Zachary Hunt Photography In Austin Texas

Today we get to have a chat about Zachary Hunt Photography, serving Austin and the surrounding areas of Texas. Zach has been with APW since late last year, and in that time he’s gone from gifted to world-take-notice. What gets me about Zach, is that his pictures don’t look like anyone else’s. They’ve got an art book quality, a moody-ness, a sense of humor, and an evocative tone that I could pick out of a line up. And that, kids, is what talent is: having your own, specific voice.

Today Zach is celebrating shooting his first APW wedding, which he described to me as a milestone of sorts. And what a wedding it was. Zach described it this way, “Jennah and Gary’s wedding was an unbelievable experience. The couple was so kind and down to earth. They wanted a photographer who could capture their personalities without feeling a significant amount of pressure to be anyone other than themselves.” Zach told me that this dovetails exactly with his goals as a photographer. He said, “My main philosophy is to allow the couple a certain easiness around the camera to simply enjoy their day while capturing beautiful, candid moments. My second shooter Mike Andrick shares this philosophy as well. I feel we make a great team. And because of this, Mike is included on all of my packages.”

And you know Zach’s hitting his marks because he gets reviews like this from the APW bride in question, Jennah:

If I ever have goldfish, I’m naming them Zach and Mike. And if those goldfish die, I’ll get more and name the new goldfish Zach and Mike as well. Because you guys are just that rad, for realz!

And yes. She’s catching a raw chicken in that picture. In her wedding dress. As you do.

Zachary Hunt Photography is affordable, with prices starting at $2000 (way less than he’s worth, if I’m being frank).  Zach is based in Austin, TX and San Antonio, and travels to Houston and Dallas for a low fee. And lucky for y’all, Zach likes working with APW couples so much that he’s offering a 10% discount to APW couples who book him before the end of July.

But it’s not just Zachary Hunt Photography‘s wedding work that’s doing its part, it’s his excellent engagement and portrait work, which is honest, and emotional and beautifully composed. Plus, his black and white work is so on point, that you’d think that was all he did… till you see his vibrant use of color.

As for what else Zach’s up to? Well, he and his second shooter Mike are working on a photography blog together featuring women and their bicycles. Zach says, “These photo sessions allow me to use my medium format film camera which in turn makes me a more well rounded photographer. I hope in the near future to incorporate film photography into the weddings I shoot simply because I love the format so much.” APW Texas? Free Wedding Grad post goes to the first one of you that convinces Zach to shoot film at your wedding.

So, go have a chat with Zach. And then send me your wedding, yes? I can’t wait to see it, and that’s a fact.

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  • Beautiful.

    • Thank you, Chi-Ling! I’m a big fan of your work.

      • You made me blush. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Love her wedding dress!! And damn that is one ballsy bride! Definitely the first time I’ve ever seen a bride playing catch with a raw chicken haha Any info on where the dress is from? I checked out Zachary’s blog but didn’t see anything there. If so, would love to know! Thank you!

  • Jennah

    Hi dudettes! This is Jennah, of Mr. and Mrs. Chicken Toss. First of all, the muy importante–my dress is by Nicole Miller, and I lucked into finding it leftover from a sample sale at Unbridaled in Austin.

    Secondly, ZACH IS AWESOME! I knew I found the right guy when I floated my idea of a grocery store photo shoot and he was all about it. I’m pretty lazy and unorganized so I didn’t give him much instruction before or during the day, but he somehow managed to capture beautiful, evocative, hilarious moments out of the chaos. He really nailed the personality of our wedding. It helps that he’s easy-going as well, with a nimble creativity that allowed him to snag big and small moments. And Mike, his second shooter, is equally as talented and might I say, quite foxy too. They really complement each other. I still have crushes on both of them, a feeling that will be renewed every time I look at our photos!

    In review: Please hire Zach, and think about the photogenic qualities of poultry when envisioning your wedding shoot.

    • Mr. and Mrs. Chicken Toss? Please be my best friend.

      • Jennah

        I guess technically I should have said “Mr. Chicken Toss and Ms. Chicken Catch,” since I didn’t change my name.

        • meg

          Good catch (pun intended).

    • Aww. Thanks, Jennah. I’m so glad we had the chance to work together. I’ll be sure to pass along the note to Mike about being foxy. Also, I hope I can check out Gary’s band again in Austin sometime. He was sooo awesome!

    • Thanks, Jennah, for all the kind words. I blush. And thank you Zachary Hunt for giving me the opportunity to meet and photograph such amazing people and weddings week after week.

  • You Texas couples are so lucky. I miss Zach so much it hurts. He is so great to be around, and so charming, and so funny. I have been watching his work pretty closely since I left Texas and dang if that boy don’t just get better and better. Also Mike and I were in the same photojournalism Photo J M.A. program together, and so I know from lot’s of experience that he is crazy talented too. Texas y’all are blessed.

    Can I also just say that it’s too adorable to see pictures from Fresh Plus? (the grocery store) That’s where Zach and I first met, and as an added bonus it also happens to be where I met my husband. If not for Fresh Plus, what?

    • I miss you too, Lauren.

    • Jennah

      I love Fresh Plus too! I used to live around the corner from it (it’s the one on West Lynn). I knew they’d be down with our shenanigans. And how serendipitous that Zach used to work at the Hyde Park store! OF COURSE he did!

    • meg

      Lauren, you’re incendiary!
      Zach, evocative.

      As you were.

  • Claire

    This whole post kills me. Salt in the wound, Zach… salt in the wound.

    Zach’s a friend of mine, and though he can’t shoot my wedding (we did seriously consider changing the date just to get him), anyone who books him is super lucky.

    • I was just thinking about your wedding the other day, and how much it sucks I don’t get to shoot it or be there as a guest. I’m very jealous of the photographer you end up choosing. If you ever want to do an engagement shoot or any shoot along those lines, just let me know!

  • Texas photogs for the win! Just saying. We’re so lucky to have mad talent here. Booking an APW vendor was one of the best choice we made.