with TurtleLove.com, it’s not just that they believe the same, it’s that they built their business on this very set of principles.)

Of course, the magic of TurtleLove.com isn’t just their awesome business philosophy (though, to be clear, that is magical). It’s their jewelry. You see, TurtleLove.com is constantly updating their collection of Artisan and Vintage Engagement rings, so it’s never the same thing twice when I shop there. And guys, can I just reiterate the fact that they sell affordable vintage engagement rings? One of my favorite pastimes used to be online window shopping for vintage jewelry (because I was a teenager who liked estate sales, ahem, totally normal) and I was always shocked at the fact that it seemed like $10K was the standard starting price for vintage engagement rings. Instead, TurtleLove.com’s vintage engagement rings start at $560 (which is for the beauty you see below. I know. Amazing, right?) and they are no less gorgeous than the stuff I used to ogle.

But it’s not just that TurtleLove.com‘s jewelry is affordable. It’s also that it’s completely unique from anything else I see online these days. TurtleLove.com’s artisan jewelry collection is both wearable and stylish. And then their men’s wedding bands (ermahgerd you guys, their men’s bands) provide a pleasant departure from the standard fare (read: man jewelry with actual personality). Or for those of you who like your engagement jewelry to just suggest the fact that you might be engaged rather than shout it, TurtleLove.com‘s vintage engagement rings have a little something for everyone (um, seriously, everyone go look at this 19th Century ruby engagement ring right now.)

I’m not exactly sure how they do it, but TurtleLove.com has managed to perfect the balance between ethics and style, and they do it while maintaining enough variety in their inventory to satisfy every palette (even my very, very picky one. Seriously, the Rochelle ring below is the one I would have picked out for myself if I’d shopped for my own engagement ring).

And the best part is that the TurtleLove.com magic doesn’t begin and end with engagement rings. They’ve also got a huge selection of everyday jewelry, lots of which would make perfect gifts for bridesmaids, moms, sisters and other important people in your life. (My personal favorites are the initial necklaces and the state outline necklaces, which I think actually do a great job of striking that balance between being a personal gift and a gift that will actually get used. Also, the pictures don’t do these guys justice. I got a Maine outline necklace for Christmas, and it’s even prettier in person.)
So guys, if you aren’t already familiar with TurtleLove.com and all of their amazing work, I recommend checking them out right now. I know the holidays are over, but I’d bookmark them now for the next time you’re in a pinch and need to find an affordable gift for your mom, or even for the next time that you just feel like window shopping at work. Because their jewelry is lovely, but their business philosophies are even lovelier. So not only is there a little something for everyone, but it might even be the case that TurtleLove.com has exactly what you are looking for.
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  • mimi

    My beautiful engagement ring is a vintage ring from Turtle Love Co! It’s the Alivia, a pearl surrounded by diamonds in a beautiful filigreed setting. I absolutely love it! They have so many great rings on their site that it’s hard to choose!

  • I love how each box is totally unique and holds a complete surprise. These photos are awesome! :) And now I want to go buy myself an expensive gift!

  • Those rings are absolutely gorgeous! I love the vintage style — mine is in that vein, too. Just something so lovely and romantic about it. Will be checking out this men’s bands — my guy has yet to choose one!

  • Paranoid Libra

    I got married in June and I keep coming back to TLC whenever there is a sponsored post and drool over the constellation and galaxy wedding bands. I think I need one of these as an anniversary gift down the road since my current band is very very low budget. I love it and love its simplicity, but I got it for the sake of dealing with baby poop hopefully in a year or so.

    I would love to own a fancier band as well. One of these days I will have the constellation or galaxy rings. I only hope they don’t do away with the design in a few years.

  • Manya

    I’m loving the boxes as much as the rings!

  • Kate

    I love that first ring but couldn’t find that one or one like it on the website. I don’t know enough about rings to even begin trying to find one that is similarly square-shaped and vintage type…not sure what the right terms are

    • Hey Kate! Adrianne from TurtleLove.com here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our vintage ring collection, just shoot us an email at tlc@turtlelove.com – we’d love to help you find the vintage ring you’ve got in your mind’s eye! (We can totally help you describe what you’re thinking of, too.) Oh, and we have a new selection of vintage rings going up on Monday, and they are GORGEOUS.

  • Lizzy

    I love this! My ring is my fiance’s great grandmother’s and I adore it completely. I’m happy to see that there are vintage rings out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. After she saw my ring, one of my friends started researching vintage rings, but she couldn’t find anything affordable. I’ll be sure to point this site out to her!

  • You have very lovely diamond vintage engagement rings! They are simple, powerful, and dainty unlike some rings that are too full of intricate detail. I’m hoping my boyfriend would buy me any of your rings.