Zachary Hunt Photography in Austin Texas

The last time we talked about Zachary Hunt Photography (serving Austin, TX, the surrounding Texas areas, and beyond with super affordable rates), Zach was celebrating shooting his first ever APW reader wedding. And while that seemed un-toppable (I mean, the bride was throwing an uncooked chicken around the grocery store), man, did he show us. The excellent Zach (who I’m super excited to meet in Austin because he’s one of those people who’s both such a talented artist and the kind of chill guy you want to get a beer with) has spent a year shooting APW weddings, and what an awesome year it’s been.

The great thing about Zach is that he just doesn’t see things the way other people see things. I’ve talked before about how his photography has this feeling of belonging in an art book, but in a phenomenally alive way. He’s capturing these moments in a way that no one else would (which is my definition of a real artist), but he has the rare ability to also fully capture you, your partner, your personalities, and the day as it unfolds. (And still get all the necessary wedding shots. No sacrificing function for art here.)

The two APW weddings that we featured from Zachary Hunt Photography‘s treasure trove this year were each so different and so well captured (and trust me, I know. I went through the full galleries for both these weddings, and it was hard not to pick every picture to share with you). There was Jennah and Gary‘s wedding that was full of the couple making hilarious faces. This was hands down the funniest wedding I’ve ever edited for the site (and you know I love that). And then there was Irene and Bob’s unbelievably cool Austin bike wedding, which had a totally different vibe that Zach captured just as well. And that, is what true talent looks like, kids.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This year, Zachary Hunt Photography  has been shooting APW weddings all year, and if you ask me, each one is more gorgeous than the last. Zach says, “I am proud of all of the APW weddings that I have photographed this past year because many of them were so full of joy. I couldn’t be happier with the couples I worked with who found me through APW.”

And why wouldn’t he be over the moon thrilled, given your weddings that he’s gotten to shoot? I mean, every single one of them is a wedding I wish I could have been at. He says, “There was an APW Jewish/Marine wedding which was a perfect blend of traditional and nontraditional elements. I had never photographed so many crying people before. (The bride is a huge APW reader by the way.) There was an Austin musician’s wedding that I loved. There was a moment in which the bride and groom sang in unison with a backing band. Also, there was a lovely portrait of the bride and groom with their cat, Meatwad. She found me through APW as well.” (Editors note: Meatwad is one of our only cat readers! Hee.)

In the end, one of the (many, if we’re being honest) great things about Zach, is that he just loves people who are passionate about things (bikes! tossing chickens! singing! getting married!) and he wants to be there documenting it for you. Here is one of my favorite of his stories: “I asked a couple (who found me through APW) about their interests and hobbies during an engagement session. They told me they performed in a drag king troupe called Kings N Things. Then they asked if I could photograph one of their upcoming performances. I, of course, said yes! Photographing the event was an awesome experience. I loved hanging out with the couple, seeing them perform, and documenting such amazing people doing what they love and are passionate about. I’m photographing another Kings N Things performance next month that I can’t wait to share on my blog.” I mean, RIGHT? (The pictures are incredible, by the way.)

In closing, Zach says, “Basically, I’m so grateful to the APW community for existing and all of the APW couples for trusting me. I had such a memorable year, and I can’t wait to meet and photograph my next APW couple.”

And I’m pretty grateful for Zachary Hunt Photography . He’s such a kind and awesome guy. His rates are crazy affordable. He’s so talented I can’t even wrap my head around it. And he wants to work with APW-ers in particular. I mean, how much better can it get? So Texas, and beyond, you’re in so much luck. Go browse, and then drop Zach a line. I’m frankly envious of how much fun you’re going to have together.

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  • Hooray! I’m the Jewish/Marine bride (second picture from the bottom) – and it was a joy to work with Zach! You can really tell this is his passion. One of my friends posted a picture on Facebook of our first dance, and you can see Zach in profile off to the side, and he’s got this big smile on his face, behind his camera. I’m pretty sure he had at least as much fun as we did. And I can’t stop staring at all the pretty pictures. Heehee!

    Also, I’m jealous of Meatwad and his family. My cat is not nearly well-behaved enough to attend a wedding, or even read APW with me. :)

    • meg

      Meatwad is clearly an EXCEPTIONAL cat of EXCEPTIONAL tastes.

  • Zach! <3 I still remember the day that Zach and I were at brunch in Mothers restaurant and I asked him to be my second shooter. At the time I was no where near as good as he is now. Since I left Texas it's been amazing to see him grow, and get better and better with every wedding. He is on fire, and you should go on and hire him before he's all booked up.

  • Jennah

    Hi there, it’s Ms. Chicken Catch-Chicken Toss. (We decided to hyphenate. Don’t judge.) Zach…when Gary and I create A Practical Offspring, will you come create original, arresting, meaningful family portraits for us? No, I can’t wait that long. I’ll have to think of another milestone for you to docu-nate. (That is a word I just made up to describe your DOMINATION of DOCUMENTATION.) The point is that Zach’s talent is so bountiful, generous, and deliciously heart-rending that I want the world to come up with more reasons for him share it. Not just with me–with everyone!

    • Haha, I love this! How have I not heard this term before either, A Practical Offspring? That’s what they would be, clearly.

      • Jennah

        Oh, because I just made it up! But if Meg wants to make that her next web-ernet enterprise, she just has to let me be the boss of it.

