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Why do you want to work with APW Couples?

You’d think this would be a super easy question. I mean I’ve been reading APW since January 2010 when I somehow found it looking around the internet for wedding blogs. It felt then and still does like a sort of refuge. A place of calm in the realm of weddings. A place where there’s space to reflect on aspects of the wedding beyond the surface details. But saying I love APW and recommend it to everyone I can doesn’t really explain why I want to work with APW couples.

Or maybe it does. Because the folks reading APW are going to get me as a photographer and as a person. They’re going to want awesome pictures but in no way will the pictures become more important than the wedding. Just like the wedding pales in comparison to the marriage. And their weddings will embody this philosophy no matter the couple. This philosophy of marriage trumping all else. A philosophy that will mean these are couples I truly and honestly want to meet. Couples who will remain friends and pieces of my life long after the wedding is over. And I will be honored to do so.

Describe your artistic approach to weddings?

I love the little moments. The gentle touches that silently communicate thoughts between a couple. The kiss stolen behind a half closed door. The in-between moments.

I strive to capture those moments. Those beautiful shots that say so much.

While I can no longer say I’m just starting, in many ways I am. I’m always striving to learn something I didn’t know, to hone my craft, and to tell an even better story. I have visions of what I want. Ideas of what my vision is. What my photographer’s eye is like. But it’s never going to be complete and that’s a good thing. Sometimes I know what I’m going for and sometimes I’m just going with the safe shots to free myself up for those shots I see in my mind. Because what’s most important is capturing the moments and I don’t want to miss them by getting too fancy. I’m at a wedding to do my absolute best for the couple and it’s not about me.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Very shortly we’ll be welcoming our first child into the world. I anticipate a good portion of my non-work time happily devoted to enjoying the changes, challenges, and beauty that will come. We’re excited to discover and share the world anew through our child’s eyes.

My close group of friends are women who we collectively refer to as “crafty ladies” so I am indeed a crafter. I learned to sew through my friends and have discovered the joy of quilting. I love making baby quilts because they are the size project I can actually maintain the attention and commitment to long enough to finish. I also knit. Mostly hats and scarves. I was supposed to make my husband a sweater for our wedding but that didn’t happen and still hasn’t happened. I also have two socks for him that are missing the foot. I can sometimes get a little too ambitious. And of course for the last few months I’ve been knitting a baby blanket that I love and treasure already (and that will be completed).

And like any true former Boulderite I do my share of sports. I like to run but I’m never that worried about how long it takes. Occasionally I like to have goals so I’ve run two half marathons. Someday I’ll run a full marathon. I also bike. Mostly road but I do also own a mountain bike and ride it occasionally. I like climbing hills and dislike going downhill. And I ski. Telemark ski to be specific. I like to ski through the trees even though I’m not that great a skier. It’s quieter and the powder stays longer. And I love to backpack. I love the time away from life. The time to observe nature. To sit at sunset as the light fades from the sky and watch a moose walk around the lake. The time to just be with my husband. And the time to form new memories. Even if they are about hiking through 80 mile an hour winds on the top of a mountain. One of our first purchases for the baby was a tent that would fit all three of us. I think we have our priorities straight just fine.

What’s your favorite book?

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. To be honest I don’t quite know why it’s my favorite book. I read it in high school and loved it. Since at this point I’ve forgotten most of it I think it’s about the lingering feeling I was left with after reading it.

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Daniella by John Butler Trio. My husband and I have had many a car dancing party to that song. I love how he talks in the song about wanting her to meet his parents and also acknowledges just how much he wants to get her into bed.

Explain your travel policy:

No travel fees to Portland, OR.

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