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Sometimes I’m unaware of just how awesome our sponsors really are until I’m pestering them to tell me about the intricacies of their business. Take today’s sponsor, Rhode Island and New England’s Two Moon Photography, for example. I was already impressed with Izzy’s work when we introduced Two Moon Photography earlier this year. I was impressed again, and more than a little grateful, when she helped us put together a post chronicling recent events in the fight for marriage equality during Pride Month in June. But when Two Moon Photography emailed me this week to tell me about all the things happening with the business right now, I was floored. Because guys, this is a sponsor who is not only supremely talented, but who I want to hire myself, if only to help support the mission of her business and all the good that’s coming from it. What’s that? Did someone order a side of warm and fuzzies with their wedding photography? Because I’ve got your ticket right here.

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I can tell from looking at Two Moon Photography’s portfolio that Izzy just gets it. That the important part of wedding photography isn’t in taking editorial stills of inanimate objects, but in capturing real, honest, heartfelt images of the people you love the most. But it’s Izzy’s motivation for shooting this way that hit so close to home for me (read: made me cry, but what’s new there?) and made me realize that Two Moon Photography would be someone I could inherently trust with my wedding photos. She said: This year has been an amazing breakthrough year for me in my wedding photography practice. I have moved so far ahead in style, technique, support and approach, but I’ve also discovered the thing that informs my approach in a deeply personal way.

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Here it goes: my father passed away when I was eleven years old and my mother fell ill with a brain tumor two years later. This has made me very sensitive to other people’s families and the beauty and value inherent in that type of love. A wedding offers this compact constellation of emotional moments between mothers, fathers, siblings, and new partners that is a most valuable, important, and moving element to life. I feel totally honored to get witness the joining of families, the private moments between parents and children, the jokes between siblings, the roasts and the absolute elation glowing in the room. I feel that by photographing weddings I get to document and share in the joy and happy moments of the couples I work with. For me, this serves a larger universal karmic pool of love to which I always hope to contribute. Maybe I’m a bit woo-woo but this is what makes my approach to weddings personal and unique. Whew. Take a minute to let that sink in (or dry your eyes, whatever).

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But the radness doesn’t even stop there. I have a soft spot for wedding photographers who pay it forward with their business, and Two Moon Photography pays it forward in one of the coolest ways I’ve heard of yet. Here’s what Izzy told me:

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I’ve been a volunteer at Girls Rock Rhode Island since its first year in operation and volunteered at the Brooklyn branch before that (you can see a super inspiring video of GRRI here). Having played in bands since I was eighteen, released a dozen CDs and vinyls with various projects, and toured the US and Europe several times, I’m happy to join up with this rad organization. They offer partial and full scholarships to many of their students every year, which brings in a great group of girls. One summer I taught electric guitar to a young girl who had never picked up the instrument before and was so shy she barely said her name when we did introductions on the first day. Every day we had group lessons, various workshops (women in rock, self defense, confidence on stage, etc.), lunch performances by local female musicians and band rehearsals every afternoon. By the end of the week the shy little girl was on stage performing a song that she and her new friends wrote together. Although she was nervous she went up there and performed in front of hundreds of people who came to support the event and she killed it! It brought tears to my eyes to see such a change in one girl’s experience of collaboration, confidence and will power. This year Two Moon Photography will be making a donation with every wedding booked! With every Silver Satellite Package booked, we will donate the equivalent of one practice amp to Girls Rock Rhode Island and with each Golden Satellite Package booked, we will donate the equivalent of one guitar. Two Moon Photo | A Practical Wedding (20) So let me just make sure I have this all down here. Awesome photos that capture the energy and emotion of you wedding day? Check. Someone whose approach to wedding photography is influenced by a deep appreciation for relationships? Check? A vendor that pays it forward by donating proceeds of her business to empowering girls through music? WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING HERE? Speaking of proceeds, Two Moon Photography is committed to working with a range of budgets and customizing their packages to fit your needs, with eight hours of coverage starting at $3,400.

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There are a lot of different ways to hire your wedding vendors. You can get referrals, compare prices, and approach the process pragmatically with great results. But when it comes to something personal like photography or design, I like to get personal. Look under the hood. And what’s under the hood at Two Moon Photography is nothing short of magic. So go check out their work, learn more about the incredible Izzy, and then do yourself a favor and figure out how to get her at your wedding. Because people like this don’t usually show up in the wedding industry…ever. And when they do? Magic.

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  • TeaforTwo

    Aw, that part about family really got to me. My mother died suddenly when I was 19, and it completely shifted the way I think about family in much the same way. I think that for all of my siblings, it was a real coming together that has endured for almost a decade (and going strong), and put into perspective how invaluable the love of our family is. I know that trauma can sometimes drive people apart and deepen divides, but I’m thankful all the time that it had the opposite effect on us.

    • Maddie

      This was the part of Izzy’s writeup that got me too. I actually really value working with people who, for lack of better phrasing, have been through some pretty tough shit, because it just informs their work in a way that’s really hard for me to articulate, but that I appreciate so much, having been through some tough shit myself. It sort of instabonds me with people when I’m working with them.

  • A Single Sarah for certain values of single

    Aware of Lady Brett and Karen’s point on this morning’s post of not always using the term bride to describe people. But! Do I see a #brideinpants in the fifth picture?

    • Karen

      I guess that would depend on how she defines herself ;-)

  • MC

    !!!!! I have volunteered with Rain City Rock Camp and Girls Rock Denver and spent two weeks as a teenager at Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, SO needless to say I love that she is involved with the Rhode Island camp! It really is inspiring to see the transformation that can take place in a week with the girls I’ve worked with. If I was anywhere near New England I would love to hire Izzy!

  • Angela

    We just hired Izzy for our wedding! I’m really happy I found her on APW! She was definitely a splurge for us, since we are trying to keep our overall budget relatively small, but every time I see her pictures, I am super happy that we picked her. She has been responsive, reliable, and kind, and I have enjoyed talking to her. During our engagement pictures, she was very supportive and encouraging to make the experience as relaxed and natural as possible. And she has been super receptive to any ideas, preferences, or suggestions I have shared with her. I feel lucky to have hired her at the price point we did, because I feel she is worth far more. And, I’m even more psyched that she has started to donate to GRRI through her business, because we are also trying to find ways to give back to the community and world with our wedding, both directly and indirectly (like choosing vendors with awesome missions). What better way to infuse such a joy-filled event like a wedding with even more joy?