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Our state is on fire


I’m not going to sugar coat it. It’s been a hard week. (In my case, it’s been a hard week with some unexpected delightful benefits, but it’s been hard.) As pretty much everyone with a pulse knows at this point, California has massive wildfires ripping through it. People are losing their homes (and way too many people have lost their lives). The fires are less controlled than we generally would expect at this point, and the air quality in the Bay Area is off the charts bad. Like, we’ve recently gone from the EPA red zone to the EPA… purple zone? The zone that’s even worse than red?

When all this happened, I was in Colorado, for what was supposed to be a long weekend away with my family. But as it became increasingly clear just how bad things were at home, we extended the stay… first one day, then another… because our son has a scary history of reactive airway disease, and I’ve been terrified by the risk to his health by bringing him home. We’ve had the privilege and flat-out dumb luck to be out of town when this happened (and blessed to have one person after another step up and offer us a free place to stay while we try to ride this out). But we all want to be home. The kids want to be back with their dad—and I want to stop having to look up California Air Quality the second I wake up and have yet another wave of panic sweep over me.

But our family is really lucky, all in. And we’re terrified and broken hearted for our home state, and all of the people of California.

But with all that, we’ve been so lucky to have a magical sojourn in Colorado’s winter wonderland while we wait out the worst and pray for the best. California, you have our hearts.



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