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Mirror Mirror Studio

Why do you want to work with APW Couples?

APW couples plan for joyful celebrations and it shows. It’s a pleasure working with down to earth, creative people. Sometimes whimsical, often playful, but all the time madly in love, APW couples are authentic people being swept up in the excitement of the day. We feel privileged capturing one real moment after another.

Describe your artistic approach to weddings?

We are passionate about crafting beautiful, honest, and emotional love stories through photography and films. Our approach is relaxed and unobtrusive, using our artistic eye, technical skill, and intuition to capture precisely the right moments as they unfold naturally. In the end you will receive a thoughtfully prepared archive of your wedding day that tells your unique story through details and emotive imagery.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Early morning scenic hikes with an excellent cup of coffee.

What’s your favorite book?

Where the Wild Things Are

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

The Ronettes – Be My Baby

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