Three Reasons Why Glö Is Different

Because only Glö can call itself your wedding command center

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer

If there’s one question we get asked about Glö more than anything else, it’s, “How is this different from a regular wedding website?” The answer? A lot of ways that make wedding planning a hell of a lot easier.

1. You aren’t locked into ugly templates: Free wedding websites have the benefit of being free, but the buck usually stops there. With Glö, you have the option of choosing from their huge selection of pre-designed templates (some are even designed by APW sponsors, so hot stuff). Or, if nothing you see suits your fancy, you can upload a custom design yourself, and you don’t need to know how to code or do HTML in your head.

2.Glö is actually way more than just a wedding website. It’s like a command center for your wedding. With Glö you get an all-in-one guest management tool and communication solution. Which means you can send out invitations, take in RSVPs, customize your multi-page website with all the specifics of your wedding, and stay in touch with your guests leading up to the event. And unlike other wedding websites that offer RSVP tools, Glö allows you to customize your RSVPs so that you can separate the wedding guests from the people invited to the rehearsal dinner from the folks coming to your brunch on Sunday. And your guests will only see the events they’ve been invited to, so nobody has to get their feelings hurt.


It’s not just a digital tool. Glö was created to make your life easier, which means a little something for everyone: digital invitations and RSVPs for those of you looking to save money on paper and do a little good for the environment. And matching paper invitations for those who want the look and feel of traditional paper invitations, or whose aunties might have a cow if they don’t get one in the mail. Want to do both digital and printed invitations, depending on your guest type? You can totally do that with Glö.


Glö is making improvements to their platform all the time. Says Glö founder and longtime APW sponsor Taryn:

Last year, we spent almost all of our time on behind-the-scenes infrastructure improvements to support how fast we were growing. The past few months have been ALL about implementing Glöbie requested features and enhancements. We’ve made it easier for guests coming to your site from a paper invitation to RSVP to the wedding by allowing them to log in with an email address OR by searching for their name.

We’ve also added a ton of new design options—like page link orientation and background colors, over 150 new fonts, transparent backgrounds, and more. As a result—Glöbies are having even more fun with their site designs than ever! Our partner designer (and APW sponsor) e.m. papers has also added three brand new designs to Glö!

Glö has three subscription levels (but you can get started with a free 21-day trial), with packages varying by how many guests are coming to your wedding, and whether or not you’ll be sending out email invitations. Their monthly subscriptions start at just $19.99 per month (which you can do for as little as one month), or you can get a full year’s worth of Glö awesomeness for just $75. That’s less than the price of postage alone for most weddings.


So how is Glö different from other wedding websites? They’re the whole package. Glö is more than a wedding website; it’s a total guest organization and guest list management solution that helps you seamlessly invite, inform, and interact with your guests in a stress-free and beautiful way. They are the only place where you’ll find email invitations, multi-page wedsites, totally customizable RSVPs, and guest messaging tools all in one place. Plus, as an added bonus, you get a bona fide APWer from way back running the show. Which means that if you do have more questions about what Glö does and why it’s awesome, one of your people will be there to help you, no questions asked.

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • Heather

    I’m using Glo, and I love it! The most fun part for me is how you can see who has viewed the invitation and the website. After I sent out the invitation, I just kept refreshing the page to see who all had seen it! Soon I’ll follow up with the people who haven’t viewed the invitation in case it went into their spam folder.

  • Kaytlin

    I can totally vouch that Glo made what could have been potentially agonizing into something that was beautiful and so convenient. I was sooooo fortunate to have won the package during my wedding planning but I totally would have paid for this wonderful service!

  • Aubry

    I love glo! I have send both my STDs and Invites (out on Tuesday!) through them and I have had nothing but positive feedback. I don’t have anyone over 65 coming to the wedding, so I went all paperless. But I will probably order matching paper thank you cards.

  • BeccaC

    I can’t say enough about how much I love glo – I have been creating my glo wedding website this week and it has been so easy! I can’t wait to send out my evites, and after seeing how everything will work for RSVP and guest list management I am confident that glo has saved me so much stress and work! Going fully modern by sending everything electronically really works for my life (I work in the remote Canadian Arctic), and as a bonus I will have far fewer stamps to buy and lick! Glo FTW!!!

  • Amy March

    How does Glo interface with the new gmail promotional email tab? Has anyone had trouble with guests just not getting the invite? I’ve had problems with evite, but more success with paperless post so I’m wondering how this compares.

    • enfp

      We’re using Glo, and this has been a bit of a problem. We sent electronic save the dates through Glo and it did go to a few guests’ promotional tab (though oddly, only some). The good thing about Glo is that you can tell who has opened the email or not, so you’ll know if your guests got it or not. We did have to re-send to a few folks.

      • Guest

        hey all! As you’ve seen mentioned above – there are some emails that will go to either the gmail promotional folder or the spam box. For some odd reason, a hand full of mailings are effected by this and others have absolutely no issues. We are constantly working with our email delivery service to fine tune settings and keep inbox delivery rates really, really high. However, google and other email providers also continuously tweak things on their end (just to keep us on our toes.) The good news, as mentioned, is that you can see whether or not each guest has both viewed your invite, as well as the last time they visited your website. If you see any guests who have not seen your invite, then there are some fool-proof ways to follow up with them.

    • Kelly

      When we sent our our Save the Dates they went to may people’s promotional folders and junk mail/spam…We sent out a separate message to give people a heads up and ask them to add the email address to their contacts. It definitely kind of ruined the element of surprise, but we were probably more concerned about that than our guests.

  • enfp

    Just wanted to add that Glo’s customer service is truly outstanding. They personally answered my emails within 24 hours without fail and were super helpful. I was initially hesitant to pay money for Glo but it’s been worth every penny!

    • Jenna

      Ditto. Loving Glo!!!

  • Glo was fabulous and amazing! I love data and organization – Glo has that in spades! Being able to download *and* upload information was incredibly helpful. We have a mostly older demographic so a few of them had hiccups but Taryn was right there with support. She even helped me figure out how to create a separate section for childcare and how to tag the adults, not the kids to answer the childcare rsvp question. We loved that we were able to use the wedding invitation design we already had from em papers on the website. Everything said Love Joy Happiness – literally! We loved it! Em papers also created a separate poster for us for our guests to sign, here it is on her blog: Using a Glo website was totally worth the money spent (and it appears that the price has actually gone down).

  • Kelly

    We’re using Glo and love it! I am not an organized person and I feel like it’s saving me from many disorganization-related meltdowns. Now if only our guests would actually read what’s on our beautiful website…

  • mimi

    Used it, loved it! Definitely worth the subscription!