Yay New York: Regional Parties!

As you all know, APW is helping two couples get hitched in New York and then throwing a dance-your-face-off fundraiser for LAMBDA Legal… next week. Time flies! We’ll have more details on the party later this week, but today we wanted to announce the APW-book club style parties that are happening all over the country this weekend. It’s just like the regular book clubs, except with no book to read—instead, there is booze and cake to consume and money to be raised for LAMBDA Legal. Hurrah! Long time reader Cindy of Crafty Broads is organizing the parties and has an update. In the meantime, we noticed that some long standing book clubs are not celebrating (cough, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Baltimore, cough). If you’d like to join up and drink booze in honor of gay marriage, go to APW’s Facebook page, and start a conversation (we’ve even started threads for you…). And now, Cindy:

Hello Marriage Equality Lovers!

A few weeks back, Meg mentioned that I was helping put together some regional parties for those of us who can’t get to New York, but are 110% there in spirit. Well, a few of us have been plotting away in our own little corners of the universe, and we are ready to kick off the big shebang. We’re planning cakes, champagne popping, and of course the company of fine APW readers like you.

So, ditch your plan to eat pizza on the couch this weekend, pull out your sparkle dress, and get yourself to a party near you!

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Bec of Blush Celebrations is planning a party in the Capital Hill area, and there will be Rainbow Cupcakes! Rainbow Cupcakes, you guys, can’t miss that! Saturday, August 20th at 7pm. RSVP here.

BURLINGTON, VERMONT: Trisha totally wants to party with you, but she’s wondering where all the Vermont APW readers are. Go hang with her on Saturday, August 20th at 7pm. RSVP here.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Rachel a.k.a. Dday is pulling out all the stops. She booked a private party room at the Dupont Italian Kitchen for Sunday, August 21st at 3pm. RSVP here.

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Hey, Houston! Rachelle has the perfect spot (with cake by the slice!) all picked out, and she wants you to be her date. Email rachelle DOT rawlings AT gmail DOT com.

RALEIGH-DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA: Caitlin is inviting you to join her in Chapel Hill on Saturday, August 20th at 7pm. RSVP here.

PORTLAND, OREGON: Kristin is game for celebrating, but everyone seems to be busy. If you’re not and you want to party, email her and figure it out: kristingraybeal AT hotmail DOT com

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Finally, if you’re in the Windy City, I invite you to my place on Saturday, August 20th at 7pm. I am making cake and I want you to eat it. RSVP here.

No party near you? Grab a few friends and make one! Road trip to the nearest one! Or do the most important thing—donate to Lambda Legal during next week’s APW Fundraising drive, so we can be celebrating legal marriages for everyone across the country really, really soon.

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  • I want to celebrate and celebrate- is it overkill to go party in DC and then pop back up for Thursday?!

    • meg

      DC is kind of where it’s at… that and NY are the largest APW readerships and book clubs. So actually, it sounds AWESOME. And Rachel is planning the DC party and then coming up to the NYC party!

    • I vote that it’s not overkill … after all, I’m doing both! Come join in!!

    • (It’s only overkill if you don’t want to party twice. Equality needs all the support it can get!)

  • The tiny trio of Lincolnites are possibly also interested in getting together this weekend–maybe Friday evening? Thoughts?–so if anyone in the Lincoln or Omaha area is interested, please email me at leahruthie AT gmail DOT com.

    Yay, NY!

    • meg

      For anyone that ends up organizing an off the cuff party, email Cindy. She’ll take care of getting the organizer a tote bag and the LAMDA giving link.

      • Noted! Thanks, Meg. :)

      • Maggie

        Just sent an e-mail off!

      • Where do we email Cindy?

        • meg

          Cindy at craftybroads dot com

  • I just volunteered my house on Sunday for a party in Boston :)

    • SARAH D

      What time Sunday?!

  • I’m posting this on the Facebook page as well but I’m located in Northern Idaho and would sooo love to celebrate with some APW ladies. My mom and aunt are going to be in town and I think they’d appreciate the ethos of APW as well. If you’re interested, I’m located right off of I-90 and would be happy to host some YayNY! happiness on Sunday afternoon elizabeth DOT lakin AT gmail DOT com.

  • Maggie

    The Cincinnati group is tentatively planning to road-trip it to Columbus for a get-together (there will be cake!) sometime on the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 21st. … check the Columbus, OH facebook page for more details. Cleveland APW’ers – you’re welcome to join us, too!

    • tentatively, shmentatively… it’s happening! :)

      • Maggie

        Haha, it better, or I will be forced to eat the whole cake myself. ;)

    • Do you mean the APW- Cinci and Friends facebook page? I don’t know of any APW Columbus page…. unless I am just very confused.

      P.S. Looking forward to hanging out with the Cinci crowd in Cbus!

      • Maggie

        Was going to post update on the last Cols. APW book club discussion page, but seems like Cinci & Friends is where everyone’s congregating now…

    • Jo

      Cleveland will BE THERE. :)

      If you’re not already a member of APW-Cinci and Friends, hie thee there.

  • FawMo

    My *new* APW tote and I will be partying with Bec on Saturday! There are THREE DOZEN cupcakes people. THREE DOZEN.

    Whoo hoo!

  • Well. I’m totally behind the ball in Denver, but if any Colorado girls want to grab your tote bag and some champagne, I’m in. I just posted a new discussion on the APW facebook page…

  • I love APWers! (and can’t wait to see some of you at the NYC bash)

  • Anne

    I’m in the UK (fairly near London), but haven’t heard anything about something here yet…

    • meg

      Start a Facebook thread!! Y’all have to plan these yourselves, but you should TOTALLY DO IT.

  • Amanda

    Hi all,

    Is there a donation page for LAMBDA Legal? Please let me know so that I can donate! Unfortunately, I’m in Pittsburgh and I don’t know of any other APWers in my city to party with :(

    I will be with you in spirit New York. YAY!

    • meg

      Start an APW Pittsburg thread on Facebook. The point is meeting people you don’t know!

      And we’ll be doing our LAMDA Legal fundraising drive starting on Monday.

  • bec

    So excited for this weekend and can’t wait to see all the pictures!

  • I’m so sad I can’t make it to any regional parties. But the image reminded me: My APW tote bag arrived in the mail today and I am OBSESSED with it already. Obsessed.

  • LC

    I’m not on FB. Can I still register?

    • If you are wanting to attend one of the parties listed above, please email me (cindy at craftybroads dot com) and I will put you in touch with the regional organizer.

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