Whitney Huynh Photography in Atlanta!

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Whitney Huynh Photography in Atlanta (and all over the US!) is one of our amazing APW success stories. Thinking about her business makes me grin when I’ve had a hard day. When Whitney came on as a brand new sponsor last year, you guys embraced her. Over the course of the year, she’d drop me notes that she was shooting your weddings in this state and that state, and she was always kind of quivering with excitement (the kind where you could read it through email) and talking about how much she loved every singe one of her APW couples. Now, before we get started, I want to make sure you know that all of you in the US have access to Whitney Huynh Photography. Her local packages start at $2,500, but she has an all-inclusive $3,500 national package for the lower 48, where she’ll come to you to make pictures. Eee!

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And let’s talk a little bit about those pictures. All photographers have their own take on things, and I’d describe Whitney‘s style as epic. She takes these gorgeous sweeping shots that somehow manage to include the essence of you, your emotion, and also the sweeping vistas of the space. It’s you, as enclosed by the giant universe… which is perfect because that’s pretty much exactly what your wedding day feels like. It’s gorgeous artistic work, and it’s seriously good stuff.

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But instead of me jabbering on, I’m going to let Whitney tell you about herself (and why she loves you) in her own articulate words:

You might remember me from my very first sponsorship post last year. I was all timid and shy back then, not at all sure what to expect from the awesomeness that is A Practical Wedding. Since then I have worked with so many of you wonderful people, and I have to say, I am floored at just how incredible that has been for me.

APW clients are legit ya’ll! (I can say ya’ll because I’ve lived in the South for two years now!) I feel like I’ve been meeting my long-lost loves ever since my first post. I get goosebumps every time an email pops into my inbox from you guys because I know in my heart of hearts that we are going to become friends. APW is more than just a wedding blog. It’s a reunion of all the most amazing people you’ve ever met in your life all together in one room. That is why I keep coming back for more, and that is why I will give you everything I’ve got and more to make sure your wedding day is as special as you make me feel.

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Our wedding packages range from $2,500-$5,000 and are available to any and all APW readers, and we offer a national package for anywhere in the lower 48 for $3,500 flat. We would like to offer a free leather bound wedding album and free photobooth with customized backdrop to any APW reader, anywhere in the US and beyond. Also, any APW reader that buys ANY package will get ALL DAY coverage… no limits. Why? Because their weddings are just so fun!!

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We are really proud of what we’ve accomplished in our first two years of business. We believe that we have the unique ability to make anyone look and feel special, and that is what we want to bring to your wedding day. There is a lot more to photography than pressing a button. It’s about building friendships. It’s about inside jokes and remember whens. That’s how we create imagery that is real.

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And if all that wasn’t enough (amazingly sweet photographer who loves you, totally compelling work, a flat rate to travel all over the lower 48 and really cheap travel rates if you want to take them farther)… well, Whitney Huynh Photography also does great charity work as well. (What is it about Atlanta small businesses and amazing charity work? I love Atlanta). Whitney told me, “My husband and I are proud to be working with two outstanding organizations this year. One is Wish Upon a Wedding and the other is Operation Love ReUnitedWish Upon a Wedding is a nonprofit organization that provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness and serious life altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation. We donated our first complete wedding package this February and were so thrilled with the experience. The winning bidder received a whole day of free wedding photography from us in exchange for her donation to this organization. You can see images from the winning bidder on our blog. Also, because of my husband’s experience in the military, we donate to Operation Love ReUnited. This is a nonprofit organization that donates free photography services to our nation’s military. We cannot wait to shoot our first homecoming this April.” It’s good right? Whitney’s work actually makes you want to find a way to give back more, and that’s damn good stuff.

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So APWers all over the country… I suspect that Whitney Huynh Photography is for you. You guys are going to love each other (and send pictures!).

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  • PA

    Gorgeous photography – it has a quality that captures the scene beyond the frame. I love it!

    And on a different note, those both look like truly wonderful charities – it makes my heart melt a little whenever I see just how much small business owners are involved in communities!

  • I was at one of the weddings featured in this post – Whitney was AMAZING, produced great shots and had a super fast turn around!

    • Being the bride from that wedding (we’re the ones in front of the stairs!), I can tell you that Christina is not exaggerating at all. Whitney and her husband Tri (her second shooter that day) were totally fun to hang with when it was just us and them, and invisible and unobtrusively working during the important parts, so I didn’t have to feel self-conscious. Plus: the photos! OMG. We’ve gotten so many compliments on them from friends and family (of all ages, so you won’t have pics that are too hipster for your grandma to appreciate or anything).

      I’m planning a wedding grad post (mostly written already), partly just so I can show off her awesome work and get other couples to take advantage of her amazingness. (Meg: I’ll have it in your hot little hands as soon as we fix that laptop’s screen and I can actually get to it.)

  • DrSmooch

    Whitney is shooting our engagement session in May, and I couldn’t be more excited! We haven’t met in person, but through email I can already tell she’s as awesome as her photos. I can’t wait!

  • Laura Mc

    The photo with the water reflection is stunning. Absolutely stunning!

  • Jamie

    Amazing images, I love the waterfall pic :)

    It the spirit of helping out and paying-it-forward a great wedding graphic came through my Twitter feed. It’s a wedding photography guide for brides and thought it would be something that you might like, or that you can use to educating future brides about their wedding photography choices.


    Hope you like it, and find it helpful.

    Jamie Lynch

    Great Wedding Resource, Thank You

  • Lena

    Whitney is AMAZING! She flew to Maine last summer to shoot our engagement photos (we are the ones in front of the balloons) and we could not be happier with the results. We originally found her through APW, and we’re so excited to have her shoot our wedding this August!

  • Sorcha

    You guys won’t happen to be anywhere near the D.C. area this September will you?

  • Joemel

    Those are really nice photos of wedding. In fact, these days, aside from hiring a photographer, you can now also hire a photo booth which is also convenient and good to use on wedding as well as in annual parties.

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