Winners! Glö Paperless Stationery Wedding Magic!

I have a good job. Today I get to announce the winners for the Glö paperless wedding stationery giveaway. You guys remember Glö and all their paperless goodness, yes? Well, Taryn sent me this sweet email announcing the winners:

I love them all and basically wanted to give every. single. one. of them an account. But my husband reminded me that we have bills to pay to keep the site up and running smoothly. In the end, I had to just pull two names out of a hat (or in this case a cereal bowl…) I have attached photographic evidence of my method…

I picked: Shlobiwan and Jessica. Yay! and now they get to choose one other person each, out of the comments. Yay!

So ladies, go pick another winner from the comments, and email me. You win! Youwinyouwinyouwin!

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  • Oh wow! I can’t believe I just won something on the internet! Thanks so much Taryn, and I’ll be emailing you with the other name Meg! Thanks again!

  • ElfPuddle

    Congrats, Jessica and Shlobiwan!

  • Michelle

    APW is fabulous. It’s been a great week to be a reader. Thanks Meg.

  • shlobiwan

    Oh my goodness! My jaw just dropped….

    Believe it or not, the better feeling is now to go spread the joy! I’ll email you shortly with the other name :)

    Thank you both so much!!!!

    • It does feel good to go pick someone else…I love that it is an option!

  • Jessica and Shlobiwan – mega congrats to you both! I can’t wait to see who you choose for your own winners….and then how your Glövites and Glösites turn out! Could you email me at taryn {at} glosite {dot} com and we’ll take care of the fun bit of upgrading your accounts.

    To everyone who entered – thank you so very much! Seriously, I loved reading about why everyone wanted to send email wedding invitations. You are all such awesome practical peeps that it was utterly impossible to choose the winners based on your entries alone. So I let fate step in – and now when I’m having my breakfast in the magic bowl, I’ll get to think of you all and smile.

    Feel free to get in touch with me at any time if you have thoughts, feedback or new ideas for Glö. I love hearing from (and having a chance to get to know) you all!

  • Exciting update! The winners’ choice winners are:

    Kaytlin (Jessica’s choice) and Kortney (Shlobiwan’s choice)

    Both Jessica and Shlobiwan wrote that making the choice was difficult (and I can certainly relate!) so CONGRATS Kaytlin and Kortney!!! woohoo!

    Meg is finding your email addresses for me, but if you see this first, then be sure to email me at taryn{at} and we’ll get you set up with your shiny, new accounts.

  • Nataliah

    I just have to say a huge congrats to the winners. We are using Glo and it is easily the best wedding website option, seriously. the. best!

    We were close to just coding our own from sratch because none of the other ones we looked at had the features we wanted. But then we found Glo!!

  • This is the coolest thing ever. I told and showed my mom today and she was totally impressed! She’s kinda a skeptic about these things but now she’s excited, too! Gah, I can’t wait to get the ball rolling with this! :) Thanks so much, Jessica!