APW Advertising For 2013

Hey You!

Longtime reader, wedding business owner, you know who you are. You’ve been reading APW for awhile (years?) and keep meaning to send us an email about joining as an advertiser. “Soon,” you tell yourself. “When wedding season is over. When I have a little bit more time. When I have a tiny bit more money in my bank account.” You know advertising with APW is a good investment in your business, but you’ve been making excuses to yourself about taking the leap. (Why do I know what’s going on in your brain? Only because I’m also a small business owner, and the same things go on in my brain all of the time.)

Well, the time is now.

For the first time in the history of…ever…we are close to sold out of sponsored posts for 2013. And yes, it’s still August. Plus, good things are coming in APW land for fall. (That was a hiiiiinnnnnttttttt APWers, get excited!) So for all you hustlers who have been wanting to take the plunge, let’s do this thing. Send an email to advertising at apracticalwedding dot com, and let’s make it happen.

Meg and Team

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  • I’m so glad I snagged the last spot. Woohoo!

    • meg

      I’m glad you did too!!

  • If you’re on the fence about becoming a sponsor, you should totally do it! It’s one of the best business decisions I’ve made!