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à la carte albums

Photographs in yellow detail album spread courtesy Kelsey Jo Photography. Photographs in dancing album spread courtesy Alex Crick Photography. Photographs on cover of stack of coffee table books courtesy Janet Klinger Photography. Photographs in sunset beach spread courtesy Auroras Photography.

à la carte albums works with couples to provide unique and personalized photo albums.

Why do you want to work with APW Couples?

The APWers who come to me don’t just want a pretty book; they want something that really reflects the experience of their wedding. They want an album that shows the fun and the commitment, the pretty and the profound. It is a real joy to get to immerse myself in weddings that are so full of intention.

Describe your artistic approach to weddings?

Every wedding is as unique as its participants. My job as an album designer is to create books that reflect the artistic vision that has been crafted by the couple and tell their story.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

I make mixed-media art with charcoal, photographs and hot wax. I sing. I try to keep my organic garden from exploding and generally try to keep my little corner of suburbia funky.

What’s your favorite book?

“Digger” by Ursula Vernon.

What’s your favorite movie?

Singing in the Rain. I’ll watch anything with Gene Kelly in it, but Singing in the Rain is the absolute best movie musical of all time.

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Janelle Monae “Tightrope”. Except when dire situations call for a Metal Moment, which means Dio and Judas Priest.

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