TurtleLove.com’s Dynamic Pricing Experiment Is A Win For Everyone!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved vintage jewelry (growing up surrounded by lots of old aunts will do that to you). In fact, before online shopping was really even a thing, I remember scouring the internet looking at vintage baubles and estate sale listings and trying to figure out how to make them mine. But two things have always deterred me from purchasing vintage jewelry online. First, anything I liked always seemed to have a misplaced decimal point in it (read: too expensive to even dream about). And second, purchasing vintage jewelry online, particularly size-specific pieces like rings, felt like too much of a gamble. But today I’m thrilled to announce a brand-new dynamic pricing experiment from TurtleLove.com that (combined with additional resources from them on how to buy a vintage engagement ring) will solve all of your vintage jewelry shopping needs.

So let’s cut right to the chase. What’s a dynamic pricing experiment? Well, the short of it is like this: TurtleLove.com has an amazing selection of vintage engagement rings available on their site every day. But they want to keep that inventory fresh, so to help rotate pieces out of their online store, TurtleLove.com will actually be systematically lowering the prices on their vintage engagement rings from here on out. TurtleLove.com‘s founder, Adrianne, explained it to me like this:

Say a particular ring (let’s call it the “Maddie”) appraises at $1500. In our dynamic pricing experiment, it starts on the site at its appraised value, so you know that you’re never paying more than the piece is actually worth. Then, based on the popularity of the piece, the price will be reduced regularly. The first price reduction could be to $1400, and if you’re willing to wait it, it could go down to $1325, but it could also be gone before that happens. The intended result is that the collection will be constantly changing, and that the prices will be optimized for everyone.

Let’s just say that I am beyond excited to see how this experiment works out for y’all. Because decreasing prices plus regularly updating inventory equals a major win in my book. And as if that weren’t reason enough to pop over to TurtleLove.com right now, they’ve also sweetened the pot by complementing this experiment with a handy guidebook on how to shop for vintage engagement rings, which includes info like:

  • Why a vintage ring can be a better value than a modern ring
  • Popular antique gem cuts
  • What to consider before you buy

The goal, Adrianne told me, is to make engagement ring shopping as comfortable as possible, which I think TurtleLove.com is smashing out of the park. (Oh, and if you missed last month’s post, you can also get their handy proposal guidebook here as well.)

Of course, TurtleLove.com is always eager to hear your feedback about experiments like these, so please don’t hesitate to leave your questions or comments for Adrianne below. And in the meantime, head over to TurtleLove.com to check out the recently updated inventory of vintage engagement rings (hello there, lovely ruby ring from 1890, I’d like to be friends), and sign up for their weekly email to get regular updates on price drops in the dynamic pricing experiment as well as other updates!

And then don’t forget to come back here and tell Adrianne what you think! (I’m hoping your feedback will be more helpful than my ZOMGTHISISAMAZINGILOVESALES.)


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  • Just looked at the engraved wedding bands (which you can get done in your own handwriting!), and saw that one has “I know” enscribed. Someone is a star wars fan, and is awesome.

    • Maddie

      Gah, I hadn’t seen that! I want the “As you wish” one!

      • We were totally going to Han and Leia it up and get “I Love You/ I Know” engraved, but it’s one of the many things that just never happened in practice. Adrianne, do you guys do engraving on rings you’ve already sold? (The jen burral hammered bands, for example?)

        • Hey, Sarah! I totally hear you. We planned on getting our wedding bands engraved in 1999. It still hasn’t happened, and there’s AN ENGRAVING MACHINE IN MY OFFICE. In any case, it doesn’t have to take YOU that long to get the intended engraving done. Email us at tlc@turtlelove.com, and we’ll get it sorted out. Hooray!

  • My ring looks *exactly* (but for carat weight) like one of the ones above. Does that mean I can pretend that when I say family heirloom that it’s actually vintage instead of like, from the 70s? Because that sounds cooler.

  • Amy March

    I like this idea so much! I always get crazy excited with independent businesses adopt tools started by larger retailers- better pricing for me + more success for you = pretty, sparkly, hit to my bank account :)