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It’s always an exciting day when I get to introduce brand-new APW sponsors, but when those sponsors are in an area where we currently don’t have any photographers? Then it’s the luckiest kind of day. Today I’m thrilled to get to introduce Two Moon Photography in Providence, Road Island, serving all of New England and New York with no travel fees. BAM, my friends, Bam. Two Moon Photography is made up of two women: Izzy and Arthi, documentary and fine art photographers who bring their considerable gifts and experiences to your wedding. And, oh yeah. Their prices are no bullshit, and their photos are incredible.

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It’s no surprise to me that a photography duo out of Providence would be rooted in the artistic community (I say this as someone who works every day under her grandmothers RISD diploma from the 40s). And Two Moon Photography brings some serious creative skill to the table. Izzy told me, “We are two fine art and documentary photographers coming together as Two Moon Photography. This partnership sets us apart from others in the industry because we bring together strong backgrounds in oral history and personal storytelling with photojournalism at a commercial standard. We truly believe that every wedding is beautiful and fantastic. We know our artistic and personal experiences enable us to create real and meaningful imagery. We are psyched to work with all sorts of couples, to learn your rituals, your communities, your traditions and your celebration of love.” And it’s this mix of storytelling combined with strong individual images that makes their work so powerful for me.

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Two Moon Photography isn’t advertising on APW by chance. Their ethos is aligned with ours, which you can see at a glance in their outside projects. Izzy told me, “We are both highly connected to the booming Providence, RI artists community. Sincerity, mutual respect and growth are at the heart of the conversation here. We take this deeply rooted ideology to all of our work, from photographing letterpressed invitations, documenting an event for the historical society, family portraits, newspaper stories, to weddings. Currently Izzy is working on a portrait series of women artists that can be seen here: Women of Providence. And Arthi had been documenting the equal marriage hearings in Providence. Some of those images can be seen here: State House Hearings.” (And holy wow. Those last two projects slay, and we all need to be downloading this marriage equality poster they photographed.)

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They told me, “We feel a strong connection to APW’s voice and approach and therefore it’s readership. We have dug through posts and vendors on the site, and feel that APW couples want highly skilled, down-to-earth, and thoughtful folks to help them realize their wedding vision. Having shot weddings ranging from artists’ potlucks to Newport Mansion fetes, we like to be accessible to all sorts of people celebrating their love. We value deliberate inclusivity of LGBTQ couples and are glad APW readers do too. We want to be part of this storytelling by creating thoughtful and artistic images.” I seriously cannot wait to see the images created by Two Moon and APWer collaborations.

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As if compelling images, by talented artists, in New England, with a fabulous philosophy wasn’t enough, Two Moon Photography also has excellent and straightforward pricing. So, seriously New England, get on that already. Like, now.

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Finally, the ladies at Two Moon Photography understand that it’s the interplay between the photographer and client that produces moving images (and relaxed wedding days). They told me, “We are romantics, lovers of seeing stories and relationships, and of sharing them through the photos we make. We believe that successful wedding photography depends on the relationships and trust built with clients. This allows us to document the interactions, sweet exchanges, surprises, and rituals that are a part of the couple’s wedding story. Weddings are magical days in which an array of friends and loved ones come together as a result of two people declaring their union.  It’s very special to be behind a camera capturing the personal elements that only the couple and their loved ones could bring together; hand drawn place cards, the handkerchief your grandmother had at her wedding, a joyous glance from across a table, stiff uncle Thomas finally cutting a rug. Doing what we do is uplifting; it allows us to honor these magical moments.”

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I can’t wait to see what you all create together. And if you don’t send in pictures, you’re going to make my Grumpy List. Go check out Two Moon Photography‘s work, and get in touch.


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  • Anne Hogan

    Wow, these photos are so beautiful. I want to see more of this work. Capturing the magical light of love. Very nice.

  • These ladies are a dream to work with. Their photography is stunning! We can’t say enough great thing are working with them. DREAM TEAM!

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