Vintage Wedding Dress Inspiration

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

So, real life has been a little exhausting of late, which means that my pithiness and sass are running a little low. So, I thought I’d share with you one of the things that are inspiring me right now. These dresses, from Priscilla’s of Boston, are not the most affordable, but it’s the styling that I love, and the inspiration is free. I’m loving their simple vintage feel. (And if you want to cheer my weekend, leave me something that’s inspiring you in the comments.)

Thanks to C(oi)n:Purse for the heads up.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • Ana

    Hi Meg!
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while and I must say that it’s been my major source of inspiration in planning my wedding.
    I live in Brazil and I believe you would be shocked to know that some people here sell their cars to have their “dream wedding”, which actually means: having everything that the WIC (Yes! We have it here too!) says that you “must have/deserve”.
    That’s why every time I read your blog I get really inspired, not only by the beautiful pictures of simple, meaningful and fun weddings, and your always clever advice (I translated the post about imperfect weddings to Portuguese and sent to some friends who are engaged), but also because it makes me feel great about the informal/DIY/practical wedding that me and my fiancé are planning for February 2009.
    So, thank you for your words of sanity in this crazy wedding world and count on me to spread them around here!
    p.s.: please excuse me for an eventual language mistake… I’m not a native speaker!

  • Hey Meg,
    As with Ana, I get a lot of comfort and inspiration from your posts. I’m not interested in spending all the money I could use to buy a house or condo or something on a frou frou dress etc.
    Martin McCrea has some vintage-ey dresses that are quite reasonable:
    And I’m looking at whatever bridesmaids dresses I can find in ivory… MUCH cheaper, and also more laid-back feeling which is what I’m looking for.
    There are also lots of great vintage sewing patterns from vogue that you could have a dressmaker tackle for a fraction of the price of a designer gown.
    Best of luck!

  • Gorgeous… I love the first one… and the neckline on the third one too.

    I am currently getting inspiration from (read: lusting after) this little darling:

    They don’t have it in my two local Warehouses and I can’t bring myself to make the online purchase… I need the thrill of putting it on to get me too excited to worry too much about the price tag!

  • Simply gorgeous. Every one of the dresses are so feminine and lovely. Reminiscent of old-Hollywood.

  • meg,

    that first dress is simply gorgeous!!!!! Too bad my wedding is in two weeks and one day! Honestly, it would not have been in my overly practical budget anyway though!

    Have a great weekend.

  • Anonymous

    The first dress is beautiful! Love the elegant lines of it and the tea-length as well.

    As for inspiration: YOU are an inspiration. Heather from One Love Photography sent me the link to your blog a few weeks back and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Your witty, candid advice is really helpful and so refreshing. Esp. after a friend of mine sent me a copy of MSW with tagged pages of what is “new, trendy and hot” right now. Ugh. Puhhhh-leez. I logged right on to your blog for a pick-me-up on how to “keep it real”! Practical is best! :)

    Thanks and have a great wkend.

  • ooh, I love that last dress EVER so.
    I also love how everyone’s saying that you’re the inspiration – if that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is : )
    as for me… I’ve been listening to a lot of indie rock dance music and techno to keep movin. and looking forward to vacation next week :)
    hope you can have some weekend time!

  • ::SWOON::

    That first and second dress float my boat!

  • Oh, they have the most beautiful dresses…. I bet the fabrics are so pretty in person!!

    You know, I’ve been totally down and out this week because of my future in-laws. First it was the guest list and the fact that we weren’t sending out invitations to every person who my fiancee has ever come into contact with while growing up in their small town. I’m sorry, we aren’t having a wedding for 300 people.
    Next, it was the bridesmaid dresses. Ugh!! She didn’t like the first style, I found another style I liked and changed my mind, and now all of a sudden she likes the first style and hates the new one…. goodness!! And don’t ask about the whole “choose your own dress” in the same color idea. Long story.

    SOOOOOO….. yes, I’ve had a week that just has sucked out any enthusiasm or creativity or inspiration I’ve had for the wedding!

    But as this week’s come to a close, you know what I HAVE found inspiration in??? The fact that I’ll let my future sister in law get her way (one last time) because nobody remembers what the bridesmaids wear anyways!!! I don’t know, for some reason, that just brings a smile to my face and makes it all alright. She could be wearing a big plastic bag for all I care! That’s not what the day is about.

    Que sera sera….

  • actually, you should be cheered in the fact that i HAVE no ‘inspiring’ comments today. ;) happy weekending girlie!

  • Gwynhyfar

    Our wedding is on a budget and I mean $2000-3000. Which means I’ve been hitting Ebay alot.

    I refused to let my DH-to-be buy me a diamond ring…I hate them, they seem cold and unfriendly to me. So instead he bought me a vintage inspired amethyst ring that is so much more my style. I’m also making my own dress, the inspiration is coming from truly (I love the look of a bustle!) and Christina Baumgartner’s dress (worn in her aspen wedding to Kevin Costner)

    I love the look of handmade invitations (Archiver’s and East Six have some beautiful ones that are inspiring me right now)…my sister and I are making them.

    And the idea of a cocktail party, to me it means fun, food, and, best of all, dancing. It’s made even better by the formal clothes and informal food favorites. (mac and cheese, mini bratwurst ect) We’re also doing a dessert buffet. I love the idea of a table groaning with decadent goodies! (see for some pics)

  • My dress is like a combination of #3 and #5–sleeveless but not strapless (so I can wear a normal bra-yay!!) with box pleats that open up on the skirt so that its a little fuller. Its not vintage but with a birdcage veil it can pass. $125 at a chain store here in Canada called Jacob. Totally not meant to be a wedding dress but I love it and I'll wear it again. My mom keeps threatening to take it from me in case I wear it before!