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Today, I’m delighted to introduce one of our newest sponsors—Weston Fine Estate Jewelry. One of the first posts I ever wrote for APW was about the difficulty of finding an engagement ring that felt right to me, and how I finally found it in a vintage ring from the 1920’s. So, I’m thrilled to bring all of you an APW sponsor who’s selling antique engagement rings. (And, side note: I love the fact that buying estate rings means you are buying eco-friendly engagement rings, with modern-conflict-free diamonds, at that.)

Weston Fine Estate Jewelry is the exact kind of small business that you guys love to support. It’s owned by two business partners, Michael and Weston, who handle everything themselves. Customer service? You’re dealing with two real people who want to help you out. They offer great value in their items, with most at about half off retail. In addition, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee and free shipping with all items. They get that you don’t want to buy an expensive ring sight unseen without knowing you’ve got a generous return policy covering you. And Seattle ladies, you can go visit their store in Bellevue!

But most importantly, they have beautiful vintage engagement rings, and I might have done a little shopping for you. Achem. First of all, HOLD THE PHONE. If one of you doesn’t get this Aquamarine and Diamond cocktail ring as your engagement ring, at just $759, I am seriously going to have to question your judgment. It’s stunning, the price is amazing for something so lovely, and oh my god you must have it. (Pulls self together).

Then, I am in love with this antique diamond and sapphire ring. It’s art deco, and I’m particularly in love with this style at the moment. Knock your socks off engagement ring? I think yes. And will someone please marry the ruby engagement ring at the top of this post? I mean, along with marrying your partner? Achem. Or the Blue Sapphire Solitaire engagement ring, pictured second from the top, for just $249.

And then there is this ring from the 1930’s, which just slays me. What can I say, I have a fondness for rings from the 1930’s, since that’s the date on my wedding ring (and this is an excellent price).

And, because I know I’m not the only one among us with a fondness for classic rings, look at this lovely Estate Diamond Solitaire ring for $1,049. So go, explore the Weston Fine Estate Jewelry website. It lets you sort by era and price.

They have wedding bands (this beautiful men’s band is just $359), which can be hard to find in the estate jewelry world. All that with a generous return policy and great customer service? Excellent.

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  • Other Katelyn

    They have a Bellevue storefront?! Sold. On a visit, anyway. Right by my favorite wine shop, too.

  • clampers

    Oh my GOD talk about gorgeousness! I really wish they were doing some sort of giveaway…


  • Julia W

    Seriously! I am so going there sometime this summer to look around. Too bad I already have all the bling I need. Their rings are soo beautiful.

  • FawMo

    When Meg first announced these guys at the beginning of May I let out a little yelp that they were in Bellevue. Tots worth the hop, skip and jump over the lake.

    I emailed this to my bestie who has been pre-approved to go ring shopping with the bf.

    Thanks APW!

  • Abby C.

    Yay, vintage engagement jewelry! Alas for Weston, I already bought my vintage e-ring on ebay. However, I’m really lusting after some vintage art deco earrings as a future addition to my more grown-up jewelry box! So, I’ll bookmark the Weston site.

  • if i wasn’t planning a wedding, i would totally be spending some serious cashola right now on sparkly beautiful presents for myself!

  • That blue sapphire solitaire engagement ring? Yeah, that has been on my pinterest page for a couple of weeks now. Love it!

  • Genevieve

    I already have a family heirloom ring, but I am LOVING Weston! These are stunning.

  • I may or may not have just spent half an hour giddily paging through the shinies…and I’ve been married for almost a year and have engagement and wedding rings that I love. But who says I can’t fantasize about a pretty right-hand ring? NOBODY, THAT’S WHO. *drools at blue zircon & diamond cocktail ring and at blue spinel & diamond cocktail ring*

    Also, I may have been mentally making a list of rings from Weston I think my best friend would love. In case her boyfriend decides to plan something and asks me for recommendations (not that he’s doing so right now, at least not that I know of, but it will probably happen sometime). Because I can totally see her loving one of the gorgeous 1930s diamond engagement rings.

    So in summary, yay shiny antique/vintage/estate jewelry! Do want!

  • Oh how I want that Art Deco ring! And the aquamarine?! My engagement ring is not vintage, but I’ve always had a fondness for that style and don’t see what I can’t add a couple more to my hand… (oh wait, because I have no money for them – bother…)

  • april

    I’m drooooooling over the aquamarine ring – BEYOND fantastic. And the deco ring with sapphires. *swoon*

    Pretty, pretty!!!

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  • ashley

    I just found this shop online too. I have my heart set on a vintage/antique wedding ring, mostly due to the fact that modern ones simply just don’t appeal to me, and I’m apparently a sucker for old miner cut and european cuts, which are common with a lot of the vintage rings. I find myself going for rings from the 30s too! Good taste ;)