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APW Happy Hour


We’re starting the long weekend a little early, if only because we hope it will encourage you to finish up whatever you’re working on, then go get yourself some ice cream and a bourbon. Maybe some bourbon ice cream? It’s been scorching on the farm lately (my roommate has gone through the better part of a bottle of aloe vera this week), so we’re seeking out poolside action this weekend and prioritizing doing a whole lotta nothing.

Happy Fourth to you and yours! Until then, it’s your happy hour, so hop to it.


Highlights of APW This Week

When does “my debt” become “our debt”?

Basically all of your wedding dress shopping problems are solved. (Well, if you live in California. Sorry the rest of the world. Maybe soon?)

In which I become unexpectedly emotional reading about meatballs and Sunday dinner and everyone’s Nanas. Not to brag, but my grandma’s sauce is pretty dope.

Can you have a DIY wedding without the crafts? YES. (Duh.) And it will be amazing.

No, but seriously. Do you have to buy a wedding gift if you’re IN the wedding? Jury’s out.

The opposite of a humblebrag is a humble omission.

Semi-DIY wedding flowers for Lazy Girls with good taste and no time for messing around (aka the APW staff.)

Link Roundup

How did we miss Lily Allen’s badass comeback? URL Badman obviously strikes a familiar chord, but holy crap is there an entire verse about pop stars getting their periods in Sheezus? SHE HAS AN ALBUM CALLED SHEEZUS?!

Old, but awesome: What Well-dressed Dykes Wore in the 70s, from DapperQ

It actually is that bad.

Rachel found us the best ever swimsuit (in plus sizes too!). I have a similar suit I bought from, coughwalmartcough, and I now believe that every article of clothing should have this silhouette. ModCloth’s is way more flattering in the boob area though, so get theirs, not mine.

All things Hobby Lobby. And what a woman’s choice means to the Supreme Court and social conservatives.

The best part of Instagram last week was the OITNB cast updating live from their PRIDE floats. Also, “An Ex-Con Reviews Orange Is The New Black” is almost as good as actually watching the series. (And, now that I’m done, is how I plan to get my fix of OITNB.)

Ten years ago the New York Times printed forty-one wedding announcements, five of which were the first legal same-sex marriages to grace those pages. Last week they followed up with those five couples.

Nicolette Mason designed a collection for ModCloth! And I will be buying that “Les Femmes” sweatshirt as soon as it’s out. Done and done.

File under: twisted pleasure.

The woman advertising herself on Craiglist as a professional bridesmaid is probably a secret genius.

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