Announcing: Printable Press!

It all started when Miss. Ten Thousand Only posted about the incredible dress Kimi had made for her wedding in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The dress was so beyond words, that it made me stop dead in my tracks. It made me think and re-think what a wedding was really all about. But that was the least of it. Kimi didn’t just create her wedding dress. She also designed imaginative, whimsical and soulful invitations for her wedding, invitations that she printed out at home on her regular-old-boring printer:

See? Magic. Miss TTO and I were both so struck by these invitations that we suggested that Kimi start an invitation company – one that allowed couples to pick and invitation, get the jpg emailed to them, and then print the invitations at home. We were dreaming of an invitation company that would put good design within everyones reach. But we had no idea just how good it was going to get….

So today, I’m absolutely thrilled to get to announce Kimi’s brand new invitation company: Printable Press.At printable press you can choose from a plethora of invitation designs, each more beautiful than the last. I’ve included some of my very favorites here, but your taste is different then mine, so you’ll have to go browse to find which ones you love best.Then, for just $60 Kimi will add all your information into the invitation and mail it to you. Want to colors or sizes changed? No problem. For $15 she’ll make all those changes. Want matching menus, thank you cards, programs, place cards or anything else? You can buy those too. Soon she’s going to be selling calling cards and greeting cards and other magic, all affordable, all printable.You can print the invitations at home, or use a low cost printer like Vista Print (or even Kinko’s), or you can just email them to everyone. You can choose fancy shmancy paper, or paper from Office Depot. You can DIY your invitations with card stock or feathers or beads, or you can just leave them sweet and simple. The point is great design is in your hands at a affordable price.Kimi quotes John Muir as saying “Everyone needs beauty as well as bread.” I concur. In fact, I’m going to quote Tom Robbins’ Skinny Legs And All, and say “Beauty is going to be my everyday thing.”

I’m so proud of what’s going on in this corner of the Internet. It’s not just affordable invitations… it feels like the tiny beginnings of a girrl revolution. Beauty, passed from one hand to the next to the next to the next. Keep it going. Keep on shining.

Now go, pick out some invitations.

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  • Thanks for these! Awesome stuff.

  • Awsome ! I love it… and affordable !

  • OMG, awestruck! This is EXACTLY the solution I’ve been searching for. Way to go Kimi!

  • MWK

    If I didn’t already have a friend making invites this would be heaven sent. I am in love with all of them, and I love how affordable it is! I can’t wait until someone else I know is getting married so I can tell them all about it.

  • Keep on going. Keep on shining.

    I needed these words today.

  • This awesome!!! I remember this wedding too, I was enthralled by her talent (that dress! It was just so fantastic!). I am really excited about this new project.

  • Me

    I’m very much trying to make my own invites, but if I get frustrated enough, I just might order these instead! Thanks for the killer backup plan!!!

  • What utter awesome beauties she has! Amazing!

  • These are incredible! I already have 5-10 favorites. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  • I’m so happy people like them, I’ve totally been working in the dark with no one seeing them but my extremely patient husband! I’m also putting up non-wedding stationery soon (personalized letterhead (for those changing names!), moving cards, thank you’s, blanks etc. Thank you Team Practical!!

  • very cool. I’ve had alot of brides asking me if i could design something for them to get printed themselves. Seems to be a new trend! These designs are beautiful! :)

  • Wow! These are fabulous. The shooting stars are particularly beautiful!

  • As a budding designer I will be making my own wedding invitations. I have such a passion for paper and printing that I hope to also start my own business one day. I am not even sure where to begin and am curious as to how Kimi got the ball rolling. It’s and incredibly exciting industry, I just hope there is a place in it for me too!

  • Mo

    Awesome, I love the airplane invite. Love the John Muir quote too. Go Kimi!

  • OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Kimi, you are amazing!

  • Courtney

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to show them to the boy tonight!

  • msinterpret

    Thanks so much for this! What a genious idea for the budget-conscious bride!!

  • miche!!e

    they’re so beautiful and right up my alley! Congrats!

  • Meg

    Hello Young Love-
    Kimi had a good idea, and then she started making her great designs, built a simple website… and well, the ball got rolling today. I think it’s mostly bravery! Yay Kimi and good luck to you. There is always room for talent. Always.

  • we have some of the same faves. *swoon*

    i heart you, meg!

  • Love them so much…and I just mailed our invitations this week. Bummer!

  • oh my goodness, i love these…i had such struggles with our invites, this would have been so perfect…

  • Al

    Holy CRAP I am so grateful I stumbled upon your blog. My dream is to make homemade invites with certain special touches, but I was dreading the thought of picking out fonts and images, layouts, etc. This is amazing and exactly the solution. Thank you THANK YOU….now I just need the fiance’s guest list and I can order some :D

  • I love this! I totally just blogged about it myself (on my little site, This is a great opportunity for beautiful invitations on a real “budget.” Why has no one ever done this before?

  • rachel w

    oh gosh! if we hadn’t already gotten our invitations, this would have been our choice!!! such absolutely gorgeous designs- this is the style we were looking for, but couldn’t find it inexpensive enough! well, best wishes to the fellow practical brides who can enjoy such beautiful invites :)

  • Amazing and gorgeous. This and the Muir quote have made my Wednesday. I so needed this. Great work. I have so many favorites!!

  • Wow! i love the stars, and the airplane! Lovely!

  • Katie

    Amazing! I wish Kimi and her husband tons of success!

  • April

    Absolutely brilliant! And beautiful beyond words, both in design concept and the spirit of making all things pretty within everyone’s grasp.

    Take THAT W.I.C.!

  • sara

    These are incredible!

  • AJ

    I kind of wanna get married so I can get fabulous invitations made…

    Or maybe for my 30th?

  • This. is. awesome. $60?! Even awesomer.

  • Wow great idea! so creative, thanks for this!

  • this is perfect!!!!

  • Meghann

    holy crap! how amazing! I totally would have done this instead of spending agonizing hours designing our own! So awesomes!!

  • These are sooooooooo beautiful!!!!
    And that dress… gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing.


  • SO glad I you helped me find Kimi and Printable Press! Just ordered my custom invitations and I cant wait! Thank you, thank you! I also did some searching through your past posts and saw you suggested reading from “I LIke You” by Sandol Stoddard Warburg- and we’re doing just that! The book is also the inspiration for the invitation design! Love the blog and your point of view!

  • Ashley

    LOVE these invites! But I am super nervous about where to get them printed… I'm not quite talented enough to print & cut my own. Suggestions? How do you know which online printer to use and what to order? I want to print 5×7 invites and smaller response POSTcards (I think they do 5.5×4.25 designs for those).

  • Meg

    Vista print, Ashley. Though I did printable press shower invites, and they were printed and done in 10 minutes. No cutting silly, you buy the right size paper stock from Paper Source.