  • irene

    I knew Zach would be the best choice for Bob and me when I found out he too loved bikes—something that would be a big part of our wedding…well at least the getting to the wedding. Sharing something in common with your photographer really helps them to understand your vision and have no problem saying “Yes, of course that will work”. In our case, it involved Zach running (and shooting photos) for 2 miles alongside our bike posse on the way to the venue. In addition to that feat of greatness, Zach and Mike (his 2nd shooter) perfectly captured every small detail, bright color (even the BW photos seem colorful), and magical moment of our day. After seeing all the photos and telling (only those who ask politely) people how much we paid, people are floored by the quality and attention we received. Grab this guy before he is booked 2 years out and his rates go up. He’s that good!

  • Allison

    When I was looking for a photographer for my wedding, I was bored, until I found Zach. I was amazed by the vibrant photographs that looked like they were out of a wedding magazine. Each one sparked some kind of emotion in me. I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to afford such an artistic photographer. His prices were very reasonable (actually, I felt like I had to be tricking him somehow). He honestly made me feel so elegant and beautiful and that’s not easy to do, for me. I knew the photos would be great, but I was surprised at all the different things he captured that I would have never seen or even remembered. I feel exactly the same way Jennah does. I have to figure out some milestone to be photographed as soon as possible. HA ha! Zach is an outstanding photographer and I couldn’t have hoped for anything more.

  • Amanda

    My husband and I recently had the privilege of working with Zachary Hunt during our November wedding. As may have stated previously, it truly was a wonderful experience; we have many memories and awesome pictures to prove it! While searching for a photographer to document the most important day of our lives thus far, we reviewed the work of many individuals; my husband’s sister (fiancée’ at the time) is a young photographer who immediately recognized Zachary as the best choice for us. We were hoping to find an artist who could truly capture the emotion of each moment. Without a doubt, Zachary accomplished this and so much more. His personality, demeanor, and professionalism are second to none and his eye for beautiful, true, and raw pictures is uncanny! He captured the personality of each individual and the tone of each moment without being intrusive or an inanimate fixture. We could not have worked with a better individual! Cheers!

  • I love this! great

  • Allitron

    There seems to be a trend of previous brides chiming in to say how awesome Zach is… so let me join in, too! I’m a different Allison (Dakota’s partner and Meatwad’s human companion), and I was just as pleased with Zach & Mike as everyone above. Everything that has been said about his demeanor, work ethic, and professionalism were certainly true in my experience. These guys are artistic (I’ll get to that in a second), but they also work extremely hard at what they do. My family and I were impressed by the detail and breadth of their work–at the wedding they were everywhere at once, and the pictures show complete coverage of the long day. But of course the best thing about ZHP is their artistry and realism. Zach (and Mike too!) is a photographer with a voice. He takes beautiful, interesting photos that have artistic merit outside the confines of the wedding industry. He is conscious of what brides & grooms (or brides & brides or grooms & grooms or bands or ladies on bikes) want, but doesn’t seem particularly phased or concerned with the requisite trend of the week. That’s not to say that ZH’s voice as a photographer will silence yours; he is a really good communicator, and he makes it a priority to understand who you are, what you want, and how to accomplish that. Other wedding photographers seem completely engulfed in the wedding industry; it looks like they photograph their subjects as brides first and individuals second, producing pretty pictures that are easy for other people to project themselves onto, say, on a wedding blog. Zach and Mike can definitely shoot a pretty picture– but it is a pretty picture that captures you, you partner, your family and your friends above all else.

  • Julia

    I just received my finished photos from Zach last week, but I’ve been singing his praises since before my December wedding. I found APW early on in my engagement, luckily, and threw out all other wedding blogs shortly after. (This was on my own accord, due to the crazy brains they gave me …only later did I realize it often happens to APWers). I wanted great photos that were not ultra-polished in Photoshop, practical in price and unique. My husband wanted someone that didn’t bark orders or dictate your elbow and chin position. Those stats are hard to find near small-town Texas, let me tell you.

    I found Zach through his listing on APW, sent him an email and booked him without even talking to him on the phone. I wish all of my vendors were as easy to work with! The day of the wedding he and Mike were chameleons, capturing the small moments and natural, beautiful essence of our day. My husband and I are very pleased with his work, and would recommend him to like-minded, practical people everywhere.

  • Geoff

    As the only groom in bunch, I will second the sentiments of all the other posts. (I’m the lucky groom to the beautiful twirling bride). Zach’s style was creative and inspired. His ability to capture a candid moment is a true gift. He exhibited the utmost professionalism during all pre- and post-wedding encounters. During the wedding and reception itself, Zach and his second photographer managed to catch everyone at their best angle. We were lucky to benefits from his talents to capture our special day, and we would highly recommend him to any newlyweds with an appreciation for passionate work.

  • Lauren G-M

    I found Zach through APW after my first photographer, a friend of mine, fell through a few months before the wedding. Zach shot our wedding this past August at the Houston Arboretum and he was the absolute best. I can’t imagine anyone else capturing the pure energy and exuberance of the day any better than he did. He was the easiest of all of our vendors to work with, made the trip from Austin to Houston happily, and blended in with our guests and family so well that many people though he and his second shooter Mike were part of the gang.

    I can’t recommend him enough. His work went above and beyond anything I ever hoped for.