Announcing the APW Venue Directory Giveaway, Sponsored by Turtle Love Co.

The Directory

For those of you who have been reading the site for a while, you might remember how excited we were when we launched the Vendor and Venue directories last year (they are those pretty purple and magenta tabs you’ll see to your right over there). In fact, obviously you were paying attention, because the Venue Directory is one of the most popular parts of the site. Which is fantastic, because while the Vendor Directory is one of the ways we are able to support the site (read: pay the staff), the Venue Directory is really a labor of love for the community. It’s literally a multi-thousand dollar little tool that we created solely for the purpose of making your planning a little easier (we make no money on it). Unlike the Vendor Directory, we don’t accept submissions from venues themselves, so the Venue Directory is 100% by APW readers for APW readers.

But the funny thing is, even though the Venue Directory is one of the most visited parts of the site these days, it’s looking a little empty in there right now (there may or may not be cobwebs in the corners). And we need your help fixing that so everyone can keep taking advantage of this awesome tool.

But we’re not just going to gently suggest that if you liked your venue (no restrictions, it can be anywhere in the world), you should fill out this form (and you can keep your answers to the required questions as short and sweet as you want) and upload a few photos and pay the magic forward (even though it would make our day). Because where’s the fun in that? Instead, we’re going to do you one better.

The Giveaway

This year our readership grew exponentially, which means that there were more APW weddings than ever before (like, way more). So we know there are plenty of amazing venues just waiting to be submitted. But sometimes you need a little nudging. So we’ve worked with our friends and longtime sponsors of the site, Turtle Love Co. to come up with a little bribe that everyone on the staff wants so much we’re trying to figure out if we can, uh, keep one.

So! For the next month, until November 12th we’ll be collecting entries to the Venue Directory, and on November 13th we’ll draw five winners from all the venues in the directory (which means if you’ve already submitted your venue, you’re already entered) and the selected readers will win…

One of these awesome state necklaces from Turtle Love Co. (I know. Amazing, right? And better yet, these are works in progress!) The state necklaces are brand new to Turtle Love Co. (in fact, they are currently being created by the artists right now, so we’ll update you on their progress in a few weeks), but since TLC is such an avid supporter of the APW community, they wanted you guys to have the first opportunity to get your hands on them. The necklaces are currently available for New York, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Texas, but they’ll be adding more to the mix soon and are even working on a few country silhouettes (so fear not, international readers.) Even cooler, you can add a tiny diamond to the necklace in the location of your wedding (I WANT), or a dot, if you’re not a diamond kind of person.

The Venue Directory is a magical tool because it’s fueled by the power of the community, and so is this giveaway. With help from Turtle Love Co., it’s our way of saying thank you for making the Venue Directory as popular as it is, and thank you in advance for helping us make it as robust as we know it can be. All you have to do to enter is fill out this form. Then you can go pat yourself on the back for saving future generations of APW readers from God knows how many hours on Google trying to find that perfect industrial venue that seats more than 150 people and will allow outside catering and self-serve booze. They all thank you in advance, and it’s possible a little necklace of awesome might await…

This contest is sponsored by Turtle Love Co. Thanks, TLC, for supporting the APW mission.

Staff Picks

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  • Oh man oh man, this is like heaven for a geography dork! Hoping that I win and that they make a Georgia necklace…

    • meg

      They make ALL the states. And they’re working on countries too, for you international folks.

      At the end of the giveaway we’ll actually get to post the for sale links, because the necklaces will be done. Cough. Maybe they’ll give the APW staff a discount on them ;) Everyone here REALLY wants one.

  • CPM

    Yay! I hope some more DC venues get added… we’re just starting the venue search and could use some APW realness!

    P.S. A DC “state” necklace would be pretty great, too :-)

    • meg

      It would be very tiny ;)

      • A DC necklace will be easy — three of the sides are perfectly straight with 90° angles! The Potomac will be tricky, though. And I think we’d lose Roosevelt Island. ;)

      • Laura

        lol hopefully they aren’t made to scale

        • meg

          You should see the Texas necklace….

    • KB

      CPM – how many people are you looking to fit? We’re getting married in D.C. and I have multiple suggestions for APW-esque venues that we didn’t end up going with because we needed to fit more people.

    • Lindsay

      If you are open for going into Northern VA, I have some suggestions for venues that we didn’t go with – but were still great! (I also posted the amazing one we went with to the Venue directory, so hopefully there will be more there soon!)

    • Seconding the desire for a DC necklace. I would buy that in a hot second.

  • Kay

    Oooh, so cute! This is a pipe dream, but I would love it if they made provinces as well, as an entire Canada necklace would be a little unwieldly. A little Nova Scotia on a chain would be adorable!

  • Totally did this – it’s such a great service for brides. I wish I had this resource when I was looking at no less than 18 venues (I was in emotional melt-down mode because everything was over our budget).

