APW Happy Hour

And we're off to NYC!

Hey APW,

The holidays are upon us. (Particularly for Jewish folks, since this was a year where Hanukkah came very early.) I wrote earlier this week about how the holidays have been burying me in emotional labor (and frankly some physical labor). I found it interesting how many folks felt like this problem could be solved if we all just did less. Except our family does very little, and even still, so much thinking and planning falls to me. In short, I’m tired, but I also have started to formulate plans to improve how we manage this in future years.

Meanwhile, even minimal holidays with two small kids is maximal. This weekend, I lived several lifetimes with a preschool ballet recital (at 9 am!), holiday card photos, cleaning my house, my MIL arriving, setting up and throwing a sixth birthday party, and closing strong with a birthday dinner for a girlfriend. Y’all. I could hardly keep my eyes open on Monday. But damn, all the cuteness was worth it.

To top it all off, Maddie and I have been deep in planning mode for a whirlwind business trip to New York next week. (How many meetings can two humans take in three days? Spoiler: a whole lot.) And if you’re in the NYC area, we’d love to see your beautiful faces at a cocktail party for our plus size wedding dress collaboration with Lace & Liberty. In fact, this week we got a midweek celebration when our first wedding dress sold, making this NOT just a complicated art project we’ve been working on for a year, but finally a real live wedding dress line. So much more to come, but till then, cheers!



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