Kathryn Palmateer Photography

Toronto, Canada · Prices from $2450 to $3950

Why do you want to work with APW Couples?

It seems to me that the couples I work with find me because our basic outlook and our way of looking at love and marriage tend to jive. I would say my style is comfortable, rooted, relaxed and full of humour. The kind of folks who come to me are looking for someone who can reflect that in their images. They are smart and thoughtful and excited. And you know, I want more of that. I want more couples who are sure of themselves and their love for each other. I want to meet more couples who just wanna love and aren’t too worried if the cake topper is “just so”. I want more couples who just want to get down to the business of bringing all of their various communities together and having a wonderful time and celebrating a wonderful life together.

Describe your artistic approach to weddings?

I am drawn to the getting back to basics. And that getting back to basics, to me, is love.
A wedding and my creative approach to it? It is about the love. The love, the people and the journey.
I feel like my job is to tell the story of how those things come together in a unique way. A dress is certainly lovely. Flowers too. But none of that really matters without those three things.
My style and outlook tends to appeal to couples who like to do things just a little bit differently and who aren’t just looking for “new and improved”. They are looking for someone to capture the love, the community and the celebration of the journey.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

I am mad about aerial circus – mostly silks and hoop. I cannot. get. enough. A few years ago I met some circus gals in a park and they invited me into their Upside Down Ladies troupe and into their world. I learned to lift myself 30 ft in the air, point my toes and spin around. When I am high above the ground, I feel wondrously strong and beautiful.
I also adore cooking and baking – everything from whole, unprocessed super clean ingredients. All to, again, make me feel strong and beautiful. And to feed a rather picky five year old and a ravenous (much less picky) 1 year old.

What’s your favorite book?

I love books. Adore books. So it is definitely hard to choose a favourite. But the most powerful books for me were the few I’ve read by Ina May Gaskin, the supermama of midwifery. Those birth stories completely transformed the way that I understood pregnancy and birthing and helped me bring my beautiful girls, Beatrice & Thelma, into our home with calm and strength. That being said, there is not a lot of calm in our house now with a wild 5 year old and a sneaky little 1 year old.

What’s your favorite movie?

The Station Agent. 100% incredible. Languorous. Moving. Beautiful relationships and humour.
And Little Miss Sunshine nearly broke my heart with love.
(And Dirty Dancing. Shhh.)
That was three, I know.
Oh, and A Brand New You. Lol. That is the movie that my husband and I co-directed. It was our first but definitely not our last.

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Eternal Flame by the Bangles. I know. Awk-ward. BUT, I would call up my sister and we would sing it really loud and remember being in our parents’ basement cranking up the jukebox, singing at the tops of our lungs. Not much of a dance party really. More of a serenade-each-other scene.

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