  • This is awesome! I couldn’t wait to add my ceremony venue in – it’s a serious hidden gem in our area.

  • Lauren

    I love those necklaces!!! I am buying a WA and CO one as soon as they exist.

  • Emily

    May I put in a request that people submit their venues even if they weren’t over-the-top in love with them? Not if the venue was terrible to you, but if it didn’t end up being the right fit, I mean. Maybe it was a little too small, or you wish they’d let you bring in outside booze. But those could be things that other people WANT (or at least aren’t dealbreakers).

    • meg

      We’re not stopping you! If you think your venue was a good venue, even if it wasn’t perfect for you, you can and should submit it. If you thought your venue was HORRIBLE, however, we’re asking that you not submit. We’re trying to put together a collection of venues you should consider, not run a review site for venues. That’s the distinction.

      • Laurel

        What about venues you didn’t use? I found a lot of good options that ended up not being right, and got pricing and detailed info (including visits) from 3.

        • meg

          Nope! You really don’t know what a venue is like till you use it, so we want it to be a venue that you actually used.

  • Even if I don’t win one of those necklaces, I’m going to buy one for myself. I’m suddenly moving away from my beloved city where I got married. I’m moving away for my career which means leaving my city and friends and dogs and house and supportive-beyond-belief husband (who will Handle Everything for us and find a new job for himself and then we’ll be back together, oh gosh) all in one scary fell swoop, and more than anything, this would be…so perfect as a going-away gift to myself, from me (or, you know, APW/Turtle Love, if I win). A little diamond over the city of my heart? WHERE MY HEART WILL BE AWAY FROM ME FOR MONTHS?! Pardon me while I blub about the idea. VIRGINIA NECKLACE I WILL HAVE YOU.

    (Also, my venue rocked. So have at it, Team Practical!)

  • Elizabeth

    What if we don’t have a picture we are authorized to post? Should we still submit?

  • Lisa

    Yes, finally! I was so excited when you started the venue directory, but there are only about four (4!) venues listed in and around NYC. And I was always like, “seriously?! APW brides have only used four cool venues near NYC?!”. We’re found our venue now (Housing Works Bookstore in SoHo), but we’re still about a year away from our wedding, so I can’t submit.

  • Heather

    *sigh* It’s bad enough that I wouldn’t recommend the venue I used, but now I can’t even enter the contest. Sad panda.

    • meg

      I suppose you COULD, you’d just have to give it one star, so we didn’t publish it, with lots of sad faces.

  • The submit button isn’t working in firefox. I’ve tried like 7 times. Sadnesses.

    • Alyssa

      It worked for me on Firefox, but it took something like 5-10 minutes.

    • meg

      Perhaps try a new browser?

  • These necklaces are so cute! It will be a while before I can submit a venue, but I will be looking for the link to buy a necklace as soon as they become available! (And it’s a perfect bridesmaid gift for my far-flung friends who will all be returning to MI for the wedding.)

    • One More Sara

      I thought the exact same thing… this would be PERFECT to give to bridesmaids.

  • ElisabethJoanne

    November 12 is our wedding date. We plan to leave the reception at 9:15, so I guess I could enter, if I get pictures of the venue before the wedding and can find an open wi-fi spot around 10pm on a Monday night…

    • meg

      HA. Or you could just submit when you get back, like a normal person, just because you want to pay it forward :)

  • Lauren

    Done! Just a note that the confirmation page is outdated (it references the launch of the directory as a date in the future).

  • Newtie

    How long does it take for venue submissions to be processed, and are some denied? If so, what would cause a venue to be denied? I submitted one a little more than three months ago, and it isn’t up. I’ve been worried that maybe it wasn’t the right kind of thing after all, even though I had only good things to say about the venue & I personally found it very practical.

    • meg

      They’re all done manually, so you’ll see them go up soon. They’re usually only denied if they look like spam to us.

  • Irene

    I submitted my venue when the directory was first launching… but here’s a shoutout to the most excellent-seeming venues in Monterey, CA that we didn’t use and hence cannot submit (and were hard to find, which is why I’m sharing): Wave Street Studios (industrial-ish, off Cannery Row) and Hidden Valley (rural / theater space, in Carmel Valley).

  • Claire

    New Zealand would make a really pretty necklace!

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  • Mallory

    I’ve been totally putting off submitting my venue, but those necklaces are real cute… and submitted!

    Also, did anyone else get a hoot out of proving you’re an APW member? It was actually kind of fun to think of things that would prove that.

  • Clairep

    Can someone pretty please answer this completely nerdy and irrelevant question: What is the name of the typeface you used in the image at the top saying “APW Venue Directory Giveaway”?

    • Maddie

      It’s called Strangelove. :)

      • Clairep

        Thank youuuuuuu x

  • Helen

    Somewhat silly question: I don’t have the pictures back from my wedding yet but I’d really like to submit my venue and enter the contest. Will it be possible to add pictures to my submission at a later date?