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Ok, drumroll please……… after nine months of work, I’ve FINALLY, finally finally finally finally, gotten a APW-worthy sane wedding elf photographer in Texas. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I know you Texans might be surprised to hear it, but there are a LOT of Team Practical members in Texas. You’re the 5th biggest APW-reader state, as a matter of fact. And, up till now I’ve had no one to recommend for photography. But that changes today. I’m proud to introduce Zachary Hunt Photography. Zachary is based in Austin, but shoots in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and all places in between with no travel fees (and will haul around the rest of Texas with a little discussion.)

I found out about Zach through Lauren McGlynn, APW photographer extraordinaire. When Lauren was still living in Austin (before she moved to the UK) Zach was her friend, one of her artistic supports, and eventually her second shooter. She loves him, and she is amazing. So when she asked me if I’d be interested in taking on one of her best friends and favorite artists, I believe the words out of my mouth were, “H*ll yeah.”

First, Zachary Hunt Photography has pretty unsustainably low prices. This is rad. This is also something you should not take for granted. There is zero chance they are going to stay this low, given his talent. So, as always, all you Team Practical members are getting a first crack at amazing wedding photography before the price shoots up to, you know, something like market price. Nab this. I am not joking.

Looking through Zach’s portfolio, what really strikes me is the  artistry of it. I mean, the man is versatile. He can shoot of-the-moment hip, and he can shoot traditional. But there the real essence of his work, the fundamental tone, is something I’ve literally never seen in a wedding photography portfolio. He shoots with a quality of emotion, and of longing, that you normally only see in museum photography. His shots are beautiful, but that’s not really the core of them. They capture a tone, a moment. They capture the grittiness of a wedding day, the honesty of it, the life-laid-bare aspect that you almost never see in wedding photographs. And that is astounding and brave. He’s asking you to meet him where he is, he’s not dumbing it down for you. And I love that.

Plus, when I asked him what his philosophy was, he said something AWESOME and articulate, “The photographs are always so much more interesting when a couple lets the wedding just happen, celebrating in the midst of friends and family. More often than not, the bride seems to treat the occasion as a tense and hectic situation. I know that your main purpose of APW is grounded in the concept that someone’s wedding shouldn’t be this way. That’s why I really respect your voice in the wedding blog world, and I’m coming to you first rather than a super commercial place.”

As if all this were not enough, Zach has teamed up with a partner to offer you affordable Super 8 and HD videography options. And man, if I’d had access to Super 8 video at this price, I might have caved and done it. I mean, it’s so beautiful.

Oh, and finally, get this. He wanted to attend the APW Austin meetup but he had a wedding. I totally hope he makes the next meetup, because we need more male voices up in this joint, am I right?

No go, already. Browse. Enjoy.

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  • Alyssa


    *ahem* Sorry.

    Seriously, y’all, having looked in the DFW area, his prices are AMAZING. I mean, I loved my photographer (and SO wish she’d be a sponsor) but these sound REALLY good.
    And the fact that he’ll travel to Houston AND Dallas without travel fees? Have y’all ever driven from Austin to one of those cities? It’s a frickin’ beating…35 AND 45 suck my will to live.

    Anyway, I don’t know this guy, but judging by his pictures, I kinda love him too. (And only partially because I’m a Central Texas girl hiding out in the Big D and missing the weirdness of Austin….)

    • Mallory

      You should come up to Denton then, plenty of weirdness to go around. I’ve been told I’d like Austin since I like the quirky charm of Denton.

  • Ditto what Alyssa said. Right down to wishing my photographer would sponsor (he was awesome) and being an Austin girl hiding in DFW (only I’m in the FW part instead of the D).

    I wish I’d known about Zach because I would’ve LOVED some Super 8 footage, and I couldn’t find ANYONE in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or DFW that would do Super 8 for that price.

    Anyhow, yay for finally finding a wedding elf in Texas!

  • Rachael

    Thank you! I’m a long time reader/appreciater, first time commenter, and Austinite. I already booked my photographer, but I’m so happy to see some Texas representation, regardless.

    I love the picture of the bride with the rows of chairs. Her facial expression – it’s almost chilling, in a way.

  • Rebecca

    Daaamn, I wish I’d known about him six months ago! My photographer is fantastic and really great at capturing raw emotion, but those prices are sick. Plus trying to find someone who appreciates the practical/offbeat/quirky pov in Houston is ridiculously hard, but most Austin photographers I looked at were too expensive. Snag him, people! So I can admire more beautiful photos!

    (also finally coming out of lurkerdom. Have been reading the blog for months now, and love it here. So hi.)

  • I just want to say that it’s not just that I love Zach, and I do really love him, it’s also that I TRUST him, which is really really important if you’re plunging into running your own small business full time, or you know, if you’re getting married and you need someone to be reliable and be in your corner all while taking really amazing pictures.

  • Madeline

    I’m yet another reader coming out of the lurker closet. My wedding’s happening about 2 1/2 years from now (because of grad school), so I’m looking forward to having many more Texas wedding elves to choose from by the time I really dig into planning! And I think Zach is a great start!

  • Ali

    Yay Texas :)

    I’m getting married in Austin in April. I’ve already got a photographer lined up, but I’m contemplating switching over to Zach. It’s so hard to trust your gut, when there are so many distracting pretty pictures!

  • Amanda

    You won’t find a better photographer out there! Plus his prices are amazing and he will travel for free? Insanity! He is an artist behind the lens. He is calm and collected. Zach is amazing photographer, businessman, professional and he’s also a great brother! :)

    • meg

      Not that you’re biased ;)

  • Thank you everyone for all your comments. It makes me glad to be on APW.

  • Dev

    Zach shot our wedding this winter (as Lauren’s second shooter), and I Really, Really lucked out finding them. I’ve already commented on APW about how great Lauren was (incredibly great. incredibly talented), but this is about Zach. He is so nice, and so unobtrusive, and he will take pictures of your wedding that leave you slack-jawed. He takes great action shots, and captures beautiful quiet moments too. What really got to me about Zach’s photos was not so much that he captures just the right moment, but that he can give you a narrative with a single shot.

    You should hire him.

    • Thanks, Dev! It is so nice to hear that you liked the photographs. You and Justin were such a pleasure to work with.

  • LaurenF

    Wow, I’m getting married in San Antonio next July and those prices really are great. We were originally not planning to hire a professional photographer and just have my sister’s friend who’s good behind the lens do it; it just isn’t one of my priorities. But our families aren’t really too keen on that idea. I might have to run this by them.

  • Tracey

    Zach did our wedding this past July and he truly did such an amazing job! I just recently got our pictures back and was amazed on how well the photographs turned out. He was so laid back, and as a bride I felt at ease in his presence. I would definitely recommend Zach to any future brides, he’s worth it! (And you can’t beat his prices!)